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OverviewLinyi City, a total area of 17,186 square kilometres.Total population of 10.11 million people.Municipal People's Government in the Lanshan Qu, Zip code: 276001.Administrative division code: 371300.Code: 0539.Pinyin: Linyi Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, three Shixia Linyi City area, nine counties.Linyi City area of 17,186 square km and the population 10110000 (2003).Lan Shanqu area of 660 square kilometres, population 870,000.ZIP code 276002.Luozhuang area of 371 square kilometres, population 420,000.ZIP code 276022.Luozhuang District People's Government in the streets.Hedong area of 728 square kilometres, population 600,000.ZIP code 276034.District People's Government in the nine towns.Tan Chengxian area of 1307 square kilometres, population 970,000.ZIP code 276100.County People's Government in the Tan-towns.Cangshan Xian area of 1800 square kilometres, population 1.18 million.ZIP code 277700.County People's Government in the Town Bian.Junan Xian area of 1752 square kilometres, population 990,000.ZIP code 276600.County People's Government in the crossroads town.Yishui county area of 2,435 square kilometres, population 1.11 million.ZIP code 276400.Yishui County People's Government in the town.Mengyin County area of 1602 square kilometres, population 530,000.ZIP code 276200.Mengyin County People's Government in the town.Pingyi County area of 1825 square kilometres, population 980,000.ZIP code 273300.Pingyi County People's Government in the town.For 1894 square kilometres in area, population 920,000.ZIP code 273400.County People's Government in charge towns.Yinan Xian area of 1774 square kilometres, population 910,000.ZIP code 276300.Lake County People's Government in the sector.Lin Shuxian area of 1038 square kilometres, population 630,000.ZIP code 276700.Lin Shu County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryQin, a geographical Langya Linyi County and the Tan-gun.Western Han Dynasty, the Linyi area belong to the Langya of Xuzhou, East China Sea county, city and country-Yanzhou of Taishan County.Eastern Han Dynasty for the Western Han Dynasty system, belong to the benefits of Xuzhou City County, East County, Langya County, Langya States and Yanzhou of Taishan County, Dongguan County, the East-gun and the City-State.Three Kingdoms period, the Wei.Wei to the end, belong to the East China Sea States, Langya States, Dongguan County, Taishan County.Western Jin Dynasty period, belong to the Langya of Xuzhou, East County, Lan Ling County, Dongguan County, Yanzhou of Taishan County.Jinshinandu, geographical successively fall into the latter Zhao, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Former Yan, Hou-yan, Nanyan, Qian Qin and the Northern Wei Dynasty.Yizhou belong to the Sui Dynasty (Langya County) Sizhou (Xiapi County), of the state (high-Gun), the state (East Gun), Xuzhou (Pengcheng County).Yizhou belong to the Tang Dynasty (Langya County), of the state (Gaomi County), Xuzhou (Pengcheng County).Yizhou belong to the Sung Dynasty (Langya County), of the state (Gaomi County), Huai-gun forces, and so on.Songshinandu, belonging to the Jin Dynasty Shandong Road Yizhou, Chu Chang states, Pizhou, Tai'an state.Yanzhou the state belong to the Yuan Dynasty and the Qing state.A result, the early Qing Dynasty, the Qing Emperor Yongzheng 12 years (1734) or for Yizhou Prefecture, home of Guolan County, the state drop for casual, Chu Chang.A Yizhou Prefecture.There Lanshan, Tancheng, for the county, Yishui, Mengyin, sunshine, Chu Chang, 1, 6 County.After the founding of the Republic of China, dismantling the state government waste, the province implemented, Road, County, the three-tier system.1913 revocation of Yizhou Prefecture, to Chu Chang, for Juxian County.Shandong Province in 1914, led to four, to Lanshan county for the Linyi County, Linyi is a sub-regional, and Jining, Shandong.1918 revocation.1936 designated as the third in Shandong Province Office of the Inspector.Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party of China here is to create the Anti-Japanese Base Area.August 1940, in Yinan Xian qingtuosi Shandong Province set up the wartime work of the Commission.September 1943 to the Executive Committee of Shandong Province in wartime.August 1945 in Junan Xian Dianzhen the establishment of the Shandong provincial government.In the Sino-Japanese War period, the establishment here have been more than 30 county-level and above the county level government agencies.Which belongs to the county-level government organizations, commonly known as anti-Japanese democratic government, there are also some known as the Administrative Office or offices.These county-level government organizations, independent play the role of county government, belonged to Lu, Lunan, the three coastal SAR.During the War of Liberation, still follow the administrative division-level Sino-Japanese War period, only made some adjustments to the division.July 1948, Lu, Lunan, the three coastal SAR into a middle-south Administrative Region, China and South Africa Civil Administration set up Lu (in Linyi City), administered seven zones, and 49 counties.To October 1, 1949, Linyi Yimeng area belong to the Nepalese mountains, Taiwan's date, four coastal zones.May 1950, Lu Administrative Region of China and South Africa revoked: Yimeng area for the foundation, set up Yishui area, the county exempted 9; coastal zones based on the establishment of Linyi area, nine county jurisdiction.January 1953 will be the origin of Linyi area Ganyu, the East China Sea, Pixian, even the new city was placed under the county, Jiangsu Province.July 1953, Yishui area withdrawn, except sunshine County was placed under Jiaozhou area, the district remaining counties are classified as Linyi area, at the same time, Teng Xian area of origin is also incorporated in Pingyi County in Linyi area.March 1956, was placed under sunshine in Linyi County area.To April 1961, the Linyi area exempted Linyi, Tancheng, Cangshan, Lin Shu, Junan and Yinan, Yishui, Yiyuan, Mengyin, Pingyi, for the county, sunshine, Junan 13 counties and cities.June 12, 1989, the State Council, Rizhao City upgraded to a prefecture-level city.December 2, the State Council, Yiyuan County was placed under the jurisdiction of Zibo City.January 1992, Rizhao City Juxian County was placed under the jurisdiction.At this point, Linyi region exempted Linyi, Tancheng, Cangshan, Junan, Yishui, Mengyin, Pingyi, for the county, Yinan, Lin Shu 10 counties and cities.December 17, 1994, the State Council approved the revocation of Linyi County in Linyi City and the region, the establishment of level of Linyi City.The city of Linyi City is divided into Lanshan, Hedong, Luozhuang three county-level administrative region.Linyi Shixia level Lanshan, Luozhuang, Hedong District 3 and Tancheng, Cangshan, Junan, Yishui, Yinan, Pingyi, for the county, Mengyin, Lin Shu nine counties.Municipal People's Government in the Linyi Prefecture Administrative Office, the resident.Lan Shanqu established in Linyi City, Luozhuang district and Hedong District.Lan Shanqu exempted Lanshan, genistein Hill, Yin Queshan three offices and Pak Sha Buzhen streets, the town justice court, the Lingzhen, Mr. Li Township, half the town, date ditch Town, South Fang Xiang, Zhu - Rural, Machang Huxiang.District People's Government in the original county-level People's Government in Linyi City resident.Luozhuang district exempted Romanian town, to pay Town, Sheng Town, of Town, Cheng Township, Cen-Rural, the district People's Government in the Romanian town.Hedong District exempted nine towns, Xianggong Town, Tang Town, sesame Dunzhen Mei Buzhen, re-Gou Zhen, black Dunxiang the soup he Xiang, Zheng Wang Heung, Tai Pingxiang, 8 Huxiang, Liu shop of the rural district People's Government in the nine towns.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Linyi City 9942652 people.Of which: Lan Shanqu 938,159 Luozhuang district 412454 Hedong District 587,897 Yinan Xian 869,535 Tan Chengxian 972,268 Yishui County 1057758 Cang Shanxian County, 904,696 for 1128161 Pingyi County 974,213 Junan Xian 964,591 Mengyin County 535,070 Lin Shuxian 597,850 (based on the past Division; units:)As at December 31, 2002, the city's total of 11 streets, 136 towns and 33 townships.May 13, 2003, the provincial government approved the county agreed to charge Wang Gou Zhen Shijiazhuang, Dangou East, West Dangou, after the clubs, the three-Zhuang, Wing Tai Chong, the Jinjiazhuang such as the village was placed under seven-Linyi City Half mountain town of jurisdiction.

Linyi City of Shandong Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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