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Country: United Republic of Tanzania (The United Republic of Tanzania)Independence Day: December 9 (1961)National Day (Tanganyika and Zanzibar Joint): April 26 (1964)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.By the flag of green, blue, black and yellow four-color composition of the upper left and lower right corner in green and blue, the two equal right triangle, with the black-yellow-from the bottom left corner of the intersection ramps to the upper right corner.Green land, but also symbolizes the faith of Islam; blue symbol of rivers, lakes and sea areas; Black on behalf of the African blacks; yellow symbol of abundant mineral resources and wealth.National Emblem: logo symbolizes the bottom of the mountain peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, on the hillside of Miantao and coffee, and other pictorial symbol of the country's main cash crops.Shield-shaped logo on both sides have an ivory and a man and a woman.Shield the pictorial surface in four parts, from top to bottom were: symbol of freedom and a bright torch; flag of Tanzania; in the cross-axes, spears and sickle; blue-and corrugated symbol of the country's lakes, rivers and the East Provisional Indian Ocean.Shoudai used on the bottom of the Swahili saying "freedom and unity."Heads of State: President Jakaya Kikwete (Jakaya Kikwete), 2005年12月sworn into office for a term of five years.Prime Minister Edward Lowassa (Edward Lowassa), 2005年12月representation.Physical Geography: Tanzania from Tanganyika (mainland) and Zanzibar (Island) composed of two parts, the territorial area of over 945,000 square kilometers (2,657 square kilometers of which Zanzibar).Located in eastern Africa, south of the Equator, North and the junction of Kenya and Uganda, South and Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique border, West and Rwanda, Burundi and Congo (Kinshasa) for the neighborhood, the East Indian Ocean Bin.Northwest, the Southeast low, a ladder.For the eastern coastal lowlands, the western inland area of the inland plateau more than half of the total area, the Great Rift Valley from Lake Malawi things two longitudinal points north and south.Northeast of Mount Kilimanjaro Jibo peak elevation of 5,895 meters, the highest peak in Africa.Lu Fei a quarter of major rivers (1,400 km long), the Pan Jiani, Ruvu, Cumaraswamy, and so on.Many lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi, and so on.The eastern coastal areas and inland parts of the lowlands of savannah climate, the western plateau is a landlocked mountainous tropical climate, cool and dry.The average temperature in most parts of 21 ~ 25 ℃.Zanzibar more than 20 islands enjoy a tropical maritime climate, hot and humid throughout the year, the annual average temperature 26 ℃.Masai warrior tribe dressed.Their costumes are in the red for the tone and color rendition.Javelin men armed with shields and, it is mighty rough; woman, Amy, who Pigua and beaded collar.>>Population: more than 3,700 million, of which Zanzibar, about 100 million (2004 estimate).Belonging to 126 nationalities, the population has more than 1 million Soviet Union Kumar,尼亚姆维奇, plus investigations, Hehe, Ma Kangdi and Yahaya family.Some Arabs, India and Pakistan and of European descent.Kiswahili as Mandarin, with English as an official with the lingua franca.Tanganyika residents mainly Catholic, Protestant Christianity and Islam, Zanzibar residents are almost all Muslim.Tanzania: marriage to hide and seek with the brideCapital: Dar es Salaam (Dares Salaam), population 3 million (2004), the annual average temperature 25.8 ℃.New capital of Dodoma (Dodoma) is under construction, population 1.7 million (2002)Administrative divisions: 26 provinces and 114 counties.21 mainland provinces, five provinces in Zanzibar.Ma Kok in a large number of Serengeti National Park of Tanzania northward migration.From the beginning of January each year, millions of Ma Tau Kok, zebra and antelopes and other herbivores will be gradually set together, in northern Tanzania Ya Sailun Getty National Park north of movement arrived in Kenya in the south,Animal army can stretch over 10 kilometers.History: Tanzania is one of the ancient birthplace of humanity, that is, with the Arab BC, Persia and India had trading ties.7-8 century AD, a large number of Arabs and Persians began to move into.Year 10 end of the century, the Arabs are here to establish the Islamic kingdom.1886, Tanganyika are classified German sphere of influence.1917, the British occupation of Tanzanian territory.1920, Tanzania became a British "appointed to rule."1946, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution to Tanzania to Britain "to care."May 1, 1961, Tanzania achieved internal self-government, the same year on December 9 declared independence, one year after the establishment of the Republic of Tanganyika.Zanzibar in 1890 into the British "protection", in June 1963 was autonomy, the same year in December declared independence, becoming a constitutional monarchy ruled by the Sudan-countries.January 1964, Zanzibar people to overthrow the Sudan-rule, the establishment of the People's Republic of Zanzibar.April 26, 1964, Tanganyika and Zanzibar formed the United Republic of the same year on October 29 called to the United Republic of Tanzania.Politics: the United Republic of Zanzibar Constitution and the Constitution were produced in 1977 and 1979.United Republic of the Constitution, the United Republic of Zanzibar is divided into