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OverviewHangzhou geographical coordinates for longitude 118 ° 21'-120 ° 30 ', north latitude and 29 ° 11'-30 ° 33'.Total area of 16,596 square kilometres.Total population of 6.4 million people (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Ring Road, Gongshu District No. 318, Zip code: 310026.Administrative division code: 330100.Code: 0571.Pinyin: Hangzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Hangzhou * List of administrative divisions, the population under the "Hangzhou names net."As information December 31, 2005.Note: Some of the data and "Jane List" to be different.Hangzhou area of 16,596 square kilometres, of which 3,068 square km in area.Total population of 6.604 million, of which 4.095 million people City area.8 municipal jurisdiction area, two counties, three county-level city hosted a total of 57 streets, 110 towns and 39 townships (including a nationality townships), 678, 65 residential areas, the 3666 Village; City area which a total of 44 streets and 49 towns and three townships, and 597 communities, four residential areas, 807 administrative villages.City area on 18.3 square kilometres, population 362,000 people.District People's Government in the streets Qingbo Road, Huimin, China 311500.Exempted six streets: Qingbo streets, lakeside streets, small business streets, Wangjiang streets, Southern Star streets, Zhao streets.The area of 31.46 square kilometres City, population 405,000 people.District People's Government in the streets Qing-chun Wulin Road 200, Zip code 310006.Exempted eight streets: Wulin streets, Tianshui streets, Zhao streets, Chao-ming streets, Changqing streets, bridges streets, new street East, Wen-hui streets.Jianggan area of 210.22 square kilometres, population 404,000 people.District People's Government in the Qing-chun Road 1, Zip code 310002.Exempted six streets, four towns: the Arc de Triomphe streets, Caihe streets, Poplar streets, Xiasha streets, Zha Nongkou streets, Sijiqing streets; majority Town, Peng Buzhen, Ding Qiaozhen, 9 advancement.Gongshu area of 87.49 square kilometres, population 288,000 people.District People's Government in the streets Pearl Hu Shu Tan Lane 10, Zip code 310011.Exempted six streets, four towns: m City alley streets, Hu Shu streets, river streets, harmonious streets, Gong Chenqiao street, the street level; Mid-level town, Kang Qiaozhen, on the Town, Xiangfu town.West Lake area of 308.7 square kilometres, population 628,000 people.District People's Government in the Zhejiang University Road, Zip code 310013.Exempted seven streets, five towns and two townships: Beishan streets, Lingyin streets, Xixi streets, Chui Court streets, new streets, Gudang streets, West Lake streets to the Town, leaving the town, Yuan Town , 3 Dunzhen, Lung town dock; Zhoupu Township, Jiang Village.Riverside area of 72.02 square kilometres, population 131,000 people.- West District People's Government in the streets, Zip code 310051.Exempted three streets: Puyan streets, the West-street, the river of the street.Xiaoshan area of 1420 square km and the population 1.177 million people.District People's Government in the streets Jincheng Chengxiang Road 685, Zip code 311200.Exempted four streets, the town 22: Chengxiang streets, the North dry streets, Shushan streets, Xintang streets; Kuala Lek town, Town Council, Town House, Tajikistan, Pu Yang Zhen, Dai villages and towns, the town on the River, the town of Nga Tsin, Hom Town, the party's Town, Jingjiang town, the party's Town, Yi Peng Zhen, New Town, Xin Jiezhen, Nanyang town, River Town, the town of Wai-ling, the evolution of the town, the town benefit farmers, meaning Town, the former Town, it is堰镇.Yuhang area of 1223.56 square kilometres, population 832,000 people.District People's Government in the Linping street No. 33 West Main Street, Zip code 311000.Exempted four streets, 14 towns, a township: Linping streets, Nanyuan streets, East Lake streets, Xing-qiao streets; Joe Secretary town, Tangqi Town, Chongxian Town, Yuhang town, among Town, the former Town Wharf , Liangzhu town, the town of Pingyao, cormorants Bird Town, Huang Town, Baizhang town, Renhe Town, the canal town, Trail Town; rural China and Thailand.Jiande City area of 2321 square kilometres, population 508,000 people.Municipal People's Government in the Xin'anjiang streets Xin'an Road 1, Zip code 311600.Exempted three streets, 12 towns, a township: Yangxi street, the street floor, Xin'anjiang streets; Mei towns, under ya town, Yangcun Town, dry Tan Zhen, all three towns, Suchang town, Datong Town, Hang Town, Li Zhen, the ocean town, the town of Lotus, Daci rock the town; Chin Tang Xiang.Fuyang City area of 1831.2 square kilometres, population 628,000 people.Municipal People's Government in the Fuchun osmanthus Road West streets on the 25th, China 311400.Exempted four streets, 15 towns, six townships: Fuchun streets, East Island street, the Riverside streets, Lushan streets; Gaoqiao Zhen, Shouxiang town, Town market, often Changan, 000 municipalities, Tung Town, Xukou Town, the new board the town, Lu Houzhu town of Hope Town, the largest source of the town, the town of Evergreen, Longmen Zhen, in the town, Yongchang town; Central Shan, the source of Lake Township, Shangguan Township, Yue Shan, the rural-built, New Tongxiang.Lin'an