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OverviewLocation: Da Hinggan Mountains area in the region of the northern border of the motherland, Tung Xiao Hinggan Mountains and adjacent to the West for the sector and the Daxinganling mountains bordering the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, South Bin broad Songnen Plain, north main channel to the centerline of Heilongjiang and Russia are neighbors.Longitude 121 ° 12 'to 127 ° 00'; latitude 50 ° 10 'to 53 ° 33'.Area of 84,600 square kilometres.[National] population total population of 540,000 people, 24 ethnic groups, of which only 50,000 more than the rural population.[Topography climate - high-lying low in the east with the West, the first step-ladder and the combination of the second, Zhongshan of the north-south ridge east of the Greater Xing'an Mountains as the first step, for the second ladder to the west.300-700 meters above sea level.Potential terrain of the region was the Northeast - to the southwest, is a shallow mountain hills.The northern, western and central high.An average elevation of 573 meters, 1,528 meters high above sea level, the Department of Yile peak called Mountain - called the Central Baishan the lowest elevation 180 meters, is three cards Huma County rural village along the Yangtze River.Dong Han warm summer, the larger temperature difference between day and night, the annual average temperature -2.8 ℃, the minimum temperature of -52.3 ℃, frost-free period 90-110 days, the average annual rainfall 746 mm, a boreal continental monsoon climate.[PC] resident district Civil Administration in Jiagedaqi.Zip code: 165000.Administrative division code: 232700.Code: 0457.Pinyin: Daxing'anlin Diqu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted three counties.Da Hinggan Mountains area of 46,755 square kilometres, population 520,000 (2003).Huma County area of 14,285 square km and population 340,000.ZIP code 165100.Huma County People's Government in the town.Tahe county area of 14,103 square km and population 100,000.ZIP code 165200.County People's Government in the town tower.Mohe County area of 18,367 square kilometres, population 80,000.ZIP code 165300.Xilinji County People's Government in the town.* The above size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," Huma County population, including four Jiagedaqi population.* Following size, population (the end of 2001), and zoning under the "Da Hinggan Mountains area site" *Daxinganling Civil Administration exempted three counties, four districts, 23 towns and 12 townships, and six neighborhood offices, 60, 80 village committees.[Huma County - population 52,000 people.Area of 14,300 square kilometres.Exempted two towns, six townships, and eight neighborhood committees and 64 village committees: Huma Town, South Korea home town, Hing Wah Township, northern rural, silver sodium Township, gulls Po Heung, Chinshan township, the three cards Township.[Tahe County - population 100,000 people.Area of 14,000 square kilometres.Exempted three towns and three townships, and 29 neighborhood committees and 11 village committees: Tap town, was the ancient town, Wallachia dry town, according to Xiken Township, kaikukang Township, Shibazhan Township.[Mohe County - population 85,000 people.Area of 18,400 square kilometres.Exempted four town, a rural, four neighborhood committees and village committees 7: Xilinji town, Hung Yen town, plans Jiang Zhen, Jin Jin-tao, Mohe Township.[Jiagedaqi area - population 155,000 people.Area of 01,400 square kilometres.Exempted six streets, two townships, and 60 neighborhood committees and village committees 8: Weidong streets, the red flag streets, dawn streets, Changhong streets, Dongshan streets, bright streets, and North Township, Birch Township.[Chung Ling area - population 35,000 people.Area of 16,800 square kilometres.3 exempted the town, eight neighborhood committees, namely, small-town Yang, the ancient town of sources, Jinsong town.[Forest] new population 49,000 people.Area of 08,700 square kilometres.Exempted seven towns and 17 neighborhood committees: New Town, Tsui Gangzhen, Tajikistan source of the town, Pik洲镇, ambitious town, the town of Usu, Tulgan town.