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OverviewHongqiao District of Tianjin is one of six urban centres, located in the northwest area of Tianjin.Southeast and Hebei, Nankai intersection of the two districts, the Northwest and West Green, Mr Michael Tien, the two adjacent areas.Total area of 21.31 square kilometres.Total population of 560,000 people (2004).More than 40,000 of them Muslim, the city's Muslim population accounts for about a quarter of the total.District People's Government in the diligence Road 202.Zip code: 300131.Administrative division code: 120106.Code: 022.Pinyin: Hongqiao Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionHongqiao District exempted 10 streets: West on the village streets, Shuanghuan village streets, Xianyang Road, streets, Ding Zigu streets, Xigu street, three stone streets, Shaogong village streets, mustard Park Road streets, bell Club street, the alley Streets.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryZiya Hongqiao district across the river because of the large Hongqiao named.In 1949 the eve of the liberation of Tianjin, south of the canal for the sector, mostly in the Hongqiao area of Hebei, Tianjin for the ninth district.East to the North Canal, south to Canal, west to the old municipal boundaries, the North Canal to the north.Shaogong, including the north-west of the village, the village in the West, Ding Zigu three suburban rural areas, land area of 17.6 square km and 173,282 people residents.Henan is the eighth district, located in the urban area north-west and east to the Haihe River, south Gulou East and West Main Street, West Street, west to West clearance store business sector, the north-south canal.Early 1949, the region has 49,675 residents, 257,533 people of which Hui 2783, is located in the urban areas Hui.January 15, 1949 liberation of Tianjin, the People's Liberation Army took over the KMT ninth Qu Gongsuo, approved by the Tianjin People's Government, in the March 12, 1949 established a ninth District People's Government.In June to 9 Qugong Suo, for the Municipal People's Government sent the organs.October 1952, in accordance with the Tianjin People's Government "on the city administrative divisions and re-adjusted withdrawal Qu Gongsuo District People's Government to set up the order", and the Eighth District 16 police station area (8th District residents in some areas 34,155 167,094 ) Combined to form the new 8th District, the establishment of the 8th District People's Government.Area community: the east to the North Canal, outside the North Main Street, south to north along the road by Simma Road West Commissioner to South Canal Street, west to Trinidad embankment, West Cross embankment, North Canal to the north, Ding Zigu, Tangjia Wan Road.District features 28 Hall Street: Commissioner, the Commissioner, the camps East, Hebei Street, camps West, West Point, Shaogong Zhuang, the three Road and Bridge, Shuter, northbound, in the West Zhuang, Xigu, everyone alley, small Lane group, the North Trail dry, Spring Street, Tong-alley, the first South Kiln, Commissioner of the West, the small West clearance, water supply, the first Spring Street, Zhu Garden, letters and Street, Leong Ka mouth, Ding Zigu workers Village, Ding Zigu , Mustard Park.In November will ternary Village, North Daxinzhuang classified into eight districts governed Street offices to 30.June 1954 will be 28 Street offices for the restructuring of the Office of the streets.March 1955, in accordance with the "People's Republic of China at all levels of local People's Congress and local People's Committee Organization Law", the District People's Government renamed the district People's Committee.January 1956, according to the Tianjin Municipal People's Committee on the area referred to by names of the notice, the eighth district for the sector Ziya River on the Hongqiao name, renamed Hongqiao District.May the same year will be 28 offices of the street for 17 Street offices, namely: Three-way governing workers Village, Dingzi Gu, the West in the village, red northbound and southbound red, Hebei Street, Shaogong Zhuang, camps West, West Stations, three stone, everyone alley, the first spring, Taiping Jie, Chun Tak Street, Tong-alley, the first South Kiln, Siu Sai customs.October 1958, according to Tianjin People's Committee "on the implementation of the new administrative division of the decision," the northern area bounded