City area of 3126.8 square kilometres, population 519,000 people.Municipal People's Government in street clothes Jin-Cheng Hsieh 398 Street, Zip code 311300.Exempted four streets, 15 towns, seven townships: Cheng Hsieh streets, Delicate streets, Gan on the streets, Castle Peak Lake streets; Wang Fan town, the town was submerged, algae town, the sun town, Changhua Town, Longgang Town, Island Stone Town, Town of turbulent, three Town, Hong Gao town, River Town, latent Chuanzhen, Taihu source of the town, Qingliang Feng town, the town of Grand Canyon; board Qiaoxiang, 1000 Hong Township, Wang Road Township, Leping Township, MA Xiao Township, New Qiaoxiang, West Head township.Tonglu County area of 1825 square kilometres, population 395,000 people.Tong Jun County People's Government in the street, 298 South Spring Festival, China 311500.Exempted two streets, seven towns, four counties (including one nationality townships): Tong Jun streets, Jiuxian streets; Fuchunjiang town, Wang villages and towns, the Township, Fung Chuanzhen, 100 Town, Chang-lin Township, Jiangnan Town, Zhongshan Township, a new township, a Village, E-She Zuxiang.Chun'an County area of 4,427 square kilometres, population 453,000 people.Qiandao Lake County People's Government in the town of Xin'an Road 18, Zip code 311700.Exempted 12 towns and 18 townships: Qiandao Lake town, the provisional Toki town, Granville坪镇, Jiangjialiang town, Fen Town, the town of Shu, Tang villages and towns, Zitong town, in洲镇, the town of Wenchang, Shilin Town, Feng Tree Lingzhen; Bingmen Township, Long Chuan Xiang, Anyang Township, Wang Fushan Township, Guo Village, are in rural, rural Jinfeng, Yao Shan, Kwong Cheong Township, Village Song, of Japan Kengxiang and strict home, the White Horse Rural , Left the rural population, Wang rural housing, rural, rich, Jieshou Township, Wang along the township.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Hangzhou 6878722 people.2001, two new Hangzhou City area, 14 towns, six townships, and 19 neighborhood offices, 260, six residential areas, remove two county-level cities, 32 towns and 42 townships, 575 A residential area, five villages, a town and three, an administrative villages renamed.February 2, approved by the State Council (the letter [2001] 13), the revocation of Xiaoshan City, Yuhang City, the establishment of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District; March 9, Zhejiang Province People's Government发文(Zhejiang governance of the [2001 ] 12) informed the Xiaoshan, dismantling the city of Yuhang district.To the end of 2001, Hangzhou Shixia eight City area, three county-level cities, two counties, 49 streets, 122 towns and 58 townships, 300, 414 residential areas, 4,617 administrative villages.2002, 8 Shixia Hangzhou City area, the three county-level cities, two counties, 52 streets, 120 towns and 57 townships, 305, 407 residential areas, 4,610 administrative villages.Administrative division tables (based on "Practical Handbook of Zhejiang Province Quhuadiming" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002):Total area of square kilometresBuilt-up areas square kilometresTotal population of 000Non-agricultural population of 000Street -Town -Rural -Community -A residential areaThe village ofResidentZipGongshu DistrictSixFourPearl Tan Lane on the 10thOn the CitySeptemberWai Man Road on the 3rdUnder the CitySixSeptemberQing-chun Road 200Jianggan district2,066FiveFiveQing-chun Road on the 1stWest Lake DistrictJulyTwoFiveZhejiang University Road on the 1stRiverside AreaThreeSixWest XingzhenYuhang DistrictFourLinping street No. 33 West StreetXiaoshan DistrictFourKam Shing Road, No. 685Lin'an CityFourJulyCheng Hsieh street clothes Kam Street, 398Fuyang CityFourJulyFuchun Road on the 25th street osmanthusJiande CityThreeNovemberDecemberXin'anjiang streets Xin'an Road on the 1stTonglu CountyNovemberDecemberJulyTonglu town, 298 South Spring FestivalChun'an CountyDecemberQiandao Lake Road, Xin'an town on the 18th2003, Hangzhou, the new six neighborhood offices, 100, 140 administrative villages, the revocation of six neighborhood offices, the three towns, a rural, residential area 90, 258 administrative villages, 34, Two administrative villages, a community changed its name.To the end of 2003, Hangzhou hosted three county-level cities, two counties exempted, the Urban Area 8; Jian Zhizhen a total of 117, township 56, 52 neighborhood offices, community 554, 110 residential areas and administrative Village 4267.2004, Hangzhou seven new neighborhood offices, a town, 50, 111 administrative villages; merge two neighborhood offices, eight towns, seven townships, 10, 30 residential areas, 351 administrative villages; Chun'an County resident Wang along the township government by LONG Yuan Wang moved to the village along the village.To the end of 2004, Hangzhou hosted three county-level cities, two counties exempted, the Urban Area 8, a total of 110 Jian Zhizhen, the Heung Yee 49, 57 neighborhood offices, community 594, 80 residential areas and administrative Village 4027.Among them, eight City area a total of 44 streets and 49 towns and three townships, and 517 communities, 16 residential areas, 1,164 administrative villages.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/25 9:47:00)
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