Yunnan Yuxi City (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYuxi City in central Yunnan Province, north latitude 23 ° 19 '~ 24 ° 53', longitude 101 ° 16 '~ 103 ° 09'.North of Kunming, southwest even Simao City, adjacent Red River southeast of the state, on the northwest state of Chuxiong.Wang from the region's largest 172 km, the largest vertical distance 163.5 km and a total area of 15,285 square kilometres.The end of 2000, the city's total population of 2.0168 million, of which agricultural population 1677400, non-agricultural population of 339,400 people.The city's minority population of 639,000 people, 31.69 percent of the total population, of which 395,374 Yi, Hani 105,325 people, 69,804 people Dai, Hui 37,573 people, 10,002 people Bai, Mongolian 6670, Miao 6226, Lahu 5375, Other minorities 2,682 people.Municipal People's Government in the Hongta District Hongta Road, 88 km from the provincial capital Kunming, 1,630 meters above sea level.Zip code: 653100.Administrative division code: 530400.Code: 0877.Pinyin: Yuxi Shi.Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau is located in the city's western border, the terrain northwest, southeast low mountains, valleys, plateaus, basins staggered distribution.Mountain area of 90.6 percent.There are Ailao Mountain, Lushan high, Liang Wang Shan, Modou Hill, the wells Yantou Hill, Lo Mineyama, such as mountains.Most areas above sea level to 1,800 meters in 1500; Ailaoshan clock pot snow mountain peak 3,137 meters above sea level, the highest point for the city; South fainted Jiang confluence with the yuan's 328 meters above sea level, is the lowest point in the city.Rivers belong to two Red River and the Pearl River water system.Have faulted the plateau lakes Fuxian Lake, Xingyun Lake, Yangzonghai Qilu Hu and a total area of 305.4 square kilometres, of which Fuxian Lake area of 212 square km and an average depth of 87 meters, is China's second Sham Lake.Plateau is a subtropical monsoon climate, the average temperature of 17.4 ~ 23.8 ℃, the average annual precipitation 670 to 2,412 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, a city of Yuxi Shixia area, five counties, three autonomous counties.Yuxi City area of 15,285 square kilometres, population 2.06 million (2003).Hongta District area of 1004 square kilometres, population 390,000.ZIP code 653100.District People's Government in the Hongta Road.Jiangchuan County area of 850 square kilometres, population 260,000.ZIP code 652600.County People's Government in the Main Street town.Chengjiang County area of 773 square kilometres, population 150,000.ZIP code 652500.Lu Feng County People's Government in the town.Tonghai Xian area of 721 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 652700.County People's Government in the show Town.County area, 1313 square km and population 200,000.ZIP code 652800.Zhou Zhen County People's Government in Nanjing.Yi Menxian area of 1571 square kilometres, population 170,000.ZIP code 651100.County People's Government in the Longquan town.Eshan Yi Autonomous County area of 1972 square kilometres, population 150,000.ZIP code 653200.County People's Government in the double-Town.Yi-Dai Autonomous County of the new area of 4223 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 653400.Autonomous County of Guangxi People's Government in the Town.Dai Yuanjiang Hani and Yi Autonomous County of 2858 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 653300.Li Autonomous County People's Government in the Town.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYizhou belong to the Han Dynasty, Zangke the two counties.Shuhan belong to Yizhou, Zangke, rejuvenating the ancient Sanjun.Western Jin Dynasty belong to Jinning, Jianning, Leung water, ancient-Sijun.Sui is a Queensland.Early Tang Dynasty belong to Lebanon, ditch the two states.Tang is Tuodongjiedu Nanzhao hours, the sea Dudu, Jie Du Yin-sheng.Song Dali country, divided into 37 and Shan illustrates House, silver and Health Jie Du.Xing Xing yuan located in Yunnan, at the Chengjiang Road, Linan Road, Yuanjiang Road, in-road.Ming, Chengjiang Road to Chengjiang House, the sea, Huaning, Asan is Lin'an House, the new House Lin'an belong in Xinping County, Yunnan is vulnerable Gate House, located in Yuanjiang Yuanjiang military and civilian government.Qing, a new-yuan, Jiang Zhili, along the rest of the system.In the early repeal House, the state established Road, a central Yunnan Road, Mengzi Road, Pu'er Road; evacuation Road, directly under the provincial County; Sui, also in the provinces and counties located between the Civil Administration.After new China was founded, January 1, 1950 establishment of the Office of Central Yunnan, March renamed the Office of Yuxi, in 1970 renamed Yuxi region.1984, a city-wide jurisdiction in eight counties, a total of 10 towns and 77 districts, 627 townships.December 13, 1997, the State Council approved the dismantling of Yuxi in a city (of the letter [1997] No. 108): (1) withdrawal of Yuxi in Yuxi City and county level, the establishment of level of Yuxi City.Municipal People's Government in the establishment of the new Hongta District Hongta Road.(2) the establishment of the city of Yuxi Hongta District to the city of Yuxi Hongta District of the region for the region.District People's Government in the Hongta Road.(3) Yuxi Shixia the County of Yuxi in China, Tong Haixian, Chengjiang County, Jiangchuan County, Yimen Xian, the new-Yi Autonomous County, Eshan Yi Autonomous County, Yuanjiang Hani and Yi Autonomous County of the Dai and the introduction of the new Hongta District.June 28, 1998, the level of Yuxi City officially established.In 2000, the Hongta District and the entire Shixia Jiangchuan, Chengjiang, the sea, Huaning, the Yi Autonomous County of Yi Menxian and Asan, the new Yi-Dai Autonomous County, Yuanjiang Hani and Yi Autonomous County of the Dai People, such as a District 8 counties, a total of 80 townships, of which 46 Towns, three urban neighborhood offices, 21 townships and 10 nationality townships, 657 villages (Habitat) the Commission.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Yuxi City, 2073005; Hongta District 409,044 people, 257,078 people Jiangchuan County, Chengjiang County, 149,748, 275,063 people Tonghai Xian, China County 196,519 people, 169,581 people Yimen Xian, Eshan Yi Autonomous County of 151,426 people, the Yi-Dai Autonomous County of 264,615 people, Yuanjiang Hani-Yi-Dai Autonomous County of 199,931 people.(By then the division; units:)

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