[Hu] population in the district 52,000 people.Area of 09,400 square kilometres.Exempted four towns, 11 neighborhood committees: call in the town, the town of clear water, the source calls the town, the magnificent town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History1964 established the Greater Xing'an Mountains.Da Hinggan Mountains in 1970 to the Greater Xing'an Mountains, regional in Jiagedaqi.Origin in Huma County of Heihe (Huma in the town) and the origin of the Hulun Buir League Oroqen Zizhi Qi (in Alihe), Mo Zi Zhiqi Dawa Daur (in Nierji) was placed under the Greater Xing'an Mountains region.County jurisdiction 1, 2 Zizhi Qi.1979 will be the Oroqen and Mo Zi Zhiqi Dawa Daur Zizhi Qi was placed under the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.Da Hinggan Mountains area exempted Huma County.September 4, 1980, the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee approved the Revolutionary Committee of the Greater Xing'an Mountains region changed its name to the Greater Xing'an Mountains region Civil Administration.May 14, 1981, the State Council for approval: (1) the establishment of the Tahe County, and Huma County District Tahe the kaikukang, according to Xi Ken, 18 Terminal 3 Corporation for its administrative region, the resident tower town.(2) the establishment of Mohe County, to Emu Seoul, Tuqiang, Gulian 3, Huma County of Mohe, Xing'an 2 Corporation for its administrative region, the resident Xilinji.(This part of metadata extracted from local records) Pre-Qin period, the East-tribal alliance of territoriality.During the Western Han Dynasty, the Han-ting for Wuhuan XiaoWei Du Wei and Liaodong a dependency rule double.Three Kingdoms, the Jin Dynasty period, the Department for the Xianbei Tuoba area.Northern Wei Dynasty, Lingnan for Wuluo designate, Lingbei for Shiwei, both under the Northern Wei Dynasty.Sui and Tang Dynasties period, as the Governor Shi Wei Du Fu territoriality, the平卢节度使jurisdiction.Liao Dynasty, Lingnan for Shangjing Road Northeast Division jurisdiction Road Zhao Tao, Wu Ji Lingbei for enemy forces lie EC Secretary jurisdiction.Jin, Lingnan and the road to the Po district, Lingbei Secretary Zhao Tao Road to the northeast district, northern Uganda for the ancient enemy strong EC Army Secretary jurisdiction.Yuan Dynasty, Genghis Khan in 1214, will be in the big brother of Lingnan enfeoffment Zhuo Chek Ha Saer and Erdi a temperature of Le Chi Chi, Lingbei enfeoffment to Sanditiemu Columbia Wo Chi burden.1288, Xing Xing Yuan dynasty implement the system, Liaoyang Xingsheng Kaiyuan road jurisdiction.Ming Dynasty, is a slave children are Secretary stem command jurisdiction.Mohe County, this wood for the jurisdiction of the River Wei, Wei Taha Tahe County jurisdiction, Huma County and the new forest areas for the amount of grams of Wei jurisdiction, Jiagedaqi, Chung Ling in the area and called for the Kennedy River District Health jurisdiction .1645 (2002-Shunzhi), the Minister for Shengjing stationed (in 1646 renamed Angbang Chapter Beijing) jurisdiction.1653 (10 years-Shunzhi), from guarding Ning Guta Angbang Chapter Beijing jurisdiction.1662 (first year of Emperor Kangxi), from guarding Ning Guta, etc. under the jurisdiction of the local General Fu Doutong Amun Ning Guta jurisdiction.1683 (Kangxi 22 years), from guarding the Heilongjiang General Amun Fudu Tong Hui Yuan under the jurisdiction of jurisdiction.1689 (Kangxi 28 years), Daur, Ewenki and Oroqen people from Buteha Explorer Amun Management (Fudou Tong level).1690 (Kangxi 29 years), Lingnan by the Heilongjiang General Amun jurisdiction Melbourne-Gen Fu Doutong jurisdiction.Lingbei by Yuan Hui Fu Doutong jurisdiction.1731 (Yongzheng 2009), the Prime Minister in charge of Buteha Eight Banners of all ethnic groups in the Greater Xing'an Mountains Affairs, under the Heilongjiang General.1734 (Yongzheng 12 years), Lingnan classified Hu-lun City Manager rule.Ridge from the South East Melbourne-Gen Fu Doutong jurisdiction, from Lingbei Hui Yuan Fu Doutong jurisdiction.1743 (Qianlong 2008), Lingxi made by the Heilongjiang General under the jurisdiction of the Hulun Buir Fudu Tong jurisdiction.1871 (Tongzhi 10 years), the Ching court will hold down the Greater Xing'an Mountains, the Oroqen people to file for the series is divided into Rd.A River Basin of the road for the Afghan Zuoling jurisdiction, Huma Huma Fall River Road for Zuoling jurisdiction, duobukur River Road for duobukur Zuoling jurisdiction.1882 (Guangxu 2008), by the Heilongjiang General in charge of management of the Oroqen Xing'an City Rd.1883 (Guangxu 2009), in charge of dismantling Xing'an City Conference.A Road of the