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The name: the Republic of Greece(The Hellenic Republic, The Republic of Greece)Independence Day: March 25 (1821)National Day: March 25 (1821)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.From the blue, white-and bar composed of four white bars, five of the blue.On the side of the pin at the top of a blue square, on a white cross.9 width of Greece's a motto that "lack of freedom rather die," this sentence in the Greek text of a total of nine blocks.On behalf of blue sky and white representatives of religious belief, the Greeks are Orthodox believe, to the Orthodox Church for the country.The national emblem: the grounds of olive branches encircling the shield logo.Approximate square mosaic surface of the blue shield with a white cross, white cross symbol of religious belief.National Anthem: "Free Song"National flower: olivesState stone: SapphireNational political figures: President Elias Ka Luoluo Sipa Pu, in March 2005 representation; Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis (Costas Karamanlis), 2004年3月sworn into office.Physical Geography: an area of about 132,000 square kilometers.Located in the southern Balkans.San Mianhuan water, southwest of the Ionian Sea Dying, the east Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean and the south across the African continent.More in the peninsula and islands.For the Peloponnese peninsula peninsula's largest, is the largest island of Crete Island.In the mountainous, Mount Olympus in Greek mythology was considered by the gods of the resident, elevation 2,917 meters, is the highest peak.Mediterranean-type climate is subtropical, Winter Temperature and Humidity, dry and hot summer.The average temperature in winter 6 ~ 13 ℃, the summer 23 ~ 33 ℃.The average annual rainfall between 400 and 1,000 mm.Population: 10.96 million.Which is more than 98% of Greeks.The official language is Greek, Orthodox Church as the State religion.Capital: Athens (Athens); population of 3.7 million.The maximum temperature of 33 ℃, Low 6 ℃.Greece famous temple ruins of Delphi sunHistory: Greece is the birthplace of European civilization, created a splendid ancient culture, in music, mathematics, philosophy, literature, architecture, sculpture and so on have made a tremendous achievements.Before 2800 BC to 1400, the island of Crete and the Peloponnese peninsula has a Minoan culture and Mycenae culture.800 BC in the form of hundreds of independent city-state.Athens, Sparta and Thebes, and so is one of the most developed city-state.5th century BC during the heyday of Greece.1460 was the Ottoman Empire rule.March 25, 1821 outbreak of the Greek military aggression against the independent territories of war, declared independence.September 24, 1829, withdrawal from all territories Army Greece.During World War II, Greece was German, Italian military occupation.1944 National Liberation, the restoration of independence.1946 King reduction.April 1967 military coup launched, a military dictatorship.June 1973 deposed the king and establish republican.July 1974 military government collapsed; November parliamentary elections, and the ruling New Democratic Party won 12, held a referendum to establish state for the republican form of government.Entering Athens>>>Greece Rhode Island lindas HarbourAdministrative Division: National divided into 13 regions, 52 states (including the great autonomy to the northern part of the sacred mountain "A Susi theocratic Republic" and 359 municipalities. Name of the following major areas: Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, the Ionian Islands, Western Greece, in Greece, Attica, the Peloponnese, the North Aegean Sea, South Aegean, the island of Crete.Politics: the current constitution on June 11, 1975 came into effect.The Constitution provides for "presidential parliamentary republicanism", the President as Head of State, a five-year term, renewable once parliamentary and presidential legislative authority, the authority president and prime minister, the exercise of judicial power by the court.1986 constitutional amendment adopted by the President the power to greatly narrow., A unicameral parliament, whose primary function is the legislative and supervisory work of the Government, by the National universal suffrage.April 2005, the Greek Parliament adopted the EU Constitution, the Greek EU 25 member countries in the first six officially approved the constitution of the country.AcropolisEconomy: Greece is the European Union economy in the less developed countries, relatively weak economic base, the main mineral resources are bauxite (reserves of about 1 billion tons), lignite (reserves of 5.6 billion tons), nickel, chromium, magnesium , Asbestos, uranium, marble, and so on.Forest land area of 20%.Industrial base than other EU countries is weak, backward technology, small scale, major industries are mining, metallurgy, textiles, shipbuilding and construction.Greece is a traditional agricultural country, the country's total area of arable land area of 26.4 percent.The service industry is an important component of the economy, tourism is access to foreign exchange, the maintenance of international balance of payments one of the major sources.Rich cultural heritage, natural scenery R Greece to the unique tourism resources.There are over 15,000 km long and tortuous coastline, Harbour staggered, charming scenery.The length and breadth of more than 3,000 islands, like a bright pearl inlaid in the blue Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean.Here the sun was bright enough, the influx of soft-sand beaches, attracts visitors from all over the world.Countless sites Greece is a beautiful human landscape.Acropolis, Delphi Solar Temple, Ancient Olympia Stadium sites, Crete island maze, Aipi Da Fu Luosi Amphitheatre, Tiluo religious city on the island of Apollo, Weierjina Macedonia Wangmu, the sacred mountain, so that Liulianwangfan people.During a stroll, people will be outside the myth of the world and return to the era of Homer's epic feel.For the 2004 Olympic Games and the Olympic construction of the huge project, the development of more tourism provides a wealth of resources.Bird's eye view, Wing On Turillon BridgeAlthough the ad Manqiang, but the color harmony, Mikenuosi the Greek island of different architectural styles, but尽显harmony and beauty of natureMilitary: President nominally the supreme commander of the armed forces.Prime Minister responsible for defense policy and army building, the Supreme Defense Committee.Defense Minister in the Prime Minister, under the leadership of the implementation of a national defense policy and management of the armed forces.Chief of General Staff in charge of operational command.NATO troops and double the national command.Compulsory military service, the service period of 18 months, the Army, Navy 21, Air Force 20 months.Greek special forces>>>Culture: the city's prosperity and to hasten the birth of the ancient Greek splendid culture, ancient Greek culture in the World Cultural Arts Center in the esplanade.Whether in music, mathematics, philosophy, literature, or in construction, carving, and so on, the Greeks have scored great achievements.Immortal Homer's epic, many of the great man of culture, such as Aristophanes comedy writer, the writer Aeschylus tragedy Sophocles, Euripides, the philosopher Socrates, Plato, mathematician Pythagoras, Euclid, the sculptor Phidias, and so on.Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games.Press and Publications: newspapers, magazines, more species, but limited circulation.Daily circulation of the larger "Business News", "Freedom News", "the daily reported."Founded in 1896 as the official news agency ANA, with the world's major news agencies are linked.Macedonia News Agency was established in October 1991, is a quasi-official news agency.Greek radio and television organizations established in 1938, the Government Information Department leadership, unified management of three state-run radio station and in accordance with the law and approved the issuance of local private radio station license.State-run radio broadcast 24 hours a day, with the exception of the Greek text, in English, French, Arabic news program.Private commercial radio station also broadcast the United States and Europe via satellite on TV.More influential private television stations are: "MEGA", "STAR", "ANTENNA", "NEW", "SKY", and so on.Foreign Affairs: Greece stressed that safeguarding national interests and national security, foreign policy is one of the basic principles.Maintain with the United States and the European Union's close ties to improve and develop relations with Balkan neighbors Greece is the focus of diplomacy.Relations with China: June 5, 1972, China and Greece established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.Bilateral friendly and cooperative relations have developed steadily and friendship between the two countries, relations of mutual trust increasingly strengthened, the United Nations and other international organizations in close cooperation.January 2006, Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis official visit to China.The two prime ministers signed a comprehensive strategic partnership between the Joint Declaration (full text).According to Chinese customs statistics, trade volume in 2005 in the Greek more than 2 billion U.S. dollars.Reproduced:

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