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(Updated: January 29, 2006)2005 exemptions: 13 prefecture-level cities, an autonomous region; 34 City area, 16 county-level cities, 65 counties and seven autonomous counties.辖5个市辖区、3个县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in Yuelu district Yuelu Avenue.Yuelu District Kai-Fu Furong District Tian Xinqu District Yuhuatai District Liuyang City (Huai River streets)Changsha County (Star Shazhen) Wang Chengxian (high Tong Ling Zhen) Ningxiang County (Tan Zhen Yu)辖4个市辖区、4个县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the Tianyuan District.He Tangqu Tianyuan District District Shifeng Qu Lu Song Liling City (to the goal streets)Zhuzhou County (Lu Town) Yanling Xian (Xia Yang Zhen) Chaling county (Chengguan town) You County (Chengguan town)辖2个市辖区、1个县,代管2个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the Furong Lu Yue Tangqu.Yue Tangqu Yuhu District Shaoshan City, Xiangxiang City (-town)Xiangtan County (easy vulgar town)辖5个市辖区、5个县,代管2个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the Yanfeng District.Yan Feng Chu Hui District District Shek Kwu District Zhengxiang District Nanyue (Southern Mountain town)Leiyang City (to Yang Zhen) Changning Shi Hengyang County (West Duzhen) Hengdong Xian (Chengguan town) Hengshan County (Kai-yun town) Hengnan County (gathered in the town) in Qidong County (Hong Qiaozhen)辖3个市辖区、7个县、1个自治县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the dual-zone.Dual-zone large-cheung, North Tower District Wugang City (spring street kiosks)Shaodong county (two towns) Dongkou Xian (Portal town) new Shao county (brewing town) Suining County (L Puzhen) new County (Jinshi town)Shaoyang County (TangduKou town) Longhui County (Hong Jin-tao) City Step Miao Autonomous County (Confucian scholars town)辖3个市辖区、4个县,代管2个县级市。Yueyang City People's Government in the House, District E Road.Yueyang Tower mountain areas-jun (West City neighborhood)-River Area (Cloud Town)Linxiang city (Chang'an Street Road) Miluo City (Chengguan town)Yueyang County (home-Town) Xiangyin County (text-town) Pingjiang Xian (Chinese Changzhen) Huarong Xian (Chengguan town)辖2个市辖区、6个县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the Wuling Qu.Wuling Qu Ding City (Wuling Township)City City Lixian (Li Yang Zhen) Linli county (Anfu town) Taoyuan County (Zhangjiang town) Hanshou County (Long Yang Zhen) An Xiangxian (Chengguan town)Dan Menxian (Chu Town)辖2个市辖区、2个县。Municipal People's Government in the Yongding Qu.Yongding Qu Wulingyuan District (the military and Ping streets)Cili County (zero Yang Zhen) Sangzhi County (Li Yuen town)辖2个市辖区、3个县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in Heshan District Taohua Lun.Heshan District Ziyang Section (the terminal streets)Yuanjiang City (Qing Hill neighborhood)Taojiang County (Peach Blossom Town) County (South洲镇) An Huaxian (East坪镇)辖2个市辖区、8个县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the Beihu Qu people of East Road.Bei Huqu Suxian district Zixing Shi (street-dong)Yizhang County (Chengguan town) Rucheng County (Chengguan town) An Renxian (Chengguan town) Jiahe County (Chengguan town) Lin Wuxian (Chengguan town)Guidong County (Chengguan town) Yongxing Xian (Chengguan town) Guiyang County (Chengguan town)辖2个市辖区、8个县、1个自治县。Municipal People's Government in the area Yiyun Lengshui Tan Road.Lengshui Tan district Lingling District Qiyang County (Wu Town) Lanshan Xian (Tajikistan-town) Ningyuan Xian (Shunling town) San Tin County (Longquan town) East County (white teeth towns)Jiangyong County (Xiao Town) County Road (Road Town) dual-card counties (Long Park town) Jianghua Yao Autonomous County (Tuojiang River town)辖1个市辖区、5个县、5个自治县,代管1个县级市。Municipal People's Government in Hok Fung Ying City Road.Crane City Hongjiang City (Guizhou town)In counties (cities and towns Lin) Yuanling County (Yuanling town) Chenxi County (e Yang Zhen) Xu Puxian (Lu Feng town) in China (China Town)Xinhuang Dong Nationality Autonomous County (Xinhuang town) Zhijiang Dong Nationality Autonomous County (Zhijiang town) Dong Nationality Autonomous County channel (even Town)Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County (Drainage Yang Zhen) Mayang Miao Autonomous County (high villages and towns)辖1个市辖区、2个县,代管2个县级市。Municipal People's Government in the Louxing District.Louxing District Lengshuijiang City (Lengshuijiang streets) Lianyuan City (Lam Tin Street)Xinhua County (MEI town) Shuangfeng Xian (the company town)辖1个县级市、7个县。Autonomous Region People's Government in Jishou City.Jishou City Guzhang county (ancient Yang Zhen) Longshan County (CAS streets) Yongshun county (Ling Xizhen) Fenghuang County (Tuojiang River town) Luxi Xian (Baisha Town)Baojing County (moved Lingzhen) Huayuan County (Huayuan town)Overview of Hunan ProvinceReferred to Hunan, Changsha, the provincial capital.Area of over 210,000 square kilometres.The end of 2004 the province a total population of 66.977 million, of which the urban population 23776800 people.Dongting Lake in Hunan Province to the south named.Tang is Jiang's Road West Road and Guizhou, Hunan established after the observation, named after the beginning of Hunan; Song home Jinghu South, referred to Hunan Road; yuan for Lingbei Hunan Road; Hu Guang Ming is a province to province after the Huguang Bu Zhengshi Division; Huguang-hours home in Hunan Province, the province name has not changed.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Hunan Province 632741733; Changsha City 6138719 Zhuzhou City 3581820 Xiangtan City 26720691 Hengyang City 6784891 Shaoyang City 6963619 Yueyang City 5011416 Changde City 5740875 Wuling Qu 509,940 Zhangjiajie City 1493115 Yiyang City 4309143 4324812 Chenzhou City, Yongzhou City 5367106 Huaihua City 4639738 Loudi City 3783233 Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture 24636171 (at that administrative division; units:)

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