City of Sichuan Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewCity of Sichuan Province in the north-east, south of Daba Mountains.Geographical coordinates of latitude 30 ° 92'-32 ° 20 ', longitude 103 ° 29'-108 ° 23'.North Ankang in Shaanxi and Hubei Shiyan, and the Guang'an City, bordering the South, East, South East and the Wanzhou District of Chongqing City mouth County, Chongqing and Kaixian Liangping County, adjacent Dianjiang County, Nanchong and Bazhong City West arrived in the city.Total area of 16,591 square kilometres.Total population of 6.37 million people.Municipal People's Government in the Tongchuan District lotus leaf Street, Zip code: 635000.Administrative division code: 511700.Code: 0818.Pinyin: Dazhou Shi.City high terrain of the Northeast (Daba Mountains), southwest of low (Basin hilly region).Xuanhan County is the highest chicken singing rural Fort large corporations, 2458.3 meters above sea level, the lowest Quxian is looking Xixiang days Guan Cun, elevation 222 meters.Size of the mountain area of 70.70 percent, 28.10 percent of the hill, Pingba of 1,20 percent.City of the Yangtze river is a major tributary of the Jialing River water system, the former River, in the river, the river after river after Huicheng, with the Palestinian River in the town of Quxian three drainage Jiang Hui Hecheng, 300 kilometers south to flow into the Yangtze River.Dazhou municipal humid subtropical monsoon climate types.Annual average temperature of 14.7 ℃ -17.6 ℃, and frost-free period around 300 days, the average annual rainfall of 1,076 to 1,270 mm in between.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, a Florida Shixia City area, five counties, hosted a county-level city.City area of 16,591 square kilometres, population 6.37 million (2004).Tongchuan area of 451 square kilometres, population 390,000.ZIP code 635000.District People's Government in the West of the town.Wanyuan area of 4,065 square kilometres, population 560,000.ZIP code 636350.Daxian area of 2688 square kilometres, population 1.24 million.ZIP code 635000.County People's Government in the south of the town.Xuanhan County area of 4266 square kilometres, population 1.17 million.ZIP code 636150.East County People's Government in the township.Kaijiang County area of 1033 square kilometres, population 570,000.ZIP code 636250.Nanjing County People's Government in the new town.Dazhu County area of 2075 square kilometres, population 1.07 million.ZIP code 635100.County People's Government in the bamboo Yang Zhen.Quxian area of 2013 square kilometres, population 1.37 million.ZIP code 635200.County People's Government in the drainage Town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryDaxian zones established in 1950, the Administrative Office of the District of northern Sichuan.Daxian agency in Daxian, exempted Daxian, Xuanhan, Kai Jiang, Pyeongchang (Pyeongchang for the administration to set up, in Jiangkou), Pakistan, South River, Tongjiang, the source of 8 million county.1952 Daxian area in Sichuan Province is leading.1953 original Dazhu area owned Dazhu, Quxian, Lin Shui three counties included in Daxian area.11 county jurisdiction.1970 Daxian area called Daxian, regional in Daxian.Exempted Daxian, 000 sources, Xuanhan, Jiang Kai, Lin Shui, Dazhu, Quxian, South River, Pakistan and China, Pyeongchang, Tongjiang County, 11.Analysis of 1976 by the purchase of Daxian counties and cities, is a leading Daxian region.Daxian counties and cities of the region.1 exempted the city and 11 counties.Source million in 1979 from the county home out of workers and peasants in Pak Sha area (at the county level), the Central Government in Pak Sha worker-peasant commune.Daxian jurisdiction in a city, 11 counties, a worker-peasant areas.[1950] Dazhu zones established Dazhu area, the District Administrative Office in East Sichuan.Dazhu agency in Dazhu County, the jurisdiction Dazhu, Yangsan, Dianjiang, Linshui, Guangan, Quxian County, 6.1952 Dazhu area in Sichuan Province is leading.Liangshan County, changed its name to Liangping County.1953 revocation of Dazhu area, Dazhu, Quxian, Linshui County was placed under Daxian Section 3; Dianjiang County was placed under Fuling area; Guang'an County, Nanchong area was placed under; Liangping County was placed under Wanxian area.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")July 5, 1993, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1993] 98): will the county, cities and counties to rename the Dachuan, Dachuan Shi; will Bazhong City, Tongjiang County, Nanjiang Xian, Ping Chang County is zoned to the newly established Palestinian areas in the jurisdiction.June 20, 1999, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1999] 51): (1) revoke Dachuan regional and county-level Dachuan Shi, the establishment of city level.Municipal People's Government in the establishment of the new lotus leaf-Ward Street.(2) of the new Tongchuan City, to the administrative regions of the Dachuan Shi for the Tongchuan District of the region, will be classified as rural counties Ssangyong Tongchuan District jurisdiction.District People's Government in the West of the town.(3) Florida Shixia the Dachuan in Daxian, Xuanhan County, a county, Quxian, Dazhu County and the newly established Tongchuan District.Dachuan the region directly under the Wanyuan from Sichuan Province.2000, the city's total Qu Gongsuo 60 (including Wanyuan 10 district-level Working Committee), 314 township government, the town government 75, two neighborhood offices, 313 neighborhood committees, 1,190 residents group, the Village HA 3686, groups of villagers 33,353.According to the fifth national census data: City total population of 5793144 people.Of which:-384,525 people-ku, Daxian 1125899, 1047230 Xuanhan County, a county's 509,469 people, 952,734 Dazhu County, Quxian 1236602, Wanyuan 536,685 people.2001 Qu Gongsuo has been dismantled and administrative divisions adjustments.All the coins total of 302 townships, towns, the Government 87, two neighborhood offices, 320 neighborhood committees, 1,177 residents group, 3,685 village committees, groups of villagers 33,338.2003 City township administrative division of adjustments:Daxian: revocation of new, Fushoushan, drops River, New River, Gao Ping, lemon double, Ying Shan, the Shuibuya, the new-emerging, as East, bowls plant;Xuanhan County: revocation of Mr. Yang, the new farmers, the Qing Ping, Huanglong, Ping House, Long View, Dongsheng, three wins, on the river, into a tiger, chicken sing, freedom, Heba, pears, the bucket, Third Bridge, Double, the new 18-Rural;Wanyuan: revocation of Artemisia Dam, the red flag, Shek Kong, four rural paddy fields;Kaijiang County: revocation of the moon Pa, Pa pagoda, willow, Yan, Poplar five townships;Dazhu County: revocation of Chengdong, Tianba, Shuangqiaoshan, more than, Yuet Wah, Rochester, River, the Beach, gaotanchang, Ji-Xing, Shilong, five warehouses, Newbridge, Gao, 15 rural democracy, Yu Hua's new, sophisticated 2 Township;Quxian: revocation of Hexi, the Lebanese music, the home, Camp, Smithfield, moonlight, Hanbei, flower-long, nation-building, security and Drainage West, the gongs, and the new, the Gap, Danfo, agro-in, courtyard, Kwong Paul, the Republican and the bamboo, rocks, Kwun Lung, Po-yun, Bong, and pagoda, the 26 rural West.2004, the entire Shixia three streets, 103 towns and 209 rural.

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