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The name: the Democratic People's Republic(The Democratic People's Republic of Korea - North Korea)National Day: September 9 (1948)>>>Sun Festival: April 15, Kim Il Sung's BirthdayFlag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 2:1.Flag of the middle is a red broadband, from top to bottom have a blue side, between the red and blue of the fine is white.Width of the red in the flagpole on the side of a white circle, with a red Wu Jiaoxing.Width of the red symbol of the lofty spirit of patriotism and the spirit of tenacious struggle, a white symbol of the Korean nation is a single, narrow blue symbol of unity, peace, Hung Wu Jiaoxing symbol of the revolutionary tradition.The national emblem: a Oval.Shoudai扎red beam from the oval-shaped logo constitute Rice, the top of a light full of red Wujiao Xing, a sacred place of the revolution under the Mt.The national emblem for the middle dams, hydropower stations and high-voltage transmission lines-such as design, at the bottom of the red used on the Korean Shi Dai said "the Democratic People's Republic."Five-Starred Red symbolizes revolution, hydropower stations and Rice respectively symbol of the workers, peasants, red beam扎Shoudai around the national emblem symbolize unity and victory.National political figures: the Korean Workers Party general secretary and chairman of the National Defense Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong-il (Kim Jong Il); first vice chairman of the National Defense Commission Cho Myong Rok (Cho Myong Rok), 1998年9月representation; Supreme People's Assembly Committee Chairman Kim Yong Nam (Kim Yong Nam), 2003年9 he was elected; Premier Pak Pong Ju (Pak Bong Ju), 2003年9 he was elected.Physical Geography: North Korea an area of 122,762 square kilometers.East Asia in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula.China and adjacent to the northern, northeastern border with Russia, to the south Korean military demarcation line and adjacent.San Mianhuan the Korean Peninsula, the East Sea of Japan (East Korea Bay), southwest of the Yellow Sea (including the West Korea Bay).Mountains account for about 80 percent of land area.Peninsula coastline is about 17,300 km (including the island coastline).A temperate monsoon climate, the average temperature 8-12 ℃, the average annual rainfall of 1,000 to 1,200 mm.Population: more than 22 million (2001).Korean national to a single, common Korean.Capital: Pyongyang (Pyongyang); population of about 2 million.Under 18, four counties.The average annual temperature of 9.7 ℃.Pyongyang's lifeline - Datong Jiang>>> North Korea of the Grand People's Study House>>>A brief history: the first century after the formation of the Korean Peninsula Koguryo, Baiji, three ancient Shilla.Year 7 mid-century unification of the Korean Silla.In 918 AD, King Wang Dingguo, North Korea, "Korea", Capital in Songyue.1392, the Korean armed forces have abolished the system so that Li Chenggui Korea 34th and King, claiming King, and changed the country, as North Korea.August 2001, 30 meters high, covering 100,000 square meters of the Korean "reunification of the motherland three Charter Monument"The completion of the capital PyongyangAugust 1910, North Korea become a Japanese colony.August 15, 1945 liberation, at the same time, the Soviet Union and the United States armed forces to 38 degrees north latitude line for the sector were stationed in northern, southern part of (the end of 1948 withdrawal of Soviet troops, in June 1949 the withdrawal of U.S. troops), from North Korea Divided.February 8, 1946, the northern half of the establishment of the Korean Provisional People's Committee.1947, the Supreme People was established in August 1948, the Supreme People's Assembly elections, the same year on September 9, the Democratic People's Republic was proclaimed.June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out, the same year on October 25th Chinese People's Volunteers to the Korean War.July 27, 1953 forced the United States in connection with the North Korea at Panmunjom signing of the Armistice Agreement.October 1958 the Chinese People's Volunteers full withdrawal of North Korea.In 1958, North Korea announced the completion of the urban, rural transformation of the socialist relations of production, established a socialist economic system.1970 declared that the realization of the socialist industrialization.September 17, 1991 with the Republic of Korea to join the United Nations.North Korea to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Armistice Agreement signed>>>North Korean capital of Pyongyang subway stationPolitics: Supreme People's Assembly is the highest national authority, the exercise of legislative power.Of the Supreme People is the Supreme People's Assembly during the recess of the highest organ of state power.Supreme People's Assembly by the elected representatives of each term of five years.Cabinet is the highest authority of the state organs and the implementation of the comprehensive management of national authorities, a five-year term.Economy: rich mineral resources, has over 300 kinds of proven mineral, including the exploitation of mineral deposits worth more than 