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OverviewHengyang City, a total area of 15,302 square kilometres.Total population of 7.1 million people (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Yanfeng, Zip code: 421001.Administrative division code: 430400.Code: 0734.Pinyin: Hengyang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, five Shixia Hengyang City area, five counties and two county-level cities hosting; city a total of 25 streets, 111 towns and 72 townships, and a nationality townships.Hengyang City area of 15,302 square kilometres, population 7.1 million (2003).Yanfeng area of 93 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 421001.District People's Government in the Xiangjiang Road.Chu Hui area of 227 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 421002.District People's Government in the Xiangjiang Road.Shek Kwu area of 112 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 421001.District People's Government in the Division Qianjie.Zhengxiang area of 111 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 421001.District People's Government in the boat Hill Road.Nanyue area of 179 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 421000.Changning Shi area of 2052 square kilometres, population 820,000.ZIP code 421500.Leiyang City area of 2649 square kilometres, population 1.22 million.ZIP code 421800.Municipal People's Government in to Yang Zhen.Hengyang County area of 2502 square kilometres, population 1.12 million.ZIP code 421200.County People's Government in the West Duzhen.Hengnan County area of 2621 square kilometres, population 1 million.ZIP code 421001.People's Government in the county gathered in the town.Hengshan County area of 936 square kilometres, population 410,000.ZIP code 421300.County People's Government in a cloud town.Hengdong Xian area of 1926 square kilometres, population 670,000.ZIP code 421400.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Qidong County area of 1871 square kilometres, population 920,000.ZIP code 421600.County People's Government in Hong Qiaozhen.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHengyang area, southern Hunan prefecture, Hengyang area, located in Hengyang in 1949 in Hengyang area, the agency in Hengyang City.Jurisdiction of Hengyang City and Hengyang, Mountain, You County, Chaling, Ling County, Anren, Leiyang, often eight-county.1950 Hengyang City to the provincial Crown.1952 Analysis by the Hengyang County home Hengnan County, in Guanyin Qiao.The same year, the revocation of Hengyang area, the establishment of southern Hunan Administrative Office, the Administrative Office in Hengyang City.Hengyang their original area of Hengyang and Hengnan, Hengshan, Leiyang, Anren, Ling County, Chang-ling, and so the original seven counties and their respective zones Chen County, Chenzhou, Yongxing, Zixing, Guidong, RUCHENG, Yi Zhang, Linwu, Blue Mountains, Golden Harvest, Guiyang, and other 10 counties, the area belongs Lingling Lingling, Dongan (white teeth in the city), Qiyang, Qidong, San Tin, Ning-yuan, Jiang Hua, County Road, Sun Life nine counties Assigned to southern Hunan prefecture.26 county jurisdiction.Shonan Administrative Office revoked in 1954, the Hengyang-based TSA, the agency in Hengyang City.Administrative Office of southern Hunan Hengyang owned, Hengnan (in Hengyang City), Hengshan, Jianghua (Tuojiang River in the town), Sun Life, County Road, Ning-yuan, Chang-ling, Qidong (in Hong Qiaozhen), Qi Yang, Lingling ( In Chi town), East on (white teeth in the city) and other 12 counties included in Hengyang area.Chen will be the county, Leiyang, Anren, Ling County, Guidong, RUCHENG, Zixing, Yongxing, Yi Zhang, Guiyang, Linwu, the Blue Mountains, Golden Harvest, the new 14-county area was placed under Chen County.November 25, 1955 revocation of Ganghwa County, the original Jianghua and Lan Shanxian County, most of the small area of the merger set Jianghua Yao Autonomous County (in water Town); Ganghwa County, parts of the original into Yongming County.Section 11 jurisdiction of Hengyang County, a county.1956 Yongming Jiangyong County, the county renamed.1959 directly under the province's Hengyang city was placed under the leadership of Hengyang agency.Hengnan County by the Hengyang city leaders.1961 reasons Hengyang City Hengnan County was placed under the leadership of Hengyang agency leadership.Lingling out by the county home Lengshui Tan City.Hengyang County by the Chengguan Town, moved to the West Duzhen.Section 2 jurisdiction of Hengyang City, 11 counties, autonomous counties 1.1962 revocation Lengshui Tan city, Lingling incorporated into the county; will Lingling, Jiangyong, County Road, Ning-yuan, Dongan five counties and Jianghua Yao Autonomous County was placed under Lingling area.1 agency jurisdiction of Hengyang City, six counties.Hengshan County in 1963 by the Nanyue out home county (in the town of Nanyue).Exempted 1 city, county 7.1966 revocation of Nanyue County, into the Hengshan County.Analysis by the Hengshan County, home Hengdong Xian (in Miss set).Exempted 1 city, county 7.Hengyang Section renamed in 1970 in Hengyang, in the areas of Hengyang City.Jurisdiction of Hengyang and Hengnan City (in Hengyang City), Hengshan, value East, Chang-ling, Qiyang, Qidong, Hengyang (in the West Duzhen), 7 counties.