Oroqen, duobukur routing Heilongjiang General Gen-Fu Doutong jurisdiction Melbourne, Seoul, routing Huma Fudu Tong Hui Yuan (also known as Heilongjiang Fudu Tong) jurisdiction.1884 (Guangxu 10 years), Amun Buteha for restructuring Buteha Fudu Tong, the consul-general Solon and the Department of the Oroqen Rd.1906 (Guangxu 32 years) and Ching Fu Doutong Buteha withdraw the CD to separate sector for the Nenjiang River East, sibutramine Shawkat Explorer Amun.This region for the Greater Xing'an Mountains in charge of sibutramine Shawkat Amun jurisdiction.1908 (Guangxu 34 years), Lingnan Heilongjiang Xing Xing (Heilongjiang Province) Hu-lun Bingbei Hu-lun Zhili, the Office of jurisdiction, Lingbei for Bingbei Hui Yuan Yuan Hui Zhili, the Office of jurisdiction.1909 (first year Xuantong Period), Mohe County for this Fall River-the Karen and Karen jurisdiction of the Mohe, this Tahe County, for Huma Huma County Seoul Karen jurisdiction.1912 (in the first year) on June 25, Lingbei attached to the Government in Heilongjiang Yuan Hui Bingbei Road (the same year on August 26 to Heihe River Road) Zhili Hui Yuan Office.In July 1, Seoul, Karen Huma Huma established for restructuring the governance.Lingnan is a top ethnic minority rebels "pseudo-Hulun Buir local self-government."1914 (in 2003), Lingnan under the Heilongjiang Provincial Long Road Buxi Explorer Corruption.In January 11, Lingbei Huma for restructuring the governance of Huma County, the Mohe Karen Mohe to the established rule, under the Heihe River Road.1915 (in 2004), Lingnan Buxi established for restructuring the governance jurisdiction, under the Heilongjiang Provincial Long Road.1917 (in 2006), Lingbei Mohe established for restructuring the governance Mohe County, part of Heihe, Heilongjiang Province.1920 (in 2009), the handling of the aftermath of Lingnan under the Hulun Buir.1925 (in 14 years), the Hulun Buir restructuring for the handling of the aftermath Hulun Buir Road, exempted the southeastern region.1929 (in 18 years), Lingbei Huma County to provide the EU Pu County.Huma County, Mohe County, the EU Pu County of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province under the municipal Department preparation.Lingnan part of preparations for the Hulun Buir Services Department.1932 (in 21 years), Lingnan Xing'an points for the pseudo-East Province jurisdiction, Lingbei three counties as the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province.1934 (in 23 years), Lingnan for the new merger of the pseudo-East Province under the jurisdiction of Xing'an Bayan flag jurisdiction, Lingbei three counties as the pseudo-Heihe provincial jurisdiction.1943 (in 32 years), Lingnan by the new merger of the Hung Yen provincial jurisdiction of the Bayan flag jurisdiction.November 1945, the Northeast People's Government the original pseudo-North-on pseudo-merger of the two provinces of Heihe, Heilongjiang Province set up.Lingbei 3 County of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province by the district administration office jurisdiction, the autonomous province of Lingnan from the Hulun Buir (March 1946, to the Hulun Buir interim local government) Bayan flag jurisdiction.March 1946, Lingnan by Navin Mu-ren UNITA Bayan flag jurisdiction.August 12, three Lingbei County of Heihe in Heilongjiang Province by the Office of the Inspector jurisdiction.February 1947, Lingbei three counties under the tender in the fifth and the Office of the Inspector.March, Mohe County, the county merger in Europe Pu Huma County.September Huma Li of Heilongjiang Province in a new Office of Inspector of the fifth.May, Xing'anling Province revoked, the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is satisfied that the AU attached to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Mu-ren, Lingnan UNITA is satisfied that the text of Mu-ren-Dawa Daur Zizhi Qi (Qi merger with Bayan) jurisdiction.April 11, 1949, under the newly established Lingnan Hulun Buir League.September, Lingbei Huma County of Heilongjiang Province under the new name of the Office of the Heihe River.October 31, 1951, the Hulun Buir League of Lingnan by the new leadership of the Oroqen Zizhi Qi.February 10, 1964, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council decided to set up campaign headquarters, development and construction of the Greater Xing'an Mountains northeast slope.The Hulun Buir League of Inner Mongolia Oroqen Zizhi Qi, Mo