by the three-village, west of the river, south YIN Xian-Village, north to Seoul for the composition of the 10 township The people's communes and districts of the city with the alley included in Hongqiao Street area.Area community: the old iron bridge south Main Street, North Road, Simma Road, west to the city border and east to the North Canal, Wuqing County to the north.District features 11 neighborhood offices: Ding Zigu workers Village, Xigu, red southbound, Hebei Street, Shaogong Zhuang, three stone, the alley, everyone Lane, Spring Street, South head kiln, Siu Sai customs.In 1960 the region will be merged into the Office of the streets six people's communes, namely: Ding Zigu workers Village, Xigu, Hebei Avenue, three stone, everyone alley, the first South kiln, it is the social unity.1961 is divided into political groups to form six groups 6 Street.February 1962 under the City Commission "on the restoration of the rural and suburban boundaries of the notice" in 1958, Yuan Shu previously classified northern areas, while adjusted the boundaries of Nankai District, North-South origin, Nankai District, east of Wang Yang Chuang-tzu embankment, Park was placed under former Hongqiao District.And six people's commune is divided into nine people's commune: everyone Lane, Spring Street, Main Street, Hebei, Shaogong Zhuang, Xigu, red southbound, three stone, the first South Kiln, Ding Zigu workers Village.In October withdrawing the people's commune, restore streets formed Office, located 16 neighborhood offices: Hebei Street, West Point, Shaogong Zhuang, three stone, the alley, everyone alley, to Spring, Spring Street, South head kiln, Yee Wo Street, Siu Sai customs, Xigu, red southbound, in the West Zhuang, Ding Zigu workers Village, Ding Zigu.1966 "Cultural Revolution", Hongqiao district called "Hongwei District."December 1967 set up the "Revolutionary Committee of Hongqiao district."January 1968 restoration of the original district.1969, Yee Wo Street into the first kiln South, West Station Street into the street, Hebei, located 14 Street Revolutionary Committee: Hebei Street, Shaogong Zhuang, three stone, the alley, everyone alley, to Spring, Spring Street, South first kiln, Siu Sai customs, Xigu, red southbound, in the West Zhuang, Ding Zigu workers Village, Ding Zigu.1978 withdrawal of the Revolutionary Committee of Street, the restoration of neighborhood offices.May 1980, Hongqiao District Eighth People's Congress elected the Hongqiao District People's Government.In addition Xianyang North Street offices, the region established a total of 15 Street office.1988 Xigu, Hongqiao Street West merger.1985-1990 by the Hongqiao area management in the northern district boundaries built-Jiayuan, the two residential areas double loop, double loop by the municipal government approved the establishment of the Office of the streets, the same year in the areas of new Jiayuan Management Office, 1993 Jia Yuan in the region in the management of the Office of the streets into the double loop.(The above extracted from "The Hongqiao Online")District government office address: The original 8th District Government (Qu Gongsuo) based in Tianjin, north gate of the county government seat of the West.The 9th District Government (Qu Gongsuo) early in the meat rack alley East Side, the KMT Qu Gongsuo 9th District seat in 1951 moved to Main Street small Hebei Street on the 7th.1952 administrative division adjustment, the small streets of Hebei Street on the 7th to 8th District People's Government organs of the new location.November 1986 moved to Ziya River bridge north of the west side of Road 202, through diligence and thrift.(The above extracted from "The Hongqiao Online")In 2000, according to the fifth census data: the region's total population of 527,013 people, including all street population (people): Zhuang streets in the West Village street bicyclol 66842-49180-79102 North Road, Ding Zigu street street street 57,510 103 94,739 Xigu 48,105 large stone streets alley streets 29123 Shaogong Zhuang streets 57584 Park Road street mustard 10,691 bell Court streets 34137In early 2004, Hongqiao district exempted 10 streets: West on the village streets, Ding Zigu streets, Xigu street, three stone streets, Xianyang Road, streets, bell Court streets, mustard Park Road streets, Shao Gong Zhuang street, the alley streets, Shuanghuan village streets.

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