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Updated: February 10, 2005[Overview:Area of 153.6 square kilometres.Population of 1.494 million.Dagou name (also for Ta Kwu) or the West.Kaohsiung is Taiwan's second city, but also the "Executive Yuan" cities, is the world's leading port, a Taiwan "port", in the Southern Taiwan's political, economic and cultural center.[Division] jurisdiction 11 districts salt courtyard area of 1.41 square kilometres, population 30,000.Gushan area of 14.74 square km and population 110,000.Tsoying area of 19.38 square km and population 170,000.Nanzih area of 25.82 square km and population 160,000.Sanmin area of 19.78 square km and population 360,000.The emerging area of 1.97 square kilometres, population 60,000.Before the area of 1.85 square kilometres, population 30,000.Lingya area of 8.15 square kilometres, population 200,000.The former township area of 19.13 square km and population 200,000.Barcelona area of 1.46 square kilometres, population 30,000.Small local area 39.85 square km and population 160,000.Taiwan's Kaohsiung area Overview of Kaohsiung old Dagou, or Ta Kwu, for the past Native Pingpu Siraya people, "Dagou" is the transliteration of the name of indigenous people.Kaohsiung County area of 2,832 square kilometers, population 1.07 million.Landscape, cultural, ecological according to terrain and climate are great changes: a deep valley northeast of high mountains, dense Lao Nanzixianxi the main river and, as tributaries like the sequence of winding, nurture vast virgin forests, mountains, valleys and waterfall scenery , The Tsou people, the Bunun will live in this; Central from Qishan, a number of Meinung to Fengshan undulating hills, dense river Lao Qi Shanxi and provide water, Hakka, the Pingpu people, Hoklo people in this generation Agriculture; principles of the western sea-fish is large lagoon, all year round sunshine Chilie, Hai Kuotian high, showing the fishing harbour wild scenery.Geography, history and the Humanities in the intricate, interwoven for Kaohsiung County to the Multi-style attractions.Northeast of the original high-elevation forests of Yushan Park of the United States, originated Tatachia Nanzixianxi have been incorporated into the streams of fish protected areas and sustainable development under the concept of regular open for fishing only.Central Mountain Range west side, Fujieda Forest Recreation Area, S. Forest, Maolin Scenic Area to retain a wealth of animal and plant ecology, the most valuable natural classroom.County middle, the main tributary of the river Lao concentrated in Meinung, Liukuei nurture rich forest, butterfly ecology, and even save the Meinung Hakka traditional agricultural village character, unique characteristics; Lao thick river of the West Bank Yanchao, flag Hill, in the vicinity of the door, with the overwhelming majority of Taiwan's mud rock, a "world of" geological scene, become a spectacle.Wing On the western sea, the eggplant is the grey mullet Mingwenxiaer village, where the wetland ecological Evolved from the lagoon area of mangroves and wild birds, Xingda southern Taiwan, Hong Kong is an important fishery base.Kaohsiung County's vast and rich natural resources, in addition to the Plain Township is rapid industrialization, large local agriculture is still the scene.Simple folk customs of traditional industries, a Kaohsiung County Humane tone, the future development of local tourism is an important potential.Longitudinal Zhiguan railway line west of Kaohsiung County, Okayama Station to be headed by Tai Zhan, however, do not stop self-reliance; southern Fengshan train station south-intensive, but to contact the urban and rural areas north of Kaohsiung, the best in Kaohsiung Station Transfer.Steam Highway Taiwan, reunification of the passenger in Kaohsiung County, there is no station in each township in Kaohsiung passenger who can contact the Kaohsiung District; addition, the Tainan City Tainan passenger may also start to the coastal plain wrapper, Okayama, and the north The Jiaxian, Polaris, South Yokoyama; Pingtung City, Pingtung passenger departure of the Fengshan, Kaohsiung contact, but also to train the eastern part of the Meinung.Kaohsiung County passenger train to reach the majority of towns and townships, was said to facilitate transport, coastal zone Okayama, the flag of the United States Plain Qishan, the eastern mountain tourism and transport centre of the six turtles are an important place on the passenger Tai Zhan, which can be transferred Shuttle ride to the township near tourist attractions.

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