Zi Zhiqi Dawa Daur SAR part of the Heihe in Heilongjiang Province area Huma County and all part of Nenjiang County Administrative Region, will be classified as theater.Battle of the region in the preliminary planning construction of large poplar, Chung Ling, Hu, the new forest, Tahe, the Amu Seoul, Gulian, 18 points, the Lunsi, South urn River, huolongmen 11 forestry companies.In August 10, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council approved the establishment of the theater in the Greater Xing'an Mountains will be the People's Committee of Da Hinggan Mountains (in the municipal jurisdiction), the campaign headquarters of the SAR and the provinces (autonomous regions) dual leadership, the local administration by the Heilongjiang provincial government leadership.Forestry company of the Central Government, tree farms located township (town) government.January 1965, the Forestry Department in the Greater Xing'an Mountains will be the establishment of the Greater Xing'an Mountains Forestry Authority theater, the SAR Government and the Greater Xing'an Mountains Zhengqigeyi implement a management system.April 20, 1966, Huma County of Heihe River area, "soft desert road" north of Hulun Buir League and the Oroqen Zizhi Qi assigned to the Greater Xing'an Mountains southeast of the SAR.November 26, 1967, the People's Committee of Da Hinggan Mountains to the Greater Xing'an Mountains, "the Revolutionary Committee."April 1, 1970, the Hulun Buir League in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was placed under the leadership of Heilongjiang Province.Greater Xing'an Mountains to the Da Hinggan Mountains area.Origin in Huma County of Heihe and the origin of the Hulun Buir League-Dawa Daur Zi Zhiqi, Oroqen Zi Zhiqi, all formed the Greater Xing'an Mountains region was placed under the jurisdiction.HKMA origin Yakeshi forest management Alihe Forestry Bureau, the Gan River Forestry Bureau, the Bureau of Forestry and Givens Keyihe FDA classified the Greater Xing'an Mountains Forestry Authority leadership.Forestry Authority under the Da Hinggan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province Forestry Administration.May 30, 1979, Mo Zi Zhiqi Dawa Daur and Oroqen Zizhi Qi in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was placed under the jurisdiction.Zi Zhiqi origin of the Oroqen Jiagedaqi, Chung Ling areas still under the Greater Xing'an Mountains region, but the origin and the right to remain unchanged.Alihe, Gan River, Givens and Keyihe FDA classified Yakeshi Lin HKMA jurisdiction.In June, the HKMA for the Forestry Department Daxinganling forest direct leadership of the enterprise.September 4, 1980, the Greater Xing'an Mountains region, "Revolutionary Council" to the Greater Xing'an Mountains Civil Administration, to become the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government sent bodies.May 14, 1981, Gulian area to set up Mohe County, located in Tahe District Tahe County.March 6, 1982, the HKMA Daxinganling forest enterprise management system (plan, finance) a separate operation, still under the Ministry of Forestry, and the Civil Administration合署办公.January 29, 1986, approved by the State Council Administrative Office, Lin HKMA for the county seat of Jiagedaqi District District formed.1991, the State Council established the Greater Xing'an Mountains National Forest HKMA for the first batch of one of the 55 enterprise groups.March 1996, the State Council formally approved the establishment of the Greater Xing'an Mountains Forestry Group.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------RemarksDa Hinggan Mountains area of 84,600 square kilometres, of which located in Heilongjiang Province 66,600 square kilometres, including Huma County, Tahe County, Mohe County, and the new forest areas, called Central; located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 18,000 square kilometres Including Jiagedaqi, Chung Ling area.South Korea is home, 18 points, Amu Seoul, such as 10 Tuqiang FDA.Daxinganling Prefectural Party Committee, the Civil Administration and forestry company located in Jiagedaqi.(With: Powered present on the Da Hinggan Mountains area and the jurisdiction of the district and county information is not complete, or even mutually contradictory. Daxinganling region with special circumstances, go to this site see the discussion forum.)Overview: Jiagedaqi District [1587 square km area, population 155,000 (2002).ZIP code.Pinyin: Jiagedaqi Qu.