Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYangjiang City of Guangdong Province in the southwest coast, close to the PRD, recapped要冲western Guangdong.Geographical coordinates of latitude 21 ° 28'45 "─ 22 ° 41'02", longitude 111 ° 16'35 "─ 112 ° 21'51".Jiangmen City, East and the Enping, Taishan City junction with the North Yunfu City of Luoding city, Xinxing Xian and Maoming city bordering the Xinyi Shi, west of the city of Maoming City High, Dianbai Xian, the South China Sea south.112.5 km long East and West, North and South from the 132.75 km.Total land area of 7813.4 square kilometres.Total population of 2.59 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in Jiangcheng Qu, Zip code: 529525.Administrative division code: 441700.Code: 0662.Pinyin: Yangjiang Shi.Guangzhou, 247 kilometers away from land, 230 km away from Zhanjiang, 160 kilometers away from Zhuhai.143 sea miles by sea from Hong Kong, 129 sea miles from Macao.One of the hilly area of the total land area of 26.03 percent, 42.73 percent of the mountainous area, plain area of 22.17 percent.341.5 km long coastline, there are 30 major islands, the island of 49.3 km long coastline.Topography from north to south toward mountain Banghai, a northeastern Shan Lu days barriers around the Northwest have Yun Wushan.The highest peaks in Cardiff looking for the goose Huang嶂mountains, altitude 1,337 meters, the longest river for the desert Yangjiang, a total length of 199 km, runs through the city's north and south, from north to south into the South China Sea.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, a Shixia Yangjiang City area, two counties, hosted a county-level city, 11 streets and 39 towns.Yangjiang City area of 7,822 square kilometres, population 2.59 million (2003).Jiang Chengqu area of 453 square kilometres, population 630,000.ZIP code 529525.Yangchun City area of 4055 square kilometres, population 1.05 million.ZIP code 529611.Municipal People's Government in the Spring City streets.Yang Xixian area of 1271 square kilometres, population 470,000.ZIP code 529800.Long County People's Government in the weaving town.Yangdong area of 2043 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 529931.East County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJanuary 7, 1988, the State Council approved the establishment of Yangjiang city (prefectural level).Revocation of Yangjiang County, established Yang Xixian (woven in the town of Long), Jiang Chengqu, Yang Eastern.Yangjiang Shi Xia Yang Xixian, Jiang Chengqu, Yang Eastern and Jiangmen City in the spring.June 22, 1991, the Ministry of Civil Affairs letter of approval (to grant the [1991] 19) agreed to revoke the Eastern District of Yangjiang City, Yang, the establishment of Yangdong, East County People's Government in the town.May 5, 1994, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the Bank approved [1994] 67) agreed to withdraw a solo County, the establishment of Yangchun City.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Yangjiang City, the total population 2168904; Jiang Chengqu 538,069 Yang Xixian 380,272 Yangdong 409,982 Yangchun City, 840,581 (based on past administrative division; units:)As at December 31, 2002, a Shixia Yangjiang City area, two counties and county-level city hosted a total of seven neighborhoods, 48 towns and 704 village committees, 100 neighborhood committees.As at December 31, 2005, a Shixia Yangjiang City area, two counties and county-level city hosted a total of 11 streets and 39 towns.

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