Jiulongpo District of Chongqing Municipality (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewJiulongpo District of Chongqing Municipality in the southwest of the main urban areas.Total area of 432 square kilometres.Total population of 760,000 people (2004).District People's Government in the Yang Jiaping, Zip code: 400050.Administrative division code: 500107.Code: 023.Pinyin: Jiulongpo Qu.A humid subtropical monsoon climate, with humidity, cloudy, fog, and more features, the annual average temperature 18.4 ℃, the highest temperature of 42.2 ℃, Low -2.4 ℃, the average annual rainfall 1151.5 mm, the average relative humidity of 80 percent.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionJiulongpo District exempted seven streets, the town 11: Yang Jiaping streets, Huang Jueping streets, Xie Jiawan streets, Shi Ping Bridge streets, Dan Qiaopu streets, the streets in Yangsan, Yuzhou way street, Jiulong Zhen, Hua Yan town, including Valley town, the town of Jinfeng, the town of White City Station, Zouma town, stone town, Bafu town, home town of pottery, West PENG Zhen, tongguanyi town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryMing dynasty years, the area in a name "9 Longtan."April 1938, the completion of the Kowloon shop terminal.March 1939, building shop in Kowloon Airport (Chongqing South Station).Built in 1942 in Chongqing Municipality in Area 17 in Kowloon Puzhen.Shop in Kowloon and the "Jiulongpo" sound similar.This brought to a "slope" shape, August 28, 1945, Mao Zedong to Chongqing negotiations, "Xinhua Daily" - their plane landed at the airport shop in Kowloon reported for the "× × slope airport"; "× ×" " Kowloon ".October 24, 1955, the Fourth District was known as the "Jiulongpo District."(More)May 1939 built the eighth district of Chongqing Municipality.Has built Hualong Qiao, Huang Shaxi, leaving love Temple and new markets (in the left temple love Eling Centre Street in Central City area; new markets in Shapingba District of Chichiawan Xiao area) towns.December 1943 new markets and love left temple built rejuvenation of the merger Chengguan Town (during the War of Resistance Against Japan to Futu customs clearance for the rejuvenation).October 1944, the above towns revoked.8th District (October 1944 after the said Qu Gongsuo) in Hualong Qiao.December 1939, built the town of Chongqing Municipality directly under Dan Qiaopu.Shiping this bridge, Xie Jiawan, Yang Jiaping, Huang Jueping Kowloon and the majority of the rural areas, the Chongqing Municipality directly under Dan Qiaopu town.February 1942 into the 17th District of Chongqing Municipality.Dan Qiaopu has built, the rest Taiwan, Hok Yan Gao, Kowloon shop towns.October 1944, the above towns revoked.17th District (October 1944 after the said Qu Gongsuo) in Shiqiao Pu.October 20, 1950, before liberation Eighth District in Chongqing Municipality and the 17th District in Chongqing Municipality build regional merger of the Fourth District, the District People's Government in the Daping.November 6, 1952, the District People's Government move to Li Jiatuo.October 24, 1955, the Fourth District changed its name to Jiulongpo District.(In accordance with the relevant documentation)November 6, 1952, the zoning adjustment: Hualong Qiao, Daping, table and break Dan Qiaopu four streets, bridges, Taiwan and the rest of Wong Nai three rural zoned to the Third District (Shapingba District, three townships in 1951 In April to September, construction, rural Taiwan to break Dan Qiaoxiang Shapingba to the east, along the break table, Smithfield Township to the west of Shiqiao Xiang, Smithfield Street, Erlang region of the village); Huang Shaxi and archaeological love Temple 2 A street is zoned to the First District (City); Pakistan will also continue the town and county (in the Liangshan), built-township (October 1951 Pakistan county and town home), screen all towns (in Dobashi ), Nanquan Authority ('s Nanquan Zhen), fish-town, Tai Wo Rural Township and stone (stone rural areas and fisheries for the fourth-town home, Pakistan has also designated the county was renamed after the small BA Xiang) is zoned also the Palestinian County.In January 17, Palestinian County jumped tread Shuanghe rural villagers group included three fourth area; February 21, Palestinian County of San Tin Rural masts, the pillar of rural villagers Huxiao two groups (that is, Nanquan Baihe Town, Hu Xiao 2 Village), assigned to the Fourth District.February 15, 1965, is zoned 9 Gongmiao, New River Village Yuejin Village office building three streets Dadukou District of Chongqing Municipality.In early 1995, Chongqing city administrative division adjustment, Jiulongpo District jurisdiction Yang Jiaping, Xie Jiawan, Shi Ping Bridge, Huang Jueping, in the Liangshan five offices and the streets of Kowloon, the Huayan two towns, from Shapingba Division Dan Qiaopu streets into the office, Dan Qiaozhen, assigned to the county from the Palestinian West Peng, tongguanyi, pottery, and White City Station, Bafu, Zouma, Jinfeng, with eight-stone town and township.District People's Government in the Yang Jiaping.In 2000, the Jiulongpo District jurisdiction Yang Jiaping, Xie Jiawan, Shi Ping Bridge, Huang Jueping, in Yangsan, Dan Qiaopu six neighborhood offices; Kowloon, Hua Yan, West Peng, tongguanyi, Tao - , White City Station, Bafu, Zouma, Jinfeng, with Valley, stone bridge, 12 stone town.According to the fifth census data: the region's total population of 878,777 people, including streets, the town population (people): 92,944 Huangjue Ping Yang Jiaping street street 54,743 Xiejia Wan streets 82334 Shiping 56,732 Shiqiao Pu Bridge streets in the streets 111394 Yangsan 53,630 street 51,472 Jiulong Zhen Hua Yan Shi Qiaozhen town of 44,885 with 75,669 Valley town of 17,416 Jinfeng town of 20,149 White City Station town of 42,574 the town of 21,216 stone town Zouma 8806 Bafu pottery town of 11,058 home town of 16,149 West PENG Zhen town of 91,721 tongguanyi 25885In 2002, the Jiulongpo District exempted six neighborhood offices (Yang Jiaping, Huangjue Ping, Xie Jiawan, Shi Ping Bridge, Dan Qiaopu, in the Liangshan), 12 towns (Kowloon, the stone bridge, Hua Yan, Sai Peng, tongguanyi, pottery, and Bafu, stone, Zouma, White City Station, Jinfeng, with Valley), 62 neighborhood committees and 107 village committees.The end of 2002 household registration total population 732,600, of which non-agricultural population of 491,500 people.September 28, 2004, removed Dan Qiaozhen, the establishment of Yuzhou Road neighborhood offices, regional offices jurisdiction for the original jurisdiction Dan Qiaozhen regional office in Yuzhou Road 73 (Yu House [2004] No. 242).

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