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OverviewYichun City of Jiangxi Province in the northwest.North TAIWAN BISHAMON Jiujiang City, east Nanchang, Fuzhou City, south Xinyu, Ji'an City, Hunan Province and west of Pingxiang City.Area of 18,670 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 5.304 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.289 million people.Municipal People's Government in the Yuanzhou Qu.Zip code: 336000.Administrative division code: 360900.Code: 0795.Pinyin: Yichun Shi.In a hilly, mountainous mainly mild climate, abundant rainfall, four distinct seasons, the annual average temperature of 17.3 ℃, the average annual rainfall 1720 mm, the average duration of sunshine 1762.3 hours, with an average annual frost-free period 269 days.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, a Shixia Yichun City area, six counties and county-level city hosted three, 23 streets and 97 towns and 59 townships.Yichun City area of 18,669 square kilometres, population 5.2 million (2002).Yuan Zhouqu area of 2532 square kilometres, population 950,000.ZIP code 336000.District People's Government in the Zhongshan Road West.8 jurisdiction 9 streets rural town 14.HSBC urban area of 2845 square kilometres, population 1.26 million.ZIP code 331100.Municipal People's Government in the way of workers and peasants.5 exempted streets 20 rural towns 7.Zhangshu City area of 1287 square kilometres, population 540,000.ZIP code 331200.Municipal People's Government in the all-South Road.5 exempted streets 10 rural towns 4.Gao Anshi area of 2439 square kilometres, population 800,000.ZIP code 330800.Municipal People's Government in the Jiefang Lu.2 streets jurisdiction 2 rural town 18.Fengxin County area of 1642 square kilometres, population 300,000.ZIP code 330700.Pingchuan County People's Government in the town.3 rural town 10 exemptions.000 County area of 1714 square kilometres, population 460,000.ZIP code 336100.County People's Government in the recreational street.1 streets 7 exempted rural town of September.On the high area of 1350 square kilometres County, population 340,000.ZIP code 336400.Aoyang County People's Government in the streets.6 exempted a street six rural towns.County area to 1935 square km and population 270,000.ZIP code 336300.County People's Government in the new Changzhen.5 rural town of jurisdiction 7.Jing'an County area of 1377 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 330600.County People's Government in the two-town.5 exempted the rural town of 6.Tonggu County area of 1548 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 336200.Yongning County People's Government in the town.3 rural town of jurisdiction 6.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2004)", the population at the end of 2002.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHan Gao Zu six years (before 201), the world Junyi are Zhucheng.In this there are two Yichun City in Metro, one of Yichun, one built.Yichun the name originated from the U.S. west-chuen, with its "summer cold and warm winter, such as Mei-Chun-ying, a pleasant drink," named after.Completion of the name of its "Create the city," Gu Ming (10%, the word the ancient city GM).Yichun located at the beginning of the jurisdiction of this county Yuan River City, including this Yuanzhou Qu, Xinyu City, a city of Pingxiang City, and a camphor tree.Western Han Dynasty yuan-2006 (previous 129), Emperor Han Wu Feng Wang Liu Changsha for the son of Liu Yi Chun Hou become, Yuanshuo 2002 (previous 127), Liu Feng Liu Cheng brothers picked up for the completion of Hou.Yuan Ding, 2002 (previous 115), Liu picked up free, in addition to completion of Hou.Yuan Ding five years (before 112), Liu Cheng-free, apart from Yichun Hou.Jin Kang the first year (280), Emperor Sima Yan Jin Miewu, Yichun and the name of Chun-Hua Zhang Xuan Mu Empress Dowager (Si Mayan grandmother, Sima Yi's wife) the same name, as taboo, to Yichun for Yiyang.Sui Kaihuang 18 years (598) rehabilitation of Yichun.For the early completion of this county jurisdiction of the Jinjiang River area, including this Gao Anshi, a high County, to County, 000 County and City, a camphor tree.Tang Takenori five years (622), built by the county of Prince Edward Jian-Cheng Li and the same name, as taboo, the renamed high.On its high "in the shape of the high" and people.Yichun City Habitat this domain, Han Yu Zhang of the county (where this rule Nanchang).Three Sun Wu Baoding, 2002 (267), set up AN Cheng County (where