Tianjin Beichen District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewBeichen District in the north of the city of Tianjin, north Win River.East River to Beijing and Ninghe Xian adjacent sewage, 2,066 km long boundary line; River southeast at Queensway, Xinkai He Dongli District and across, 22.99 km long boundary line; South and the Hebei District, Hongqiao district Linked ; Ziya River to the southwest and West Tsing District of industry, 27.5 km long boundary line; West, North and both phase grounding in Wuqing County, 25.14 km long boundary line.South and North latitude and 20.8 km wide, the narrowest Liu Liu Mazhuang Village south 14.4 km northwest; things the 43.2 km long, broad at its widest point Beach Village east to west line Kawamura 46.3 kilometers (source).Total area of 478.48 square kilometres.Total population of 320,000 people (2004).District People's Government in the North Wharf Town, Zip code: 300400.Administrative division code: 120113.Code: 022.Pinyin: Beichen Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionBeichen District exempted three streets, nine towns: Orchard Village streets, Jixian in the streets, Cape East streets, the town of Mu days, the town of North Wharf, double Jiezhen, double-Town, Qingguang Town, Yixing Bu town, small amylin Town, big town, Sai Tai Town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryMay 14, 1953, Tianjin was built northwest district.June 17, 1955 changed its name northwest district.October 10, 1958 withdrawal, February 1, 1962 restoration of the establishment.March 5, 1992 renamed the Beichen District.May 14, 1953, was founded northern suburb of Tianjin, Tianjin region for the three counties of Tianjin, four districts of the 93 villages: Zhu Tangzhuang, ZHANG Xian-Chong, South Ma lump, North Ma lump, small Mengzhuang, Yangzhuang small, large Zhangzhuang, all small Zhuang, Li Daxinzhuang, North Dr Chong, the Zhuang Yan, Liu Zhao Chuang, Liu Mazhuang, North Sunzhuang, dayangzhuang, small amylin, small-Zhuang, WEN Jia house Zhao ZHUANG Dong-Taiwan, Zhaozhuang Nishidai, Liu An Zhuang, Yi Xingbu, Hansheng Zhuang, small Mazhuang, Hou Xin Zhuang, Lo River, Zhuang Zi Yao, Zhuang Liu fast, Liu Beach, Mu days, Baimiao, Huo Mouth and diligence Village, South Wharf, Mazhuang, Yan Street, Wangzhuang, Miss mouth, Liu Park, North Wharf, the three-Village, Zhouzhuang, small Zhaozhuang, Xiaoding Zhuang, small Zhuang Yan, Zhao Hu Zhuang, Li Mouth, Wang Chin Chuang, Peach Blossom Temple, Dong new house, Taoyuan I (Peach mouth), Hangou, streets, Hu Park, the huge mouth, Zhang Wan, San Po mouth, Yang Di, Lang Park, West Zhaozhuang, Changzhuang , Under the Daxinzhuang, Whitty stores, double-Street, San Po under mouth, diesel-floor, Sha Chong, the former small village, after the small village, the village safe, dual-port, Anguang, after the regular Jiabao, the former often Jiabao, Hao Fort, Xu Jiabao, Zhao laps, bifurcated house, Beach, River Line, the first on the river, the river in the first, the first Xiahe, Yangjiahe, Tieguo shop, Li house, Shuanghe, hidden-yin, Liu Pier, Liu house, mouth Yang, Han-shu, Qingguang.February 1955, Xiaoding Zhuang, small Zhaozhuang into small Zhaozhuang, the district exempted 92 villages.Early 1958, the municipal Zhang Xing Chuang, in the East Zhuang (including groups of plants), in the West Zhuang, Ding Zigu (including Guo Daxinzhuang) 4 assigned to the village, district exempted 96 villages, with the urban sector in the Northern West Qiaozhi Received from the frontline.(>> More)2000, Beichen District exempted two streets, the 12 towns.According to the fifth census data: the region's total population of 444,791 people, the streets of the township population (people): 37360 Orchard Village streets in the streets Jixian 18,470 days the town of 98,162 Mu Cang town of 41,951 pairs of North Jiezhen 24,818 pairs Town, the town of 21,425 Qingguang 25977 Town on the River town of 17,076 Yixing Bu 70,573 small town of 17,407 large-Yodogawa Town 20,508 Huo Nan WANG Pingzhen 10,127 Town 16,799 Sai Tai Town virtual farm town of 20,497 red 2157 red flag virtual farm town of 913 farms dawn of virtual city farming town 304 Economic and Technological Development Company virtual town 267In 2001, Nan WANG Pingzhen into the big town, the town integrated into Sai Tai Huo Chuang Tzu Town, on the River Town into the double-Town.The end of 2001, Beichen District exempted two streets, nine towns: Orchard Village streets, Jixian in the streets, double-Town, the big town, Sai Tai Town, Yixing Bu town, the town of Mu days, the town of North Wharf, Qingguang Town, double Jiezhen, amylin small town.In early 2004, Beichen District exempted three streets, nine towns: Orchard Village streets, Jixian in the streets, Cape East streets, the town of North Wharf, the town of Mu-day, double Jiezhen, double-Town, Qingguang town, the town of Yixing Bu , Amylin small town, Sai Tai Town, the big town.

Tianjin Beichen District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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