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OverviewLaiwu City in Shandong Province in Central, West on Mount Tai, north of Jinan, Zibo the east, south syntax.Geographical coordinates of longitude 117 ° 19'-117 ° 58 ', north latitude and 36 ° 02'-36 ° 33'.Total area of 2246.21 square kilometres.Total population of 1.24 million people.Municipal People's Government in the Levin City, Zip code: 271100.Administrative division code: 371200.Code: 0634.Pinyin: Laiwu Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionJune 23, 2006, "Laiwu City People's Government on the adjustment of the administrative divisions of the notice" (Levin governance of the [2006] 29): According to "People's Government of Shandong Province on Laiwu City, Levin agreed to adjust some of the city's zoning approval" (Lu Zheng letter the word [2006] 9), and "on the Shandong Provincial People's Government agreed to Laiwu City Levin City Daxinzhuang Gang Chengqu the town was placed under the jurisdiction of the letter of approval" (Lu Zheng word [2006] 168), the city Administrative division as follows:1, Levin City Bongseong neighborhood offices and 26 administrative villages in the town of Daxinzhuang three administrative villages, a total of 29 village was placed under the jurisdiction Peng Quan neighborhood offices.29 villages were Bongseong neighborhood offices of Tung Lung Gushan, South Long Gushan, the former slope, sub-Mo Shan, near Gushan, Zou Jiahua port, North Zhangjiazhuang, Shen Jinjiazhuang East, Changan, Laoya valley, kongjiazhuang , Ginger Jinjiazhuang, Fu Jinjiazhuang, mountains, hills, Hou Panlong, the former Pan-long, Chen Pan-long, Ma Panlong, of the Pan-long, grass ditch, Timor-West Chen Jia Yu, Chen Jia Yu, small Chen Jia Yu, Chan Jiayu; Daxinzhuang town of Guo Ravine, Qin Jiawa, boulder home.Second, Levin City Daxinzhuang Gang Chengqu the town was placed under the jurisdiction.After the adjustment, Daxinzhuang town administrative region remains unchanged, the town government resident unchanged, exempted 68 administrative villages, which are Daxinzhuang, dongxinzhuang, under Zhu shop, Wang Yang, Jia Yu Lu, Cha Dao, three on the mountain, Under the three mountains, Wang ring-chuen, Sang ring-chuen, Liu ring-chuen, xujiadian, Chan, under Chen, on the River, North Wang Jiazhuang, Cai shops, Taiwan's Hou Jia, the former Chengzihe, after the Chengzihe, Mulberry, 100 Tsui Hung , Yaxia, large-Jinjiazhuang, Zhifanggou, Chuang Po, Joe stores, after the valley, the courtyard valley, Zhao Jia-quan, Xinglong village, Lu Town, South Buzi, Zhao Jinjiazhuang, Miao Jinjiazhuang, South Wang Jiazhuang, On Tianzhuang, Pui Yu, Tung Song Jiazhuang, Zhu Ravine, the Mexican port, the East Zhaolin, West Zhaolin, at home Xiaoguanzhuang, North ditch snake, the snake South Ditch, Monster Lo, the Xiaoguanzhuang, Laopo East, the East Rail Vehicles, the West Rail cars, peach Branch, Rotary car ditch, Lang County, the regiment of slope, Fu House Branch, Zha valley, the city's Mill, Shiwan son of a ditch, peijiazhuang, Taiwan-South, North-Taiwan, Hong Cliff, reunion slope, the West-chuen, the North-chuen, peach valley.As at December 31, 2005, Laiwu Shixia two City area.Laiwu City area of 2246 square kilometres, population 1.24 million (2003).Levin urban area of 1910 square kilometres, population 1 million.ZIP code 271100.Gang Chengqu area of 336 square kilometres, population 240,000.ZIP code 271100.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryLaiwu, and the Spring and Autumn Muguo-win for the town, town and state level.LU Guo Muguo of the client country, Guzhi Chengdong in this town 10 kilometers Daxinzhuang Zhao Quancun; win town of Qi, Guzhi sheep in this town northwest town Chengzihe County village; Laiwu-state in the western town .Qin County home win (this rule of the Chengzihe County Village), the North County economy.Mou County home by the Western Han Dynasty (governance of this Zhao Quancun), Mou County, in northeast China Laiwu County home, because Zhisuo in Zi Laiwu Valley water basin, Gu Ming Laiwu, Zichuan Guzhi in this southeast 21,5 1000 Metres of the oral Xiangcheng Zhuang.Win, MU, Laiwu three counties belong to Taishan County.County Zhisuo win when the Northern Wei Dynasty moved so far towards the south for the village.At the same time remove the Laiwu in Zichuan County, the northern region included in the Zichuan Beiqiu County, southern counties were assigned to win and Mou County.Northern Qi Dynasty Tianbao 2007, withdrawing Mou County, into Bo County.Sui Dynasty Emperor opened 16 years, home-Mou County, the great cause of the early win also incorporated into the county.Tang Zhenguan first year (AD 627) revoked win the county, into Bo County.Tang Changan 2004 (704), the Northern Wei Dynasty win in the Old City County (now the South for the village)-Laiwu County home.Since then, Laiwu County Zhisuo started in this territory of Laiwu City.Yuan and 15 years will Laiwu County into Qianfeng County, Taihe County, the first year of rehabilitation home Laiwu, Zhisuo text is still South Village, the Yanzhou Lu County.Lu Song of Yanzhou County, following the passage of a House-Lu County.Jin Dynasty, by repealing this Lae in the supervisor in charge of refining the Laiwu, Dading 12 years will be located in the South for the South Village, Laiwu County supervisors moved to the former site of Laiwu, a state in Tai'an.Tai'an, a Qing Dynasty.1915 is the Jinan Road.1925 is Taian Road.1928 directly under the Shandong Province.1941, the anti-Japanese democratic regime will Laiwu and Boshan, Yiyuan, the syntax of the small number of areas designated as the merger of Laiwu, Levin East, Lainan three counties, be reinstated after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War.August 1983, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Laiwu County, to set up provincial jurisdiction county-level cities, from Tai'an City hosted.November 1992, approved by the State Council, Laiwu City, was promoted by county-level city and prefectural-level cities, exempted Lae, Gangcheng two districts, 30 townships, offices.December 2000, approved by the Shandong Provincial People's Government, Laiwu City district will be 30 townships, offices, adjusted for the merger of four offices, 14 towns, a township.According to the fifth national census data: Laiwu City, the total population 1233525; which: 998,634 Lai City, Gang Chengqu 234,891 people.As at December 31, 2002, a total of five city streets, 14 towns, a township.

Laiwu City in Shandong Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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