this rule Anfu), the Yuan River Valley region under the jurisdiction AN Cheng.Sui Dynasty unified the world, spent AN Cheng County.Wong Kai 18 years (598) are Yuanzhou, Zhisuo in Yichun County.Yuan Zhou Yuan Shan and to the name of the Yuan Shan again seclusion of this Goldsmith Yuan and Beijing were.Established early, Yuanzhou exempted Yichun, Pingxiang, the new metaphor three counties.Song Kai-2008 (975), 000 County assigned by the state-jun.Chunhua 2003 (992), the designated new Yu-Linjiang Army.After 900 years, has been the Yuan Zhou Yichun, Pingxiang, contained 000, 40 Fenyi county.Yichun in the history of the first state-level administrative bodies is Yuanzhou, followed by Jingzhou, Linjiang again for the military.Jingzhou Takenori five years in the Tang (622), the governance of this high security.Weiji, Ling-m m renamed "m," and then again at Yangshan middle and renamed the "state-yun," Takenori 2008 (625) waste.Southern Tang-large 10 years (952) Jun-home state.Song Baoqing first year (1225), Zhao Yun Li Zong accession to the throne, due to state the name of the emperor and a homonym for the taboo, to be renamed, this time just after the mountain Bila Tong Zhou Ya grow a fungus, as the Katherine Auspicious , There was renamed "Swiss state."Swiss jurisdiction, the high, the high, Hsin Chong (now Yifeng) three counties.Southern Tang Sheng-yuan, 2002 (938) cut the high, Xingan County of the Qingjiang River County home in Tin Tan Zhen Xiao (now the Riverside town).Song Chun of 2003 (992), the Qingjiang River in Riverside County Home Army (yuan to Riverside Road, Ming to Linjiang House).Equivalent to its jurisdiction throughout this Zhangshu City, the new stem County, Xinyu City, and Yu Shuiqu Xiajiang Xian.Ming and Qing Dynasties, Fengxin, Jing'an, Fengcheng, Tonggu (time-to-state territory) for the Nam Cheong House jurisdiction.Yichun City Habitat this domain belong to Yuanzhou, the Swiss state, Riverside, Nanchang four House.Republic, dismantling House contains an executive body, directly under the county are.October 1913, Ganzhou in Jiangxi Province is divided into East and West Jiangxi Province, southern Jiangxi, four northern Jiangxi, Jiangxi Road West Zhisuo in Yichun County.Jiangxi West exempted 21 counties, in June 1914, Jiangxi Road, West Road was renamed Lu-ling.1916 Zhisuo moved from Yichun Ji'an.Waste, 1927, all counties in the province also directly.October 1932, in Jiangxi Province was established 13-SAR, after frequent changes.1943 adjusted to 9 SAR.First District Office of the Fengcheng County, the jurisdiction Fengcheng, the new, Nanchang, Chin-Hsien, high-security, the Qingjiang River, Xingan County, 7.The second area in the Office of Yichun County, Yichun jurisdiction, Pingxiang, 000 contained, the Tonggu, Xiushui, Yifeng, a high, the new Yu, 9 Fenyi county.Fengxin, Jing'an District is the ninth (rule Wuning), this situation has been maintained to the liberation of Jiangxi Province in 1949.July 10, 1949, the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government Yuanzhou District was established in Nanchang, July 20 in Yichun county.September 1952, Yuanzhou District into the Nanchang area.December 1958, the Office of Nanchang, Yichun move into the county from Nanchang, Yichun renamed the Office.When exempted Yichun, Pingxiang, Fenyi, Xinyu, the Qingjiang River, Fengcheng, 000 contained, the Tonggu, Yifeng, a high, high security, Fengxin, Jing'an, Nanchang, the new, An-yi, Chin-Hsien 17 counties.After that, Nanchang, the new, Chin-Hsien, Pingxiang, Xinyu, Fenyi, An-yi have been set aside.1979 Yichun county area is zoned for Yichun City, Yichun County in 1985 and the Yichun City.1988 dismantling Fengcheng City County to HSBC, the Qingjiang River County to withdraw Zhangshu City.1993 to a high for Gao Anshi County.At this point, Yichun City in a total of four exemptions six counties.May 22, 2000, the State Council for approval, the revocation of Yichun region and the county Yichun City, the establishment of level Yichun City.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Yuan Zhouqu.Yichun City were exempted Yuanzhou, Fengxin, Jing'an, Yifeng, a high, the Tonggu, 000 contained a six county area, and the escrow Fengcheng, camphor trees, high on the three cities.To the end of September 2003, Yichun City has adjusted smoothly merge township 40.End of 2003, the total population of 5.268 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.246 million people.

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