200.Graphite, magnesite forefront of the reserves in the world, iron ore and aluminium, zinc, copper, gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals and coal, limestone, mica and asbestos, and other non-metallic mineral rich reserves.Water and forest resources are more abundant.Industry to mining, electrical, mechanical, metallurgical, chemical, textile and other mainly.Agricultural cultivation of rice and corn-based, each yield about half the total grain output.A major port in Chongjin, Nampo, Wonsan, rejuvenating the South.Main exports iron and steel, nonferrous metals, ginseng, textiles, and aquatic products, mainly oil products imports, machinery equipment, electronic products, textile products.Major trading partner for China, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and other Southeast Asian countries.Pyongyang is responsible for all the major junctions of the woman traffic police on duty is a beautiful landscapeKaesong Industrial Zone Korean currency Pyongyang's largest commodity market in North Korea Kim Il Sung UniversityPress and Publications: major newspapers: "Labor News", the WPK Central Committee organ of the "democratic North Korea," the official newspaper "hardworking" magazine, the monthly magazine, the WPK Central Committee organs publications.There is also "the Korean People's Army", "young avant-garde", "Pyongyang Sinmun", and so on.North Korea Foreign Press integrated with a variety of foreign-language magazine published "North Korea today," and Pictorial "North Korea."In addition, issued in English and French weekly "Pyongyang Times."KCNA referred to KCNA, the state news agency, December 5, 1946 to set up.Journal issue, "the Korean Central Broadcasting."Korean Central Radio: state radio, October 14, 1945 to set up.In addition to using Korean broadcasting, but also with a variety of foreign language broadcasting.Korean Central Television Station and Kaesong 1960s television broadcast programming; Mansudae Taiwan television stations begin broadcasting by the end of 1983.Military: The Korean People's Army on February 8, 1948 the establishment, formerly the April 25, 1932 in northeast China to create the Korean People's Revolutionary Army.National Defense Commission, state sovereignty is the highest military leadership organs and the overall management of the national defense organs, by the Supreme People's Assembly elections, the Supreme People's Assembly is responsible for a term of five years.From the National Defense Commission chairman, vice chairman of members., Chairman of the National Defense Committee for the armed forces supreme commander.Universal compulsory military service, serving five years the Army, Navy, Air Force 3-4 years.Taekwondo>>>Pyongyang's weekend lifeOne pair of newlyweds and bridesmaids Banlang Datong River in Pyongyang had a group photoDatong River in Pyongyang, one pair of newlyweds from the "Pyongyang One" cruise ship.Every weekend, Datong share of the riverside photographic camera is always packed with visitors.The statue to present flowers to President Kim Il Sung, Pyongyang citizens have become an important part of lifeDiplomacy: pursue independence, peace, friendship and foreign policy, in full equality and mutual respect based on the principle of the development of its relations with other countries.In recent years, exchanges between the two Koreas major reviewRelations with China: China and North Korea since ancient times is the interdependence of friendly neighbors.October 6, 1949, the two countries established diplomatic relations.1950 outbreak of the Korean War, the Chinese People's Volunteers and North Korea alongside soldiers and civilians fighting bloody battles to win the war victory.July 11, 1961, the two countries signed the Sino-Korean Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Treaty.China and North Korea have maintained the traditional good-neighborly and friendly relations of cooperation.Since the 1990s, leaders of the two countries further strengthen exchanges and good-neighborly Sino-Korean friendly and cooperative relations to develop further.March 1990, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Jiang Zemin's visit.May 2000 and January 2001, the Korean Workers Party General Secretary, National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong Il visited China twice.September 2001, Chinese President Jiang Zemin's visit to North Korea.October 2003, Wu Bangguo, chairman of the Chinese delegation on an official goodwill visit to North Korea.April 2004, the Korean Workers Party General Secretary, National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong-il on an unofficial visit to China.October 2005, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Korean Workers Party call to congratulate Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Korean Workers Party 60th anniversary of the founding (by).October 2005, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and State President Hu Jintao on North Korea for an official goodwill visit.January 2006, the Korean Workers Party General Secretary Kim Jong-il unofficial visit to China.Since the 1990s China-North Korea relations Events>>>Reproduced:

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