District of Yinchuan City in Ningxia (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYinchuan City, capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningxia is the political, economic and cultural center.Total area of 9,579 square kilometres.Total population of 1.33 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Xingqing District liberation of East Street, Zip code: 750004.Code: 640100.Code: 0951.Pinyin: Yinchuan Shi.Yinchuan City, situated in East Asia and the Chinese mainland north of the centre, in the central part of Ningxia Yellow River Irrigation District, east of Yellow River, the West Screen Helan Mountain, an average elevation of 1,100 meters, in a temperate continental climate, drought and little rain, sunshine adequate.The average annual sunshine 2800 to 3000 hours, on average, about 200 mm of precipitation.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, three Shixia Yinchuan City area, two counties, hosted a county-level city.Yinchuan City area of 9,579 square kilometres, population 1.33 million (2003).Xingqing area of 768 square kilometres, population 390,000 people.Zip code 750001.District People's Government in the Shanghai East Road.Jinfeng area of 290 square kilometres, population 130,000 people.Zip code 750011.District People's Government in the new Harcourt Road.Xixia Qu area of 987 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.Zip code 750027.District People's Government in Huaiyuan Road.Lingwu City area of 4,639 square kilometres, population 230,000 people.Zip code 750400.Yongning County area of 1295 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.Zip code 750100.Yang and county People's Government in the town.Helan County area of 1,600 square kilometres, population 180,000 people.Zip code 750200.County People's Government in the habit Gangzhen.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYinchuan, the Western Han Dynasty period of the North County and William County to the jurisdiction.Western Xia Dynasty, established Xingqing House, after the House to ZTE, is the capital of Western Xia.Yuan, the Xixia ZTE House changed its name to Ningxia Fulu.After Li Ming and Qing and the Republic of China, Ningxia Fucheng the name of Suilv are easier, such as Ningxia Castle, the town of the city in Ningxia, Shuofang Road City, Ningxia provincial towns…… but the Ningxia regional centre for the city's position remains unchanged.People's Republic of China established soon, Ningxia Province revoked.To implement the policy of regional ethnic autonomy, the establishment of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.Its capital Yinchuan, the regional political, economic and cultural center.Yinchuan City, the setting is April 1944, the KMT government of Ningxia section 130, the Commission decided, reported in the government approval.After three years of preparations for the April 1947 formally established.At that time, Yinchuan City, population 30,000, however, under no city, set up the Street, the city's administrative, judicial, law and order powers by the Ningxia Province and four police stations to exercise management.October 1949, the founding of the PRC.At this point the newly liberated city of Yinchuan, the new political organization was only set up four Regional Government, 21 Street offices.June 1951, from Yongning County, which included four districts of the six semi-rural, six districts of the three semi-rural, from the north tower included in Helan County, Deng Nan and 2 rural town to the west of Fort Helan Mountain roller 10-minute mouth, such as Mizonokuchi Nanshui area.Yongning County in the four districts of the six semi-rural town and Fort, 10-minute roller mouth, and other places and six townships, to form the Fifth District of Yinchuan City, in Metro; Kong to the original six districts of rural adjustment for the three and a half Four townships, plus the original Helan County assigned to the two townships to form the Sixth District of Yinchuan City, the city's old.In 1954, six for the merger three areas.1955 dismantling and rural areas.Three areas revoked, 21 Street offices for the integration of seven neighborhood offices; 12 rural town into a rural 5 (new towns, Wuli Taiwan Township, Brick Township District, North Tower rural, rural folk music, the Xinmin Township).1957, seven offices of the street for four neighborhood offices.People's Commune in 1958, the city of Yinchuan four neighborhood offices to form the East, West Street two cities the people's communes; Tang Lai drainage to the outskirts of East and West for the formation of the east sector, fighting two communes.At this point, Yongning County, a long-term perspective of rural means of agricultural production cooperatives in Yinchuan City, was placed under Dongfeng Corporation; Yongning County, Yonghua Lu Hua Township and Helan County, Taiwan was placed under the rural commune in Yinchuan city fighting.1959, Dongfeng, the two combatants were renamed the commune safflower, Metro Corporation.1960, the two people's commune in Yinchuan City (East, West) into the people's commune City, Metro set up in a family business and trade unions as the main body of the "May 1" City people's commune.The same year, Metro Corporation changed its name to Leung Tin commune, "May 1" Corporation changed its name to Metro Corporation.Yongning County, Zhang Zheng Corporation (other than the power unit) was placed under the jurisdiction of Yinchuan City; Zhang Zheng will be the commune-expensive, two teams-South draw, to form the state-your farms, political and market integration.1961, the commune is divided into fertile farmland by Lu Hua Corporation; safflower, Zhang Zheng set aside part of the two communes formed a production unit Dah Sing Corporation.1963, Leung Tin commune separation from the production unit to form the part of luojiazhuang Corporation.But too soon, luojiazhuang Corporation has withdrawn into fertile farmland Corporation.1964, Zhang Zheng Corporation was placed under the jurisdiction Yongning County.1965, high-Helan County farm was placed under the jurisdiction of your renamed Qualcomm Corporation.1966, Zhang Zheng, your two-commune again classified Yinchuan City; Yongning County, a long-term perspective at the same time, the bypass Corporation Battalion was placed under Yinchuan City Dah Sing Corporation.1970, officially established in urban areas, the new City two county-level city area.1972, Leung Tin commune into two, the formation of the new Bank Corporation.The same year, the establishment of Yinchuan City suburbs, seven people's commune was placed under management of the suburbs.Yongning County was placed under the jurisdiction of Yinchuan City.1975, Helan County was placed under the jurisdiction of Yinchuan City.(* Source: "Changes in Ningxia area of modern political history", Fengmao the Ningxia People's Publishing House, September 1998 version 1, Yinchuan)In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Yinchuan City 1177613 people.Of which: 283,829 new City 250,627 City suburb 273,031 Yongning County 191,668 Helan County, 178,458 (based on past administrative division; units:)October 19, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] No. 95) has revised the Yinchuan City area administrative divisions: (1) the revocation of Yinchuan City, the new urban and rural areas, the establishment of Yinchuan City Xixia Qu, Kim Hing areas and IP area.(2) Xixia Qu jurisdiction of the City of New Shuofang Road, Wenchang Road, Beijing West Road, West Garden Road, NING Hua Road, five neighborhood offices and the outskirts of town advancement, the Jing-Jin, Lu Hua Township, the people Government in Huaiyuan Road.(3) Jinfeng area of jurisdiction of the new City Rail East, Metro East office two streets and the original suburbs of rural farmland, the source of the Heung Yee Hing, silver and Xinxiang County Fengdeng Holland Township, the District People's Government in the new Xia Dong Road.(4) exempted the Xingqing District of the City and the suburbs of the regional rural safflower, Man-chun Township, the Xinxiang, rural existence, Zhang Zheng rural, rural-gui, the District People's Government in the Shanghai East Road.Administrative division before adjustments (in accordance with the following data, "2002 edition of Jane"): City area of 16 square kilometres, population 270,000, zip code 750001; new urban area of 70 square kilometres, population 210,000, zip code 750011 rural area 1201 square kilometres, population 160,000, zip code 750002; Helan County area of 1208 square kilometres, population 180,000.October 25, 2002, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional People's Government (Ningzheng the [2002] 92) approved the Lingwu City Wuzhong City, hosted by the change in Yinchuan city hosted the ground.

District of Yinchuan City in Ningxia geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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