Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewShaoxing City geographical coordinates for latitude 29 ° 15'-30 ° 11 ', longitude 120 ° 02'-121 ° 15'.Total area of 8255.73 square kilometres.Total population of 4.33 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the City of Victory Road 163, Zip code: 312000.Administrative division code: 330600.Code: 0575.Pinyin: Shaoxing Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------* List administrative divisions zoning information as at September 2006; area, the population according to "Jane List (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.Shaoxing City area of 8,256 square kilometres, population 4.33 million people.Exempted a city area, two counties and county-level city hosted three.The city area of 338 square kilometres, population 640,000 people.Zip code 312000.Tashan District People's Government in the streets Yan'an Road.Zhuji City area of 2311 square kilometres, population 1.06 million people.Zip code 311800.Municipal People's Government in the street means Jiyang Road on the 26th.Shangyu City area of 1427 square kilometres, population 770,000 people.Zip code 312300.Municipal People's Government in the streets Baiguan Shifu Lu on the 5th.Shengzhou area of 1771 square kilometres, population 730,000 people.Zip code 312400.Municipal People's Government in the North straight road No. 37.Shaoxing County area of 1196 square kilometres, population 700,000 people.Zip code 312030.County People's Government in the streets Keqiao Jianhu Road No. 129.Xinchang area of 1213 square kilometres, population 430,000 people.Zip code 312500.People's Government in the County Road 190 people.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryShaoxing, one at the Southern Song Dynasty.Year in May 1127 Jinbing captured two of the Sung dynasty emperor-in and Qinzong.WANG Zhaogou in Nanjing (now Shangqiu in Henan Province) Chen Di, Shicheng the Southern Song Dynasty.After the attack in Jinbing to躲到under the sea on a fishing boat.People have taken up arms against Fenbing.Year in April 1130 Zhaogou from the sea before landing, the state of temporary accommodation.At that time, the joint Zhouguan the king wrote a letter to House request for Zhaogou a "Nesho (the meaning of succession) oak ZTE," the story, to the state House of Shaoxing.Another said that the king in the year 1131 to Nian Hao "Shaoxing" Nianhao or more to the state House of Shaoxing.Huiji, Shaoxing is the first found in history books on the history of the place names."Historical Records of the Xia Ji-second" contained, "Dili Yudongxunshou As Kuaiji and collapsing," or statements were made by Yu will诸侯in Gangnam, including power and collapsing, because of the funeral Yan, Mingyuekuaiji.Huiji, accounting also. "Huiji a resulting.Shaoxing Gucheng Vietnam, the Vietnam, this is referred to the Shaoxing.Shaoxing as a result of the Spring and Autumn when the State capital.Shaoxing city wall is the first doctor Fan Li Yue WANG Gou fate of the building, the city said Li.Shaoxing House to the Ming Dynasty, 1912 to repeal House of Shaoxing County.Huiji afternoon and into 1950 in Shaoxing, in Shaoxing City home.City retreated into the county, 1979-located in Shaoxing City, 1981 revocation of Shaoxing County, Shaoxing City, incorporated, in 1983 was promoted to provincial cities.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Shaoxing City, the total population 4304241 people.Of which: the city 633,118 people, Shaoxing County, 791,797, 414,907 people Xinchang County, Zhuji City, 1070675, 722,523 people in Shangyu City, Shengzhou 671,221 people.January 13, 2001, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2001] 5) (1) Shaoxing County town of Doumen (not including the new Village Ma, the new village of cooperation, the new village of Huang Fu, the new Sun-Village, the new beans Jiang Village and the new Doumen Village), East Town, the town of Jianhu, Gaobu Town, and Ma Town in Shaoxing City, the city was placed under the jurisdiction.(2) People's Government of Shaoxing County, Shaoxing City resident from the City moved to Shaoxing County Keqiao Zhen.(February 1, 2001 in Zhejiang Province People's Government "on the part of administrative divisions in Shaoxing City in Shaoxing County People's Government and the adjustment of the resident relocation notice" All of the G [2001] 3)In 2002, the administrative division tables (based on "Practical Handbook of Zhejiang Province Quhuadiming" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002)Total area of square kilometresBuilt-up areas square kilometresTotal population of 000Non-agricultural population of 000Street -Town -Rural -Community -A residential areaThe village ofResidentZipThe CitySixJulyNovember(Tashan streets) Yan'an RoadZhuji CityThreeTwoJiyang Road, the red flag on the 26th streetShangyuThreeThreeBaiguan streets Shifu Lu on the 5thShengzhouFourNovemberSixNo. 37 North Road straightShaoxing CountyFourKeqiao streets Jianhu Road 129,XinchangSeptemberJulyChengguan Town Road, No. 190 people(Total)The City of Victory Road 163According to this table, "Zhejiang Quhuadiming practical manual" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002.January 30, 2003, Zhejiang G letter [2003] on the 12th letter of approval, agreed to Qixian Town, Shaoxing County, Jiang Qili, such as 15 village was placed under the jurisdiction of the town of Ganoderma City.Is, Shaoxing City, six counties (cities, districts) township administrative division adjustment programmes of the provincial government approved the implementation of all, now, the city's administrative division adjustment of the township completed.Counties (cities, districts) from the city area of 447 square kilometres expanded to 950.25 square km; city centre corresponding to expand the scale of the town, village and township to reduce the number from 135 to 98, a few streets from 6 to 20.The deadline for December 2003, Shaoxing City, town and township administrative divisions are as follows: the total urban population of 638,600, the total area of 336.91 square km and exempted seven towns, six streets.Shaoxing County total population of 701,600, the total area of 1202.54 square km and exempted 15 towns and four streets.Zhuji City, the total population 1054900, the total area of 2311.33 square km and exempted 23 towns and two townships, and three streets.Shangyu total population of 774,100, the total area of 1402.53 square km and exempted 15 towns and three townships, and three streets.Shengzhou total population of 735,400, the total area of 1789.62 square km and exempted 11 towns, six townships, and four streets.Xinchang total population of 433,800, the total area of 1212.80 square km and exempted the town of September, seven townships.The city together: the total population 4338400, the total area of 8255.73 square km and exempted 80 towns and 18 townships, and 20 streets.As at December 31, 2005, the city's total of 20 streets and 80 towns and 17 townships.

Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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