a coalition government and local governments.1994, Tanzania's National Assembly passed the 11th amendment to the Constitution provides that the Government of the Republic established the President and a Vice President (Vice President during the election campaign as a presidential candidate's campaign partner, the president and vice president must come from the same party And from the mainland and Zanzibar; vice president can not by the Sandinista president or prime minister the United Republic of concurrent), each term of five years, shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms.President of the United Republic of Heads of State and Government and armed forces commander-in-chief.President Appoints Prime Minister, the Prime Minister presided over a coalition government day-to-day affairs.Zanzibar Constitution, Sang is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, President Sang Sang Revolutionary Government Summit.Sang election and the United Republic of the presidential election held simultaneously, Sang Sang presidential candidates from various political parties nominated the island, directly elected by the electorate Mulberry Island., A unicameral parliament, said the National Assembly, the United Republic is the highest legislative body.Parliamentary elections and presidential elections at the same time, elected every five years.Dar es Salaam street band barrels of gasolineNamed Miss Tanzania 2004Economy: Tanzania is an agricultural country, the main crops are corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava, the main cash crops are coffee, cotton, sisal, cashew nuts, cloves, tea, tobacco, and so on.Tanzania rich mineral resources, has proved the main mineral deposits are diamonds, gold, coal, iron, phosphates, such as natural gas.Tanzania to the industrial processing of agricultural products and import-substitute mainly light industry, textiles, food processing, leather, footwear, steel rolling, aluminum processing, cement, paper, tire, chemical fertilizer, oil refining, automobile assembly and manufacturing, and other tools.Tanzania tourism is rich in resources, the three major lakes in Africa Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi in their border line, with an elevation of 5,895 meters peak of Mount Kilimanjaro Africa's first world-renowned.Tanzania's famous natural scenery, including Ngozi Luo Geluo crater, the Great Rift Valley, Maniyana Lake, another slave Mulberry Island City, the world's oldest ancient human sites, ruins and other Arab businessmen history human landscape.Animal Paradise TanzaniaTanzania, China entered the coffee shopPress and Publications: The publication is available in English, "Daily News" circulation of 80,000, Swahili, "Free Press", "nationalist" and "Worker's Daily", and "Express" (week two) English magazine "Business Times", "East African People's News", the Swahili Bi-Weekly "reported the flame."Tanzania News Agency for the state news agency, established in October 1976, a branch of the mainland provinces, a small number of reporters in neighbouring countries.Tanzania is a country radio station, built in 1951, in Dar es Salaam, were broadcast in English and Swahili.Zanzibar revolution for the Voice of Zanzibar radio, built in 1964, with Kiswahili radio, broadcasting nine hours a day.Zanzibar television is state-run television, established in 1973, with Kiswahili broadcast programmes.Marine Network (CTN) is the 1994 establishment of private television.Independent Television (ITV) in 1994 is the establishment of private television station.Diplomacy: The Non-Aligned and pursue good-neighborly and friendly foreign policy, advocates non-interference in each other's internal affairs and mutual respect for sovereignty and on the basis of the development of friendly cooperative relations between the countries.In recent years, pragmatic tendency to increase emphasis on economic interests at the core and dilute the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, with the development of all donor countries, international organizations and multinational companies, seeking more foreign aid and foreign investment.Focus on creating a good-neighborly friendship and all efforts to promote regional economic cooperation.Mediation with the active participation of stakeholders in the regional issues.Attach importance to relations with Asian countries, and learn from the Asian country's development experience.Relations with China: China in 1961 with the establishment of diplomatic relations between Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1963 and the establishment of diplomatic relations.Tanganyika and Zanzibar joint, the natural continuation of China and Tanzania, Sang's foreign relations, April 26, 1964, as the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Tanzania.Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in political, economic and other fields within the friendly and cooperative relations have developed smoothly, high-level visits continue.By the end of May 2004, President Mkapa to attend the global anti-poverty and the General Assembly to visit China.June 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao on an official visit to Tanzania, the Tanzanian two countries issued a joint communique.According to figures released by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, 2005, China and Tanzania, the bilateral trade volume reached 474.3 million U.S. dollars, up 66.9 percent.Reproduced:

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