Fujian Province (Provinces) Satellite maps

(Updated: July 9, 2006)2006 exempted: 9 to level cities and 26 cities area, 14 county-level cities, 45 counties.Shixia five Fuzhou City area, six counties and county-level city hosted two.Municipal People's Government in the Gulou District.Gulou District Tai Jiangqu Cangshan Qu Mawei District Jinan Area Fuqing City (Yuping streets) Changle City (Miss Air neighborhood)Minhou County (sugar cane street) Minqing County (MEI towns) Yongtai County (Zhang towns) Lianjiang County (Fung towns) Luoyuan County (Fengshan Town)Pingtan County (Lake town)Shixia six Xiamen City area.Municipal People's Government in the Siming Qu.Si Mingqu Haicang District (Haicang town) lake area (Wo Town) Jimei District (Jimei streets) Tong'an District (Datong streets)Xiang'an District (new Dianzhen)Shixia four Putian City area, a county.Municipal People's Government in Chengxiang District.Chengxiang District Hanjiang District (East street-han) Li Chengqu Xiuyu (Wat stone town)Xianyou County (Licheng streets)Shixia two Sanming City area, nine counties, hosted a county-level city.Meilie Municipal People's Government in the area.Meilie District ternary Mingxi County District Yong'an City (Xuefeng town) will Lok County (ancient town of Yong) Datian County (both Town) Ninghua County (Chui Town) Jianning Xian (Sui town)Shaxian (Fenggang streets) Youxi County (Chengguan town) a clean county (Longjin town) Taining County (Shan town)Quanzhou City area exempted four, five counties and county-level city hosted three.Fortress Municipal People's Government in the area.Fortress District Licheng District Luojiang District Quangang Qu (mountainside neighborhood)Shishi City, Jinjiang City (Cheongyang streets) Nanan City (US-River streets)Hui'an County (Lo town) Yongchun counties (cities and towns Peach) Anxi County (Fung towns) Dehua (Jiujiang in town) Kinmen CountyShixia two Zhangzhou City area, eight counties, hosted a county-level city.Municipal People's Government in Xiangcheng Qu.Xiangcheng Qu Long area (step, town)Longhai City (stone streets code)Pinghe County (small town) Nanjing counties (cities and towns Hill) Zhaoan County (Nanzhao town) Zhangpu County (Sui Changan) Huaan Xian (China Fengzhen)Dongshan County (West Po town) Changtai County (Wu Changan) Yunxiao County (cloud Lingzhen)Nanping City Shixia an area, five counties, hosted four county-level city.Municipal People's Government in the Yanping District.Yanping District Jian'ou City (Shibayama streets) Shaowu City (Zhaoyang streets) Wuyishan City (Tzong-street) Jianyang City (Lake City streets)Songxi County (Source-town) WINNER (Hang Chuanzhen) Shunchang County (Sungai streets) Pucheng County (Nampo streets) governance and the county (Bear Hill neighborhood)Shixia a Longyan City area, five counties, hosted a county-level city.Municipal People's Government in Xinluo District.Xinluo District Zhangping city (Ching city streets)Changting County (Tingzhou town)-County (EOC Chuanzhen) Shanghang County (Linjiang Town) in Yongding County (Fung towns) Liancheng County (Lianfeng town)Shixia a Ningde City area, six counties and county-level city hosted two.Municipal People's Government in Jiaocheng Qu.Jiaocheng Qu Fuan City Fuding City (Tongshan streets)Shouning County (Ao Yang Zhen) Xiapu County (Pine City streets) Zherong Xian (even towns) Pingnan County (old-town) Gutian County, Zhou County (Singapore town)February 13, 2006, the State Council "agreed on the People's Government of Quanzhou in Fujian Province approved the relocation of the resident" (the letter [2006] 9): agree with the resident from the Quanzhou City People's Government of Quanzhou Licheng District Zhuang House Lane moved to Quanzhou Fortress Landscape Road.Referred to Fujian, the provincial capital Fuzhou.Is located in southeastern China, East Sea, Land between latitude 23 ° 30'-28 ° 22 ', longitude 115 ° 50'-120 ° 40' between East at the Taiwan Strait, and Taiwan Province of the sea, And adjacent to the northeast of Zhejiang Province, northwest Wuyi mountains and across the junction of Jiangxi Province, Southwest China and Guangdong Province connected.Land area of 121,400 square kilometres, of which the mountains, hills account for 80% of Land, Sea area of 136,300 square kilometres.Chief of the province coastline of 6,128 km, of which 3,324 km of mainland China, ranking second in the country.Small island 1546.Population 34.71 million (2000).2004 resident population of the province the end of 35.11 million people.53 ethnic minority population of 583,800, accounting for 1.7 percent.In the minority population, the most She nationality; up to 350,000 people, accounting for more than half of the population She nationality.Muslim population is more than 000 people.Province's ethnic minorities are mainly distributed in Ningde City, followed by Fuzhou, Quanzhou again, of which 10,000 are urban population of the county Fuan, Xiapu, Fuding, Zhangpu, Jiaocheng, Luoyuan, Jinjiang, Wai, and even Jiang, and so on.Fujian in Fuzhou, named after the word Gequ statehood.Tang is a Jiangnan East Road, set up after the observation of Fujian, the Fujian named for the beginning of Song home in Fujian Road; yuan for the right of Fujian Road; prescribed home in Fujian Province, Fujian changed after Buzheng Shi Division;-to Fujian, the province name So far unchanged.The provincial government in Gulou District of Fuzhou City Hualin Road 76, Ping Shan compound.Fujian is located in subtropical, mild climate, abundant rainfall.In 2004 the average temperature of 15.3-21.9 degrees, the average rainfall 930-1843 mm.Traffic province公路总里程the end of 2004 to 56,208 km, of which 1,043 km highway.Inland Waterway 3955 km.1565 railway mileage of the province's 1,000 meters.

Fujian Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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