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The name: the Republic of Mali (The Republic of Mali)Independence Day: September 22 (1960)National Day: September 22 (1960)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Flags of the three parallel from the same vertical rectangular composition, from left to right followed by green, yellow and red color.Green is the color of the Muslim advocates, Mali nearly 70 percent Muslim, green symbol of Mali also fertile oasis; yellow symbol of the country's mineral resources; red symbol of independence for the motherland to fight the expense of the blood of the martyrs.Green, yellow and red color is also the Pan-African colors, is a symbol of unity of African countries.The national emblem: a circle.A round face is blue, the middle is a unique style of the castle, the Youth Pre-employment Training for a peace dove, the bottom is full of sun shine and two Arrow Travel with the arch.At the top of the circle for the French to write the "Republic of Mali." Written in French under the motto "one nation, one goal, one faith."National political figures: President Amadou Toumani Touré (Amadou Toumany Toure), 2002年5 he was elected.Physical Geography: area of over 1.24 million square kilometers.In the West Africa sub southern edge of landlocked countries.Mauritania and Senegal, west, north, east and Algeria and Niger for the neighborhood, south of Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso.Most of the territory to 300 meters above sea level around the platform, a gentle, the most in the east and the west have some low sandstone mountains and plateaus.Hongbo peak in the mountains 1,155 meters above sea level.The northern desert to a tropical climate, in the southern savannah climate.Population: 13.52 million (2005), 90 percent are black, in addition to the descendants of North African Berber and mixed.There are 23 tribes, Bambara people (accounting for 34.5 percent of the population), rather ear group (11 percent) and the Senoufo people (9 percent) as the main tribes.More than 70 percent of the residents of General Bambara language, official language is French.68 percent of residents believe in Islam, 30.5 percent believe fetishism, 1.5% Catholic and Protestant Christianity.Capital: Bamako (Bamako), population 1297000 (2005), the highest temperature in April, with an average of 34 ~ 39 ° C, 1月minimum temperature, with an average of 16 ~ 33 ° C.In Mali's capital Bamako on traditional hunters gathering activities in Africa, Mali, a hunter will live pythons as a top hat, like in the head.>>>A brief history: history, is the Empire of Ghana, Mali, Songhai Empire and the central region.1895 become a French colony, "the French Sudan."1904 into the "French West Africa."1956 became "the French federation," the "semi-autonomous republic."1958 became "the French Community," the "autonomous republic", known as the Republic of the Sudan.April 1959 Mali and Senegal form Federation, in August 1960 dissolution of the Federation.In September 22 to declare independence, changing the country called the Republic of Mali.Modibo Keita president.November 19, 1968 Lieutenant穆萨特拉奥雷a coup, overthrowing the regime Keita, the establishment of the National Committee, the People's Liberation Army, in charge of state power, the President Traoré.March 1979 the establishment of Mali People's Democratic Union, Traoré was elected as general secretary.In June the holding of presidential and legislative elections, the Second Republic was born, Traoré elected president.National Committee, the People's Liberation Army to disband.March 25, 1991 a group of military officers launched mutiny, the arrest of President Moussa Traore, to set up, headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Amadou Toumani Erniduer of the National Reconciliation Commission.January 1992, adopted by referendum a new constitution, the same year national elections held in April, Alpha Oumar Konare was elected president, sworn in June, the establishment of the Third Republic.Politics: a "democratic, secular and unified" country.President is the Head of State, Heads of Government and the armed forces supreme commander.National Assembly is the legislative bodies, implementation of a hospital system.The Council of Ministers (cabinet) ministers appointed by the president.Diplomacy: pursuing legislation, peace, good-neighborly friendship and non-aligned foreign policy, is willing to join all peace-loving, justice and progress for countries to establish friendly relations, advocating respect for national sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs of other countries through peaceful means to resolve international disputes and regional Conflict; strengthening African unity and promote good-neighborly friendship and actively promote the integration of African development.Stressed that diplomacy for economic development, efforts to seek international assistance.Non-Aligned Movement, Malaysia is one of the founding members, advocate safeguarding the Non-Aligned Movement to make it on the international stage to play a more important role.Called for the establishment of a new international order, that the international community to strengthen cooperation, creditor and debtor countries shared responsibility for solving the debt problem effective way.Participate actively in the West African regional peacekeeping operations, some African countries frequently condemned the military coup approach.Relations with China: October 25, 1960, Mali established diplomatic relations with China.July 2004, President Konare on a state visit to China.Reproduced:

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