The Republic of Suriname (American States) Satellite maps

The name: the Republic of Suriname (The Republic of Suriname)Independence Day: November 25 (1975)National Day: November 25 (1975)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Top-down by the green, white, red, white and green of the five parallel long, red, green and white bars the width ratio of 4:2:1.Central has a flag of yellow Wu Jiaoxing.Green rich in natural resources and fertile land, but also symbolizes the people's expectations of the new Suriname; white symbol of justice and freedom; red symbol of passion and progress, but also for the motherland that gave all the power of desire.Wu Jiaoxing yellow symbol of national unity and a bright future.National Emblem: Oval middle for a green diamond-shaped, with a yellow Wu Jiaoxing; green hope for a better representative, Wu Jiaoxing symbol of a bright future.Oval left for the Department of yachts sailing on the sea, symbolizing the country's trade; growth in the right half of the green on the palm trees, on behalf of the country's agriculture, but also symbolizes the earth and life.Both sides have an oval-shaped American Indians, at the bottom of the Shoudai with Suriname on the text said "justice, piety, loyalty."National political figures: President Runaldo Ronald Venetiaan (Runaldo Ronald Venetiaan), 2000年8月again as president.Physical Geography: more than 160,000 square kilometers.South America in the north-east, west Guyana, the north Atlantic Ocean, east French Guiana, at the junction of the South with Brazil.Population: 479,000 (1996).About 180,000 people lived in the Netherlands.Indians accounted for 35%, Creole and 32 percent, accounting for 15 percent of Indonesians and the rest for other races.Dutch as an official language, common language of Suriname.All ethnic groups have their own language.Christian residents of the Protestant, Catholic, Hinduism and Islam.Capital: Paramaribo (Paramaribo)History: The original place of residence for the Indians.Become a colony of Spain in 1593.The early 17th century, the British drove them off Spain.1667 Britain and the Netherlands signed the Treaty, the Soviet Union have been designated as a colony.1815 Vienna treaty formally established in the Netherlands to Suriname's colonial master status.1954 implementation of "internal self-government."November 25, 1975 declaration of independence, the establishment of the Republic.Politics: October 1987 under the new Constitution came into effect: President Heads of State and Government, armed forces commander-in-chief of State and Chairman of the Committee.Have the right to be elected, each term of five years.The Council of Ministers (cabinet) is the highest executive authority, the Government by the President, the Vice-President and Cabinet ministers, Vice President of the Prime Minister.Of the President.National Council of State, guiding the work of leading institutions, government supervision of the implementation of the National Assembly's decision.The National Assembly, a unicameral system, is the highest national authority, have the power to legislate.Parliament elected president and vice president and the formulation of laws.Economy: rich natural resources, mainly for the mineral bauxite, petroleum, iron, manganese, copper, nickel, platinum, and gold.Suriname Aluminum national economy mainly depends on mining, processing industry and agriculture in recent years begun to actively develop the oil industry.Diplomacy: pursuing the non-aligned foreign policy and maintaining peaceful coexistence and national self-determination and non-interference principle.Relations with China: May 28, 1976, Suriname established diplomatic relations with China.China and Suriname in 2003 bilateral trade amounted to 35.87 million U.S. dollars, up 102.4 percent growth a year earlier.By the end of 2003, Chinese companies in Suriname amount of agreed investment has reached 15.36 million U.S. dollars.February 2004, President Venetiaan of Suriname a working visit to China.Reproduced:

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