Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewJingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province in the north-east, on the middle reaches of Changjiang.Anhui Province and adjacent to the North, East, South, West and the border city of Shangrao.Area of 5,248 square km by the end of 2004, the total population of 1.528 million people, including non-agricultural population of 583,000 people.Municipal People's Government in the mountain beads.Zip code: 333000.Administrative division code: 360200.Code: 0798.Pinyin: Jingdezhen Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Jingdezhen Shixia two City area, a county, hosted a county-level city, 12 streets and 24 towns and 14 townships.Jingdezhen City area of 5,263 square kilometres, population 1.47 million (2002).- Mountain area of 31 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 333000.District People's Government in the Chungshan North Road.9 exempted streets.Changjiang area of 392 square kilometres, population 150,000.ZIP code 333000.District People's Government in all porcelain Avenue.2 exempted a street three rural towns.Leping City area of 1973 square kilometres, population 770,000.ZIP code 333300.Municipal People's Government in the Ji-South Road.2 exempted Street 2 rural town 14.Fuliang County area of 2867 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 333400.Fuliang County People's Government in the town.8 exempted rural town of September.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2004)", the population at the end of 2002.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryChu at the Spring and Autumn.Qin is a barbarian County of Jiujiang County.Han Yu Zhang is a county Poyang County.Jin and a five-year (330) Pingzhen new home, the Poyang County.SONG Jing De first year (1004), Song Zhenzong Nianhao called Jingdezhen, a Fuliang County.Fuliang County in 1916 for governance.1927 Jingdezhen City home, directly under the province.1929 dismantling the city is still Fuliang County.Jiangxi in 1935 for the Fifth Administrative Region of the Office of the resident.April 1949-home Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province northeast of SAR; Jingde City in June said that it is an area Leping; September rehabilitation of Jingdezhen municipal Fuliang area.Section 1952 of Shangrao.1953 was promoted to level cities, the provincial Crown.1958 Shangrao County, to an area Fuliang.1960 Fuliang County into the city of Jingdezhen.1979 Changjiang located in Jingdezhen City, 2-mountain areas.Ehu created in 1980, Kau Tam Area 2.1983 Leping in Shangrao County to be.1988 revocation of Jingdezhen City, Ehu, Kau Tam 2, rehabilitation home Fuliang County.1992 Leping County to the city.May 2000 to December 2001 to withdraw the town and rural work, the city's original 53 townships, towns, after the merge of 38.Fuliang County, 23 townships will merge to 17: revocation of certificates Tianxiang, organized by the public and incorporated into the Town; revocation Mary Rose Township, Jinzhushan Township, organized into Ehu town; Qiaoxiang revoke Luo, 10% Hong Yuan formed into the town; revocation Fook Kong Township, organized into Kau Tan Zhen; revocation Xinping Township, organized into Fuliang town.Leping City, 25 townships will merge to 16: Withdrawal of Leping town, to set up Ji-street office; revocation Hom Heung, to set up the Office of Tashan streets (original jurisdiction Heung said the town Town and Village Committee of Tashan Region-wide); withdrawal calendar Habitat Shan, the town organized into Hongyan; remove Tian Xiang Hui, organized into at the Town; revocation music town, organized into the port town; revocation of peak townships, and 10% Formed into the music Gangzhen; revocation, Shan, organized into the public Buzhen; revoked by Shan, the unit (LU Jia except for the village committee) into the tower before the town, LU Jia unit into the village committee Chung Town ; Remove the goose Shan, Wu organized into Town.Jurisdiction.End of 2003, the total population of 1.518 million people, including non-agricultural population of 562,000 people.

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