[Division] exempted streets 6 (Weidong, the red flag, the dawn of a bright future, Dongshan, Changhong), 2 township (plus North, White Birch).In Jiagedaqi.Chung Ling District] [Overview of 7408 square kilometres / 15,799 square kilometres, population 39,000.ZIP code.Pinyin: Songling Qu.[Division] exempted five towns (small Yang gas, dayangqi, Jinsong, the ancient sources, Xintian).Jan gas in the small town.Forests [new] Overview of 8790 square km / 8,786 square kilometres, population 58,000.ZIP code.Pinyin: Xinlin Qu.[Division] jurisdiction 8 Town (new Lam, Tsui Kong, Tajikistan source, the Wusu, Tulgan, the Bi-State, Lin Hai, ambitious).In New Town.Hu Central (called the FDA)[Profile] called Central (called the FDA) in Heilongjiang Province in the northwest, called the Greater Xing'an Mountains in the mountains north Yile, East and the new forest areas adjacent to the south Yile called Mountain watershed and Chung Ling, the Oroqen Zizhi Qi in Inner Mongolia Across the north and Tahe County, linked to Mohe County, West and the Nature Reserve, Ergun Right Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at the junction.Surrounded by mountains, central to Huma River Valley, southwest of many mountain terrain Jun Ling, and more hills northeast of the valley, with a southwest to northeast Stubbs gradually reduce the geomorphological features.Area of 7,698 square km / 9,403 square km / 7419.99 square kilometres, population 57,000.ZIP code.Pinyin: Huzhong Qu.[Division] exempted six towns (called, called the source, clear water and magnificent, Xiongguan, Cangshan).To call in the town.MapFDAFirst, the Greater Xing'an Mountains owned Forestry Department of Forestry Corporation (Lin HKMA) FDA jurisdiction 10, 61 Forest Farm.Chung Ling Forestry Administration (Jan gas in the small town) exempted five tree farms, tree farms that green water, the ancient source of Forest Farm, dayangqi Forest Farm, the aspiration of tree farms, tree farms Xintian.FDA new-lam (in the New Town) exempted eight tree farms, tree farms tower sources, the grand tree farms, the new forest tree farms, large Wusu Lin Field, Pitt Island Forest Farm, Tsui Kong Forest Farm, Tulgan Forest Farm, Flower & Forest Farm.Tahe FDA (in the town tower) exempted six tree farms, tree farms dry Wallachia, Munch Forest Farm, Talin Lin field, embroidered peak Forest Farm, Pangu tree farms, tree farms along the river.FDA called in (to call in the town) exempted six tree farms, tree farms Xiongguan, called the source tree farms, tree farms Cangshan, the grand tree farms, tree farms in the call, clear water tree farms.Emu Seoul FDA (in the town of Mohe County Jin-tao) exempted six tree farm, that is, long Forest Farm, Forest Farm Yi-Lin, Garonne tree farms, tree farms Xing'an, the red flag Forest Farm, Green Pine Tree Farm.Tuqiang FDA (in Mohe County plans Jiangzhen) exempted seven tree farms, tree farms struggle, 28 points tree farms, tree farms Yuk-ying, Lin Zhuang Forest Farm, Chaohe Forest Farm, River Forest Farm in Wolong, tide over Forest Farm.Xilinji FDA (in Xilinji town) exempted five Forest Farm, Bay Tree Farm, Forest Farm outpost, Hedong Forest Farm, Gulian Forest Farm, Forest Farm of the ditch.Shibazhan FDA (in the Tahe County Shibazhan Township) exempted six Forest Farm, Shibazhan Forest Farm, check classes River Forest Farm, small-kan River Forest Farm, silver Narinder market, Yongqing Forest Farm, the Shuanghe forest farms.Han their homes FDA (in Huma County home town of Korea) exempted a tree farm, that is, the Korean homeland felling tree farms.Jiagedaqi FDA (in Jiagedaqi district) exempted 10 tree farms, tree farms Guri, white birch forest market, Dongfeng Forest Farm, Cui Feng tree farms, tree farms leap forward, duobukur Forest Farm, of the Forest Farm, the largest tree farms Montenegro, Jan forests of the market, Hannuo River Forest Farm.Second, the Da Hinggan Mountains in Heilongjiang Province owned by the Civil Administration forest system exempted three County Forestry Bureau, the six tree farms.Huma County Forestry Bureau (Huma in the town of) jurisdiction Forest Farm, 12 points, three field Carlin, Gold Peak Forest Farm, Gala River Forest Farm.Tahe County forest Council (tower in town) exempted 22 points tree farms.Mohe County forest Council (Xilinji in the town of) jurisdiction Mohe Forest Farm.

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