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States: the State of Eritrea (The State of Eritrea)Independence Day: May 24 (1993)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.By the three flag-a triangle, near the flagpole in red isosceles triangle.In the red part of a three yellow olive branch from a circular pattern.Red symbolizes the struggle for independence and liberation, green symbol of agriculture and animal husbandry, blue symbol of countries rich marine resources and wealth, yellow symbol of mineral resources, the olive branch symbolizes peace.The national emblem: a circle.A round face painted with a camel, and circle to Corolla Shidai decoration, the bottom of the Shidai read the names of Eritrea.National political figures: President Isaias Santos fees Woer Ji (Isaias Afwerki), 1993年5 as he was elected president and so far.Physical Geography: Located in northeast Africa, northern Ethiopia, bordering West and the Sudan, Djibouti and connected to the southeast, east Red Sea, covering 124,320 square kilometers (including Dahelake Islands), 1,200 km long coastline, sea and Saudi Arabia, Yemen phase Wang, and highlighted Europe, Asia, the sea of non-throat three continents - Mandeb, the strategic position is very important.Population: 4.5 million (2004 estimate), a total of nine people: Tige Li Niya, Tigray, Xidalaibo than Fallon, the Nama, Narayanan, Sahuo, the Afar, Lashayida .Among them, Tige Li Niya and the majority ethnic Tigray, Afar people in the southeastern most of its large influence.Every nation to use their own language, the main language Tige Lei Niya language, Tigray language.General English and Arabic.Religious beliefs to Christianity and Islam mainly followers 50:50, and a small number of Catholic and traditional fetishism.Capital: Asmara (Asmara), a population of about 500,000 (2002 estimate), the average temperature of 16. 9 ℃.A brief history: the history of Eritrea was Axum Empire of the political, economic and cultural centre, after the long rule of the Kingdom of Ethiopia; 1869 of the Italian people began to swallow Eritrea sites, in 1882 it declared a colony.1890, intended to all of the occupied territories for the reunification of the colony, said "Eritrea" This is the origin of the name Eritrea.Italy to withdraw from 1941, Eritrea was the British occupation, to become a trustee.1950 in the United States and other 13 countries under the proposal, the United Nations adopted resolution 390, proposed as an autonomous unit of Eritrea and Ethiopia formed Federation, the two sides in 1952, the establishment of Federation, the withdrawal of British troops also in that year.1962, Ecuador Emperor Haile Selassie in Parliament under the pressure on Eritrea and Ethiopia through the merger of the resolution, Ethiopia from Eritrea as a province.For a long time, the people of Eritrea have been fighting for the independence of Eritrea.1958 exile of Ecuador to set up the middle, "the Eritrean Liberation Movement."September 1961, some nationalists also set up "the Eritrean Liberation Front," and in the Arab countries, with the support of the armed struggle began, Ethiopia started a "civil war" the prelude.1969, the Front for the internal division, points out part of the establishment of the "Eritrean People's Liberation Front" (: Ecuador PFLP), and will continue to engage in armed struggle for independence, although the Ethiopian government forces After the attack, encirclement, but in the end In May 1991 with the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (RUF Egyptian people) together with the armed forces overthrew the Mengistu government.In May 29, Ecuador PFLP announced the establishment of the Provisional Government of Eritrea, then reached an agreement with the Ethiopian transitional government, carry out their duties, non-interference, and decided in late April 1993 referendum held by Eritrea, Eritrea's decision The issue of independence.April 1993, 23-25, Eritrea was held on Eritrea's independence referendum, 99.8 percent of voters in favour of independence.Ethiopian transitional government to accept the referendum results, recognized independent Eritrea.May 24, 1993 Eritrea formally declared independence and held founding ceremony.Economy: Eritrea is an agricultural country, 80 per cent of the population engaged in agricultural and livestock production.Agricultural products accounted for 70 percent of export earnings.In animal husbandry accounts for a considerable proportion of the national economy.Oil, copper, gold, iron, salt and natural gas and other natural resources are very rich.The main industrial sectors are oil refining, textiles, food processing, leather, glass manufacturing, footwear, and so on.Eritrea's 1,200 km-long coastline, the maritime industry more developed, the red sea port Massawa only deep-water port and the port of Assab, the throughput is great.Ecuador's coastal fishery resources and tourism resources are rich.However, due to long-term by Western colonial rule, coupled with civil war, drought and the continuing impact of the plague, Eritrea independence of the country's economic brink of bankruptcy.Diplomacy: pursuing peace, non-alignment, good-neighborly and friendly foreign policy, advocated the principle of peaceful coexistence on the basis of the development of relations with other countries.Focus on the development of relations with Western developed countries to strive for economic aid and political support.Active participation of African and regional affairs and advocated a regional or subregional organizations.Relations with China: May 24, 1993, in the two countries established diplomatic relations the two countries signed a communique.February 2005, President Isaias a state visit to China.Reproduced:

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