Fengdu County, Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewFengdu County, a total area of 2896 square kilometres.Total population of 790,000 people (2004).Sanhe County People's Government in the town, Zip code: 408200.Code: 500230.Code: 023.Pinyin: Fengdu Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionFengdu County jurisdiction 19 towns and 12 townships: Sanhe town, Huwei Township, the town's altar, ternary town, Xu Ming are high, Dong Zhen, Shu Zhen, 10 straight town, the town of Zhenjiang, Gaojiazhen, Xingyi town, a two-way town, the town's pool, Long town, Wu Ping Zhen, baoluan town, Mr. Cape Town, a Town, South Town, Chongxing rural, rural-sand, Tsing Lung Heung, Ssangyong rural market, - A rural, rural-hole, Taiping BA Xiang, Dudu Township, and Long Xiang, chestnuts Township, the three rural construction, the three BA Xiang.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History2000, Fengdu County jurisdiction triple, mountains, Hu Wei,'s altar, three yuan, Xu Ming Temple, Dong, Shu, 10 straight, Zhenjiang, Gaojiazhen, Xingyi, a two-way, Jiang pool, Garonne, Wuping, baoluan, Mr. Cape Town, 18; Chongxing, red sand, Tsing Lung, Ssangyong market, a security, Roncon, Dudu, chestnuts, three construction, factory days, three dams, the dam of peace, and the rural-13 .According to the fifth census data: the county total population of 774,054 people, including the township population (people): Town of 75,588 Huwei Township's 26,130 altar ternary town of 48,791 are high town of 23,237 Ming Xu Dong town of 19,259 people the town of 28,799 trees 29432 10 Straight town of 41,913 the town of 12,786 in Zhenjiang Gaojiazhen 38,506 Xingyi town of 35,130 two-way town of 18,355 Jiang Chi-town town of 17,940-51,403 Pingzhen 15,642 baoluan 28,913 Cham town of 10,694 Cape Town, triple the rural town of 20,057-35,905 Chongxing sand Rural 30,874 Qinglong Rural 12,947 Ssangyong field of rural township 21,165-27,123--25,719 Taiping Township BA Xiang 4404 and 3983 Dudu rural township 13,188 Longxiang 12,266 chestnut three-day plant built 13,957 rural township 16,778 3 BA Xiang 13,170May 14, 2002, the revocation of the rural factory days, the establishment of South Town (Chongqing House [2002] 61).2002, Fengdu County jurisdiction 19 towns and 12 townships, and 26 neighborhood committees and 344 village committees.The end of the household registration total population of 774,600 people, including non-agricultural population of 102,300 people.

Fengdu County, Chongqing Municipality geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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