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")February 20, 1980, the State Council for approval in Hengyang City upgraded to the level the city, under the Koto Ward, Seongnam, Chengbei Qu.February 8, 1983, the State Council approved the revocation of Hengyang, which Hengyang and Hengnan, Hengshan, value East, Chang-ling, Qidong County was placed under Hengyang City, 6; Qiyang County, was placed under Lingling district.May 22, 1984, approved the establishment of the Hunan Provincial People's Government Nanyue District of Hengyang City, Hengshan County, parts of its administrative regions.November 11, 1986, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1986] 170) revocation of Leiyang county, and the establishment of Leiyang City (county level).To the original Leiyang county administrative region for the administrative regions of Leiyang City.November 26, 1996, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the Bank approved [1996] No. 86) revoked regular County, the establishment of Changning Shi.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Hengyang City 6784891 people (according to administrative division that year) Gangdong 177,909 people, 195,001 people south of the District, Cheng Beiqu 233,674 people, the outskirts of 219,044 people, 53,423 people Nanyue District, Hengyang County 1087777, 982217 Hengnan County, Hengshan County, 381,300 people, Hengdong Xian 594,131 people, 884,957 people in Qidong County, Leiyang City, 1180235, Changning Shi 795,223 people.Of which four City area: Gangdong exempted seven streets; total population of 177,909 people: Canton Road street 43,485 people, 21,600 street Dongfeng Road, metallurgical street 20,368 people, 52,168 nursery streets, Yuehan street 19,851 people, 5,513 people Dongyang streets , The new street Gordon 14,924 people.Seongnam district exempted five streets; total population of 195,001 people: 20,424 Pioneer streets, Yanfeng street 40,484 people, 55,499 street West Point, Cha Kwo Ling Huang street 45,814 people, 32,780 people Baishazhou streets.Cheng Beiqu exempted six streets; total population of 233,674 people: 21,985 people streets Road, Castle Peak 39,665 street people, street Zhengxiang 87,670 people, 33,916 people Xiaoxiang streets, May 1 street 30,028 people, 20,410 people are Jiang's streets.Exempted a suburban street, a town of seven rural total population of 219,044 people: Mr. Sandy Bay streets 5368, tea Shanao town of 23,893 people, 29,464 people Dongyangdu rural, peaceful rural 32,857 people, 21,815 people Ling Hu Xiang, the West Lake Rural 27,788 people, 17,871 rural Yue-ping, Pine Township 17,082 people, 30,736 people Xiangjiang River Township, Virtual High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the town of 12,170 people.April 4, 2001, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2001] 34): (1) the revocation of Jiangdong District of Hengyang City, south district, Cheng Beiqu, suburbs, the establishment of the District of Hengyang City, Chu Hui, Yan Feng, Shek Kwu District , Zhengxiang District.(2)--hui jurisdiction of the District's Koto Ward and the outskirts of the regional peace, Ling Wu, Dongyangdu three rural and tea Shanao town.District People's Government in the Xiangjiang Road.(3) Yanfeng area south of the original jurisdiction of the District Yanfeng, Baishazhou, Cha Kwo Ling Huang, TIANMASHAN, Pioneer Road, five streets and the suburbs of the Xiangjiang River Township (excluding willow Village), Yue-ping Township (excluding joint , Yue-ping, Beitang three villages) and Hengnan County township of Wenchang.District People's Government in the Xiangjiang Road.(4) Shek Kwu area of jurisdiction of the Chengbei Qu Road, Xiaoxiang, Castle Peak, May 1, Jiang's five streets of the suburbs and the yellow Sandy Bay streets, Pine Township, Lake Township on May 1, construction, friendliness, Jiang Xia four villages as well as original angle Shan District of Hengyang County.District People's Government in the Division Qianjie.(5) Zhengxiang District jurisdiction of the Chengbei Qu Zhengxiang streets, the area south of the streets and the suburbs of West Lake Township (excluding May 1, construction, friendliness, Jiangxia four villages), the willow Xiangjiang rural village, Yue-ping of the Joint Township, Yue-ping, Beitang three villages of the rain and Hengnan County mother Shan, the Hengyang County spent eagle Lingzhen.District People's Government in the boat Hill Road.January 19, 2004, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the letter [2004] 11) Hengnan County People's Government resident from the District of Hengyang City Shek Kwu Hengnan County gathered in Zhongshan North Road, moved to the town.

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