Suqian City in Jiangsu Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewSuqian City area of 8341 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 5213900 people.Municipal People's Government in the places City, Zip code: 223800.Administrative division code: 321300.Code: 0527.Pinyin: Suqian Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, two Shixia Suqian City area, the three counties.Suqian City area of 8341 square kilometres, population 5.22 million (2004).Residential area of 866 square kilometres City, population 850,000 people.ZIP code 223800.District People's Government in the mountains.Suyu area of 1236 square kilometres, population 680,000 people.ZIP code 223800.- District People's Government in the town.Shu Yangxian area of 2297 square kilometres, population 1.76 million people.ZIP code 223600.County People's Government in the urban-shu.Siyang County area of 1213 square kilometres, population 950,000 people.ZIP code 223700.County People's Government in the Public Xingzhen.Sihong county area of 2729 square kilometres, population 980,000 people.ZIP code 223900.Qingyang County People's Government in the town.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)" *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History1987, the revocation of Suqian County, the establishment of Suqian City.July 19, 1996, the State Council's approval to remove the county level Suqian City, the establishment of level Suqian City.Huaiyin City, will be the Shuyang, Siyang, 3 Sihong county was placed under the jurisdiction Suqian City.Suqian City Suyu County and the establishment of urban places.Suyu County, the county jurisdiction of the Suqian City Shunhe, Gengche, Zaohe, Buzi, Tai Hing, to Long, Cai Ji, Wang Guan-eight towns and Luoma Hu, Garonne, the Commissioner of the temple, Huang Shun, Lu set, Luo Wei, Ding mouth, security, Cao set, Xiaodian, Tong Wu, Yang, San Keshu, Shi Ling, Hsinchuang, North Western, tables Wei, Zhao Shanian, 19 South Choi Heung.Places the original county-level city exempted Suqian City of towns and places Tseng Tau, with mouth, double Zhuang, four townships Orchards.2004, to remove Suyu County, the establishment of Suqian City Suyu area.Suyu County District jurisdiction of the original Su Yu Shun He, Zaohe, Tai Hing, to Long, Cai Ji, Wang Guan sets, Huang Shun, Xiaodian, land sets, Yang, small mouth, the Commissioner of the temple, Hsinchuang, paternity Ridge 14 Cao Zhen and sets, two security and rural places City Tseng Tau Township, the District People's Government in-town Second, the original Suyu County Gengche town, port-town, North Western town, Long town, Luo Wei Rural, South Choi Heung, Siyang County and San Keshu rural town of Yang Cheng Lou Zhen, Yang in the town, the warehouse market towns, and rural carcasses Park Chen Jizhen Sihong County, the designated destination city jurisdiction.After the adjustment, urban places exempted double Zhuang, Gengche, Buzi, North Western, Garonne, Yanghe, Zheng floor, Yang, warehouses set, Chen set 10 towns and happiness of, Riverside, the ancient city of four Streets and Luo Wei, South Cai, San Keshu, four carcasses Park Township.District People's Government in the mountains.After the adjustment, Su Yu Su Yu County, the original area of 23 towns and townships reduced to 17, a total area of 1585 square kilometers by 1254 to reduce the square km and the total population reduced from 960,000 to 680,000 people from the urban places 1 town, a rural, four street increased to 10 towns and four townships and four streets, with a total area of 136 square kilometres from the original expanded to 854 square km and the total population from 25 million to 81 000; Siyang County township to reduce the total number from 23 to 18 with a total area of 1726 square kilometres by 1418 to reduce the square km and the total population from 117 million people reduced to 940,000 people; Sihong County, the total number of townships by 26 Reduced to 25, a total area of 2810 square kilometres reduced from 2,731 square kilometres of the total population decreased from 100 million to 95 million people.(Size, population data sources)Before adjustment, residential area of 130 square kilometres City, population 260,000; Suyu County area of 1163 square kilometres, population 680,000; Shuyang Xian area of 2299 square kilometres, population 1.72 million; Siyang County area of 1362 square km and the population 1160000; Sihong county area of 2206 square kilometres, population 1.02 million (size, population data according to "Jane List (2004)."

Suqian City in Jiangsu Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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