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Country: Islamic Republic of Mauritania (The Islamic Republic of Mauritania)Independence Day: November 28 (1960)National Day: November 28 (1960)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.For the green flag, the center Yi Wan yellow crescent and a yellow Wu Jiaoxing.Mauritania's state religion is Islam, Muslim countries like green is the color, and Wu Jiaoxing Crescent is the Muslim countries of the mark, symbol of prosperity and hope.The national emblem: the seal of the logo.To round, posed by the two concentric circles.Yi Wan small round face with a crescent and Wu Jiaoxing, the symbol of Mauritania for the Islamic countries.Crescent before a palm tree and two ear of corn leaves, symbol of the country's crops.Great circle around the face were written in Arabic and French, "the Islamic Republic of Mauritania."Nouakchott mosquePhysical Geography: 1.03 million square kilometers.Western Sahara Desert in Africa.The northern border with Algeria and Western Sahara, the eastern and south-eastern border with Mali, Senegal and southern adjacent.West by the Atlantic Ocean, 754 km long coastline.3 / 5 over for the desert areas and semi-desert.Most areas about 300 meters above sea level for the low altitude.Border and coastal areas to the southeast Plains.Fudelike east of the peak to mountain peak, only 915 meters above sea level.Senegal River downstream for the hair, Cypriot boundary rivers.The mainland is a tropical climate.Population: 3 million (2005 census), on the whole, divided into ethnic and black mole-nation Africa (black) two broad categories.Moore family of white Moors (Arab - Berber origin) or 30 percent, with the Arab language and cultural traditions of the Hala Ting (also known as the black mole) accounted for 40 per cent.African blacks accounted for 30 percent, Le Gallery is the main tribal group, Pall family, Sony covered race, Wu Luofu and Bambara ethnic group.July 20, 1991 promulgated a new Constitution, in Arabic as official language, French as a common language.Hassan language national language, the phrase Bula Er, Sony covered language and Wu Luofu language.About 96 percent of residents believe in Islam (the country).Capital: Nouakchott (Nouakchott) in gross vast western desert zone, Jinge a narrow coastal sand dunes and across the Atlantic, five kilometers from the coast.By the hot air attacks, the four seasons of drought, in September for the hottest month, the maximum temperature of 34 ℃; 12 month the coldest month, the minimum temperature of about 13 ℃.Only 53 mm of annual rainfall.Population 800,000 (2005), the country's population or about 1 / 4.February 24, 2006, with a ship ready to Hong Kong from Chinguetti Weithing, bound Chinguetti oil field.Chinguetti oil field exploitation of the day to the history of the country's first bucket of oil, from Mauritania into the ranks of oil producersHistory: Before the 11th century BC, Mauritania is the team from the South to the ancient Luo Ge arrived in the Niger River's main channel.2 century BC to heel the Roman Empire.Arabs entered in the seventh century, Moore accepted Islam and the Arab language and literature, and gradually Arab, and the establishment of a feudal dynasty.The 15th century, Portugal, the Netherlands, Britain and France have colonialists invaded.1912 become a French colony.1920 was assigned to "French West Africa", in 1957 a semi-autonomous Republic, 1958 as "the French Community of" autonomy within the Republic, known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.November 28, 1960 declaration of independence.1987-1989, Mao phased completion of the regional, provincial and municipal committees of the township three direct elections.December 1990 also held a one-time national provinces, counties and cities three municipal elections.Constitution: June 12, 1991, Taya issued a new draft constitution, and through July 12.Main contents are: implementation of the presidential system.President of the Republic of the heads of state, elected by universal suffrage for a term of six years, may be re-elected.The establishment of a multiparty system and parliamentary system.Mauritania held constitutional amendment referendumDiplomacy: pursue an independent, peaceful and neutral foreign policy and actively develop good-neighborly and friendly relations, the Arab Maghreb to the building.Relations with China: July 19, 1965, Mauritania established diplomatic relations with China.Reproduced:

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