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Yuanping City, Shanxi Province is located in North Central.East 5, Xikao Ningwu and Xinzhou and the South, Dingxiang adjacent to the north and the county, bordering Shuozhou.Since the Western Han Dynasty in northern Shanxi is a major county in, but also to the formation of Taiyuan, the transport hub.The original in Beijing, North Tongpu railway intersection in the urban areas, Huang Shuo railway and the Beijing, Dayun, such as road wear and the Habitat, Dayun longitudinal North-South Expressway, traffic conditions is very convenient.Things Miangen mountains for the natural history of the industry domain, Yang Wu River, the city is Hutuohe banks of the open areas.Things are separated by 62 kilometers, about 58 km north-south, a total area of 2,571 square kilometers.The city's total population of about 480,000 people.Yuanping City, Xian Xia 7 rural town 11 offices, 520 villages.7 town were: long Gou Zhen Liang, Xuan Gangzhen, guoyangzhen, the cattle Dianzhen, Sulong Town, Yan Town, Dongshe town, 11 townships are: Baoxiang of the home, along Gou Xiang, West Zhenxiang, Royal Township, sub-dry rural, rural-in, white rural South, Dalin Township, of the Village, floor Zhai Xiang, the new Office of Rural and Northern City, Nancheng Office.Yuanping City, a total of 3840553.17 acres of land.2009911.54 acres of agricultural land, 1225783.6 acres of farmland, woodland 380674.5 acre park 165918.03 acres and acres of pasture 30280.57, 207254.57 acres of land for construction purposes.Yuanping city rich mineral resources, broader distribution, the underground minerals have been found up to 20 species.Including coal, iron, aluminum, the largest limestone reserves, the development is of great value.Coal: The original-the largest coal reserves, has proven reserves of 1.12 billion tons tenure, the coal-bearing rocks of the distribution area of 400 square kilometers, the average coal seam thickness of 19 - 20 meters, and buried shallow, coal, gas and more of Coal, Feimei, coke, and so on good industrial coal, the heat in 6500 - 7300 kcal around.Rail: initial 290 million tons of proven reserves, the area of six square kilometers, 290 meters long, shallow ore body buried, exposed good, easy-election easily, simple ingredients ore mine, mostly distributed in railway and Trunk Road on both sides, convenient transport, mining favorable conditions.Aluminium: bauxite area of distribution is consistent with the coalfield area, mainly in paragraph Jiabao, Crown land, cattle food-yao, changlianggou, Yonggungsa, mountain Fort and other places, has proved reserves 125 million tons, an average ore body Thickness of three meters, the deposit area of 100 square kilometers, well exposed, the average stripping ratio of 1.Ore AI2O3 in 65.44 --- 79.58%, Fe2O3, in 1.52 - 2.23 percent, fine grade class.Limestone: Limestone is the original-the largest mineral resources, the land around the Northwest, estimated reserves of 30.19 million tons, CaO in general in more than 48 percent, up 54 percent, the ore body thickness 236.8 meters, is the ideal calcium carbide and cement raw materials.In addition, other mineral resources in the city there are white rocks, K-feldspar, silica, phosphate ore, copper, Shuijing Kuang, such as gold and granite, marble, hot water, mica, salt NOx, fluorite, gypsum Such as salinity, and most of seam relatively stable, and better mining conditions, the appropriate location, to facilitate development and utilization.City property rich, full range, the name of good, many special products.Mainly to agricultural crops, mainly maize, sorghum, millet, wheat for the staple, rice, a, Mi, millet, naked oats, yam, sweet potato, beans, and so on.Quality products which are: Yang, Su Longkou, Whitehead vicinity of the millet, Huangmi, Xishan district of naked oats, and so on.Economic crops are sugar beet, fuel, tobacco, medicines, linen, cotton, and other.Pear Fruit with the Sichuan region of China is the fruit of fine crystal to Luzhou flavor, color Xianhuang, pulp hypertrophy, Runfei thirst, known the world, the original-hence the name "Pear Fruit Village."The city's economic pillar industry to industry and agriculture as the mainstay.Industry: the city has initially formed to chemicals, coal, machinery, metallurgy, building materials, and other five major industries as the main industrial system.Industrial products to coal, chemicals, building materials, machinery, metallurgical products, mainly coal, oxalic acid, calcium carbide, cement, fans, conveyor belts, boilers, fertilizers, phosphorus, iron, sugar and other products more than 20 species, including grass Acid output in the world "hegemony" status, there are more than 10 types