Jiayuguan in Gansu Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewJiayuguan in Gansu Province, northwest, east longitude 98 ° 17 ', latitude 39 ° 47'.East Jiuquan City, the West even in Yumen City, South Reliance Sunan Yugu Zu Autonomous County of the Qilian Mountains and bordering the North County and the urn and connected Ejina Banner of Inner Mongolia.Total area of 2,935 square kilometres.Total population of 170,000 people (2004).Municipal People's Government resident Zip code: 735100.Administrative division code: 620200.Code: 0937.Pinyin: Jiayuguan Shi.Desertification is a temperate continental climate, with an average annual temperature between 6.7 ℃ -7.7 ℃, Rizhao in 8000 hours.And the average 85.3 mm of precipitation, evaporation of 2,149 mm.Frost-free period for around 130 days.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionJiayuguan Shixia six streets, three towns: victory in the streets, Xinhua streets, the streets on May 1, the building of roads, streets ahead, the new towns, Yu Quan Zhen, the town of Manjusri, Jingtieshan mining area streets.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJiayuguan history of non-county settings, is accompanied by a state in 1958 "on January 5" key construction projects, "the Jiuquan Iron and Steel Company," and gradually building up the development of a new, modern city.City established in 1965, 1971 approved by the State Council as provincial cities.2000, Jiayuguan Shixia May 1, Xinhua, forward, victory, construction, mining area Jingtieshan six streets, Jiayuguan, Manjusri, Rural Metro 3.According to the fifth national census data: the city's total population of 159,541 people.Of which: 28,166 victory in the streets, Xinhua street 16,920 people, 16,893 people on May 1 street, building street 52,007 people, 18,737 people forward the streets, iron-street 3742, 7954 new urban and rural areas, rural Jiayuguan 7698, 7424 Manjusri rural people.

Jiayuguan in Gansu Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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