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OverviewLocation: Qitaihe City area is an emerging coal city, located in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province, South and Jixi City, adjacent Mudanjiang City, north of Jiamusi City, Hegang City, east Shuangyashan City, the West-Harbin City.Total area of 6221 square kilometres.[National] population[Terrain] climate[Resident Zip City People's Government in the Peach - the mountains.Zip code: 154600.Administrative division code: 230900.Code: 0464.Pinyin: Qitaihe Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted three City area, a county.Qitaihe City area of 6223 square kilometres, population 870,000 (2003).Peach mountain area of 74 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 154600.The emerging area of 123 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 154604.Eggplant River area of 1560 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 154622.Bo Lixian area of 4466 square kilometres, population 370,000.ZIP code 154500.Boli County People's Government in the town.* The above size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)"-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryWushisannian Qing Emperor Kangxi (1714) in Sanxing (now the Yilan County) Association has set up Link, Fudu Tong and the House, Road Amun, and other military and political institutions, Qitaihe in the property of their jurisdiction.>> More in five years (1916), at the foot of the Momoyama-Pa La River (now the Wanbao River) for the sector, the Qitaihe area, conversion to Portland, Bao-qing county jurisdiction.In 2007 (1918), the Jilin Provincial Commission approved a long Boli Xian.Since then, the Qitaihe area set aside by the Yilan County, the jurisdiction vested in Boli Xian.March 1, 1965, the CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, Heilongjiang Province were appointed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on February 2, show, issued "on the establishment of the SAR Qitaihe notice", decided to set up the Qitaihe.In May 20, the formal establishment of the SAR in Qitaihe, Zhengqiheyi practice management system, the Qitaihe Mining Bureau and one office in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang Province of the region's jurisdiction.April 20, 1968, the Revolutionary Committee of the Heilongjiang Province approved the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of the Qitaihe, Jiang is still a regional jurisdiction.April 1, 1970, the Heilongjiang Provincial Revolutionary Committee under the State Council and Central Military Commission issued a written notice will be renamed the Qitaihe in Qitaihe City, affiliation with the same, as in cities.October 8, 1983, the State Council for approval in Qitaihe City upgraded to the level the city, with Jiang Bo Lixian in Qitaihe City, was placed under the jurisdiction.In November, the Qitaihe from the cities upgraded to the provincial cities, while implementing the new system in the county, a region governed by Jiang Bo Lixian Baoqing Xian and the grand, two-Lan commune, was placed under Qitaihe City Jurisdiction.1984, set up in Qitaihe City in emerging areas, mountain peaches, eggplant River District.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Urban Area ProfileQitaihe in Heilongjiang Province is located in the urban eastern part of the program is willing to banks, the three mountains between Hubei and Hunan.Peach mountain [Overview - a total area of 78 square kilometres, population 165,000, the resident population of 200,000 people.ZIP code 154600.Code 230903.Pinyin: Taoshan Qu.[Division] exempted six streets, one town, 30, six administrative villages: West Peach Street, East Peach Street, South Peach Street, the north Peach streets, Momoyama streets, Xing Kong streets, Wan Baorui town.>> Peach district government website [History] »The jurisdiction: Peach Peach Street North West South streets Peach street-gang street Peach Peach Street East street Momoyama XixiangOverview: [emerging area of 123 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 154604.Code 230902.Pinyin: Xinxing Qu.[Division] exempted nine streets, a town: new streets, the Beishan Street, Xinhua street, the new legislation streets, Henan streets, tanks kiln ditch streets, a new street, Yuexiu streets, Xin'an streets, the town red flag.>> Emerging Central Government website [History] »The jurisdiction: Hing Wah Street Henan streets Xinli new streets of the new streets of Metro streets street Beishan streets cylinder kiln streets means rural ditchEggplant District Overview [eggplant] River is located in the eastern part of Qitaihe City in Heilongjiang Province.Area of 1063 square km / 1,560 square kilometres (booklet), population 140,000.ZIP code 154622.Code 230904.Pinyin: Qiezihe Qu.[Division] exempted five streets, two towns and two townships, and 69 neighborhood committees and 62 administrative villages: new rich streets, Dongfeng streets, prosperous streets, Sunningdale streets, Longhu streets, eggplant town, the magnificent town, Shan Rail, the Centre he Xiang.>> Eggplant District government website [History] »The jurisdiction: Dongfeng street Sunningdale street street prosperous new rich iron street eggplant town centre he Xiang Hongwei Shan-lan-rural township in 2000 exempted: new rich streets, Dongfeng streets, prosperous streets, Sunningdale streets, Longhu streets, eggplant town, Grand town, Shan Rail, the Centre he Xiang, Lan-feng Township.In early 2001, Lan-feng Township into the grand town.[Township Profile:Eggplant town a total area of 97.16 square km and the total population of 48,000, the agricultural population 22,000.Eggplant he Xiang Center in East River, east Mishan City, south Jidong Xian, and Beixing farm northeast border, and across the field at Baoqing Xian, north Momoyama reservoirs, and Boli Geshui of the breeding stock market Wang.Longitudinal Sands Forest Farm in the hinterland.Area of 86.6 square kilometres.Quan Xiang Zi Ranzhun have 13, nine administrative villages, 1.4 million people.Shan Rail in Tieshan package because of the name, area of 54.3 square kilometres and a population of 13,000, of which agricultural population 7,782 people.

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