of industrial products by the national, provincial quality products, in addition to marketing products throughout the country, sold at home and abroad.Agriculture: a marketable grain, seed production, animal husbandry, economic forest, vegetables, and other five major bases for the main building, and actively promote the industrialization of agriculture.The original level of natural scenic spots, cultural relics across the whole territory.Now the city's ancient architecture, ancient tombs, ancient ruins 26, the provincial heritage conservation units above the village Zhu Shi Yang-decorated archway, home Kong-Hui Lian Ji Temple, Yang Guo Mountain South Bridge, and other three.Comparing the famous Shengjing "Tianya Shek Kwu", "Wufeng Pinnacle", as well as soil Holy Mosques, Buddhist Temple, Loufan Temple, Confucian Temple, and so the more than 10 cultural relics, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De Road Habitat Site, resumed Fanting Memorial Hall, the original business-the largest hot springs spa is one of six in Shanxi Province, the geothermal field of 22 square kilometers, hot water thickness of 158 meters, the development has begun to take shape, is the tourism, recreation , In convalescence and a good place to summer.There are many places to commemorate the revolution.There are more famous Xu Fanting Memorial Hall, the city-the martyrs cemetery, anti-Japanese martyrs monument, Zhu De, Liu Shaoqi Road Habitat site, under God first tragedy site, the former site of tragedy Yu Zhi, South God first, and so on the former site of tragedy.Ping is the old revolutionary base areas.May 30, 1926, Guo Mountain County middle school students on behalf of the Chairman Liu Baorong Cui Guo Mountain secondary school students to participate in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, students and representatives of the General Assembly to commemorate "Wusa" campaign the first anniversary of the General Assembly.During the meeting, Liu Baorong Cui get acquainted with the CPC Taiyuan underground party organizations responsible for one - Wang wins, and wins on the Wang joined the Communist Party of China, in August 2000, established the first county party organizations Guo Mountain - Chinese Guo Mountain County School branch By Liu Baorong Cui of the branch secretaries.October 1937, Japanese troops occupied Guo Mountain County, Guo Mountain County Ethernet into line with the road for two things, help in the Eighth Route Army, Guo Mountain County, two things were established in the PRC Guo Mountain County (West) Committee and the CPC Guo Mountain County (East) of the two party organizations.In the Party's leadership, the county set up the anti-Japanese Guo Mountain Volunteer, Volunteer Hedong anti-Japanese, anti-Japanese Volunteer Wufengshan, Guo Mountain County guerrillas, Guo Mountain County Task Force and other armed anti-Japanese armed force, stationed in line with Guo Mountain County in the Eighth Route Army and the Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei, Jinsui base on January 2 O Division 358 Brigade, 359 brigade, regiment, such as 716 troops, launched a vigorous anti-Japanese struggle.July 1946, Guo Mountain County liberation, the merger of the county committee things, the establishment of the CPC County Committee Guo Mountain.September 1939, and Guo Mountain County, in particular the establishment of CPC branch and the establishment of secondary schools in the county Guo Mountain of the party's external organizations - "the Chinese social scientists Union," "left-wing writer Union", "Federation of staff," the Chinese Communists use Guo Mountain County Tezhi Members of these organizations to launch "anti-Japanese semimonthly" of arts, culture, publication of "small Electric Company," "Qiucao" and theatrical groups, "sprout club" as the positions and publicity of Marxism-Leninism, the anti-Japanese propaganda to save the country, inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of young students and guide young students to seek Revolutionary truth.Since reform and opening up, the original-city party committee and government of taking economic construction as the center, the situation, seize the opportunity to the scientific concept of development as guidance, vigorously implement the "open the introduction, major led" strategy, the economy and society have a comprehensive and rapid development.2004, the city's GDP 2.28316 billion yuan, the city's investment in fixed assets totaled 682.26 million yuan, the total of 240.67 million yuan to people, the per capita net to farmers were 2,378 yuan and disposable income of urban residents 6562.35.Government official website:

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