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Country: Burkina Faso (The Burkina Faso)Independence Day: August 5 (1960)National Day: August 4 (1984)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.From the red under the green equivalent of two parallel horizontal rectangular composition, have a flag of the golden Wu Jiaoxing.Red symbolizes revolution and green symbol of agriculture, land and hope; Wu Jiaoxing symbol of the revolution wizard, the yellow symbol of wealth.The national emblem: a round, yellow, round face with a gun-and a hoe, under an open a book.A round face a red-Xiangzhe Wu Jiaoxing.Decorated with circular patterns around the symbol of industrial gear, each a symbol of agriculture on both sides of the millet.Shi Dai at the bottom of the French said "death to the motherland, we win."January 27, 1997 cloth amendment to the Constitution of the People's Assembly, the national emblem inscribed with "unity, progress and justice."Physical Geography: 274,000 square km area.Volta River in West Africa the upper reaches of the landlocked country.East of Benin, Niger, South and Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo junction, West, North and Mali borders.Throughout most areas of inland plateau, is flat, from north to south Xuhuan tilt, an average of less than 300 meters above sea level.Close to the northern Sahara Desert, southwest Aoluodala areas to higher ground.Is satisfied that the Lufeng 749 meters above sea level, the highest point.Major rivers have Mu Wen River, Nakang Bo River and is satisfied that Qinong River (formerly black, red, white Volta River, in August 1986 to present).Is a savannah climate.Population: 13.2 million (2005 estimate), a total of more than 60 tribes, divided into two major Walter and Flemish-Family.Walter group of about 70 percent of the population are the main Moxi race, ancient Longxi race, Bobo family; Mans-ethnic population of about 28 percent of the country, mainly ethnic Samo, Diwu La races and Maldives Card family, and so on.The official language is French.Moxi is the main national languages and language Diwu La language.65% of the original residents believe in religion, 20 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian Protestant and Catholic.Capital: Ouagadougou (Ouagadougou) Burkina Faso is the capital and largest city, the provincial capital Ge Coke card.Moxi border in the central plateau, is flat, more than 300 meters above sea level.Savannah climate, the average temperature of 26至28 ℃, annual rainfall 890 mm rainfall concentrated in the May-September.Population 980,000 (2002), the main group for Moxi.Ouagadougou city parkNational political figures: President Blaise Compaore (Blaise Compaore), 1987年10 the coup took office, in December 1991 was elected president, in November 1998 re-election.History: 9 century to the establishment of the group as the main Moxi Kingdom.Moxi leader of the 15th century who established the Kingdom of Yateng Jia and Ouagadougou.1904 become a French colony.December 1958 as "the French Community," an autonomous republic within.August 5, 1960 declared independence, the country called the Republic of Upper Volta.August 4, 1984, changing the country known as Burkina Faso, China and Italy in the local language as "the dignity of the country."Since independence, the army had been launched five times the coup, took power.October 15, 1987, the Presidential Office Minister of State responsible for the administration of justice, Captain Blaise Compaore to power after a coup to overthrow President Sang Kala (in the coup were killed), as head of state.May 1990 set up the Constitutional Commission, the National Conference held in December to discuss and amend the draft constitution.Politics: June 2, 1991, referendum through the fourth since independence constitution on the 11th, the President promulgated the Constitution came into effect on the decree.The Constitution, Burkina Faso is a democratic, united, non-religious country, the implementation of the executive, legislative and judicial system of separation of powers.President of the Republic is the Head of State, the armed forces supreme commander, the Supreme Judicial Council, by the National directly elected for a term of seven years, may be re-elected next.Prime Minister appointed by the president.January 27, 1997 Burkina Faso, the People's Assembly adopted the amendments to the Constitution, the provisions of the President of Burkina Faso term of seven years, repeatedly re-elected.Diplomacy: pursuing peace, development and full liberalization of the foreign policy, emphasizing a pragmatic economic diplomacy.With Western countries, especially France maintain close relations with the United States in recent years to strengthen exchanges between Asian countries and to strive for more foreign aid; actively seeking in regional affairs to play an active role.Relations with China: September 15, 1973, Burkina Faso establish diplomatic relations with China.February 2, 1994, the Government of Burkina Faso home in the relations between the two countries ignored cloth, with Taiwan's "restore" the so-called "diplomatic relations."In February 4, the Chinese government to the Brazzaville government lodged a strong protest and announced that from now suspended diplomatic relations with Burkina Faso.Reproduced:

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