Meishan City of Sichuan Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewMeishan City, a total area of 7,186 square kilometres.Total population of 3.4 million people.Municipal People's Government in the Dongpo Qu, Zip code: 620010.Administrative division code: 511400.Code: 0833.Pinyin: Meishan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Shixia Meishan, a city area, five counties.Square km area of Meishan City, population 3.4 million (2004).Dongpo Qu area of 1331 square kilometres, population 820,000.ZIP code 620010.District People's Government in the street-Hui.Renshou County area of 2606 square kilometres, population 1.56 million.ZIP code 620500.County People's Government in the text of Town.Pengshan County area of 465 square kilometres, population 320,000.ZIP code 620860.County People's Government in Fengming town on the West Street 56.Hongya County area of 1948 square kilometres, population 340,000.ZIP code 620360.Hongcheon County People's Government in the town.Dan Lengxian area of 449 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 620200.Danleng County People's Government in the town.Qingshen Xian area of 387 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 620460.Green County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryMeishan built governance, the South Qijian Wu began in 2003 (496), Wu Jian-gun South County Habitat-built left-gun.South Leung ordinary years (520-527), Qi Qi-called left-gun-gun, built-Datong County, with the county government in one city.Taiqing 2002 (548) set in Qingzhou, Qi-county jurisdiction, state-county-governance.Xiweifeidi 2002 (553) to Qingzhou to Meizhou, Qi-jurisdiction, the two Qingcheng County, the state-county-governance.Northern Zhou Ming Di 2002 (558)---gun revoked, and happy new home county, town Zhisuo today Dongpo, is still Meizhou.Jiande first year (572) Meizhou to Qingzhou.The first year of big cities (579) Qingzhou to Jiazhou.Sui Kaihuang 2003 (583) of waste in the county.The great cause of 2002 (606)-to Jiazhou to Meizhou, state government moved to Tong Yi county (now Dongpo town).Retreat built in Meishan County, Junzhi Yongyu, Ji Jin Leshan City in the area.Tang Takenori first year (618) Meishan County to Jiazhou.The following year, Jiazhou at home from Meizhou, exempted Tong Yi, Danleng, Hongya, Nanan (now the Jiajiang) and Green God five counties, is Jiannan Road, Tong Yi, the county government.The first year of Tianbao (742) revocation of Meizhou, home-to-county.Qianyuan first year (758)---gun withdraw and restore Meizhou, a Jiannan Road Xichuan.Song of peace and rejuvenating the first year (976)-renamed Yixian County, Meishan, under the direction Meizhou Xichuan; state from Meishan, Pengshan, Danleng, Green County 4 God.Yuan Yuan for 14 years (1277) Meizhou is Jiading Road.20-year revocation of Meishan county, state governance, while Dan Lengxian into Meizhou.Hong-2009 (1376), Meizhou reduced to Meixian County, in the Jiading state jurisdiction.The following year, the Pengshan, Danleng into Meixian County, Green God into Jiazhou.13-year-Meixian County was promoted to Meizhou, straight under the Sichuan Buzheng Shi Division, Meishan County remains the state governance, from three counties: Danleng, Pengshan, Green God.In 2002 revocation of Meizhou resume Meishan County, is on the South Sichuan Road.The following year, to be Jianchang Road.17 to 18 years, revocation of the system.24 years home in Sichuan Province Chief Inspector of the Fourth District, established the Office of Meishan County, Meishan jurisdiction, Pengshan, Danleng, Blue God, Jiajiang, Hongya, Dayi, Qionglai, Pujiang County and the famous 10.After the liberation, in January 1950 for Meishan Section, established the Office of Meishan county, a western Sichuan Civil Administration, exempted 10 counties, with the inspectors before liberation of the fourth district exempted County, Dayi after the draw, Xinjin included.March 5, 1953 revocation of Meishan area.August 1997 built in Meishan.December 2000 dismantling land for cities and counties to the Meishan Dongpo Qu.Meishan zones established in 1950, the District Administrative Office, western Sichuan.Meishan agency in Meishan County, Meishan jurisdiction, Pengshan, Blue God, Jiajiang, Hongya, Danleng, mountains, Pujiang, Qionglai, Dayi County, 10.Dayi County in 1951 will be transferred Wenjiang area; Wenjiang zones were originally included in Xinjin County, Meishan area.Section 1952 of Meishan in Sichuan Province leadership.1953 revocation of Meishan Section, Meishan, Pengshan, Blue God, Jiajiang, Hongya, Danleng 6 County was placed under Leshan area; famous, Pujiang, Qionglai, Xinjin County, was placed under 4 Wenjiang area.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")May 30, 1997, approved the State Council (the letter [1997] 41) agreed to set up a Meishan, the original jurisdiction of Leshan City, drawn from the Meishan, Hongya, Danleng, Pengshan, Renshou, Green God six counties, Area Civil Administration in Meishan Prefecture Pozhen.August formally established in Meishan.June 10, 2000, the State Council for approval: (1) region and the revocation of Meishan County, Meishan County, Meishan City, the establishment level.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Dongpo Qu.(2) the establishment of Dongpo Qu Meishan County, Meishan, a former county executive for the Dongpo Qu regional administrative region.Dongpo District People's Government in the town.(3) Meishan Shixia the original area of Renshou County, Meishan, Pengshan County, Hongya County, Dan Lengxian, Qingshen Xian and the newly established Dongpo Qu.December formally withdraw land for the city.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Meishan City 3205171 people.Of which: Dongpo Qu 799,309 people, Renshou County, 1398462, Pengshan County, 315,252 people, 331,055 people Hongya County, Dan Lengxian 162,096 people, the Qing Shenxian 198,997 people.2004, the entire Shixia two streets, 73 towns and 142 rural.

Meishan City of Sichuan Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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