Chaohu City of Anhui Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewChaohu city of Anhui Province in the central part of geographical coordinates for longitude 117 ° 00'-118 ° 29 ', north latitude and 30 ° 56'-32 ° 02'.South foreshore Yangtze River, the embrace of Chaohu Lake, and surrounding Hefei, Lu'an, Anqing, Chuzhou, Nanjing and other cities bordering, and the Ma On Shan River, Wuhu, Tongling City, three across.Total area of 9,423 square kilometres.Total population of 4.52 million (2002).Municipal People's Government in the Juchao District Youth Road, Zip code: 238000.Administrative division code: 341400.Code: 0565.Pinyin: Chaohu Shi.Topography from the North and South gradually lower the type complex and varied topography, the city's hills, Kong Taiwan, the three of the Fan Fair than 12.3: 48.9: 38.8, 1266.7 square km waters of rivers and lakes.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Shixia Chaohu, a city area, four counties.Chaohu City area of 9,319 square kilometres, population 4.53 million (2003).Juchao area of 2082 square kilometres, population 860,000.ZIP code 238000.District People's Government in the Dongfeng Road.Lujiang County area of 2348 square kilometres, population 1.19 million.ZIP code 231500.County People's Government in the House towns.Wuwei County area of 2449 square kilometres, population 1.39 million.ZIP code 238300.County People's Government in non-urban.Han Shanxian area of 1028 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 238100.County-Central People's Government in the town.And county area of 1412 square kilometres, population 650,000.ZIP code 238200.Yang Zhen County People's Government in the calendar.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryAs early as the Qin Dynasty, had this calendar County and the county home.Northern Qi Tianbao 2006 (555), and changed for the calendar Yang Chau.Sui Kaihuang early for the county to potential Lujiang County.Tang Takenori 2006 (623), County belong to the old calendar-Kang Han Shanxian County home.Tang Takenori 2007 (624), to Xiang'an nest for the county.Northern Song Xi-ning 2003 (1070), Re-analysis of the nest County, home to Lujiang Wuwei County.After the end of the Ching dynasty to, all counties of the title, Habitat domain, although the regular change of affiliation, but has not changed its basic construction.In the first year (1912), the five counties are under the Anhui Province.In April 36 to January 38, the five counties in Anhui Province is the ninth Office of the Inspector.In January 38, the establishment of the Office of the Jianghuai fifth, exempted Han Shan, and the county, Jiang whole, the nest County, Feidong, Chaohu (for the original Feidong, nest in adjacent counties Binhu regional) 6 County.In June 38, the establishment of the Office of Chaohu and revocation of five West Anhui Jianghuai agency and the agency build, exempted nest County, Wuwei County, Lujiang County, Feidong Xian, Feixi County, Hanshan Xian, and the county, Sanhe City , Chaohu Lake Water Public Security Bureau.Chaohu Lake area established in 1949, the District Administrative Office, north of Anhui.Chaohu Lake County agency in the nest, and nest jurisdiction in Sanhe City, Han Shan, and the county, and inaction, Lujiang, Feidong (Analysis of the Hefei County home, in shops Buzhen) and six counties.1950 revocation of Sanhe City, north of Anhui reasons included in Feixi County Administrative Office, directly under the Chaohu Lake area.7 County jurisdiction.1952 Chaohu Lake in Anhui Province area of leadership.Revocation of Chaohu Lake area, will nest County, Han Shan, and the county, and inaction, Lujiang County, was placed under five Wuhu area; classified Chu county area Feidong Xian; Feixi County was placed under Lu'an area.1965-established Chaohu Lake area, the county agency in the nest.Wuhu area of origin nest County, Wuwei, Han Shan (Central peak in the town) and county (in calendar Yang Zhen) 4 counties, Chu county area of origin Feidong Xian (in stores Buzhen) and the original area Lu'an Assigned to the Lujiang County in Chaohu Lake area.6 County jurisdiction.Chaohu Lake area renamed in 1970 in Chaohu, regional nest in the county.Exempted nest County, Feidong (in stores Buzhen), Han Shan (Central peak in the town) and county (in calendar Yang Zhen), inaction, and six Lujiang County.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")November 25, 1982 the State Council approved the establishment of Chaohu City, to nest in parts of its administrative regions.October 8, 1983 the State Council for approval, Chaohu Lake in Feidong Xian classified Hefei.July 9, 1999 approved by the State Council (the letter [1999] 80): (1) revoke the county level and Chaohu Lake in Chaohu City, the establishment level in Chaohu City.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Youth Juchao District Road.(2) the establishment of Juchao District of Chaohu City, to the original county-level administrative region in Chaohu City for the Juchao District, the administrative regions.District People's Government in the Dongfeng Road.(3) Shixia the Chaohu Lake Chaohu in Wuwei County, Lujiang County, and county, Hanshan Xian and the newly established Juchao District.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Chaohu City 4173449; Juchao District 778,864 Lujiang County 1145874 Wuwei County 1252081 Han Shanxian County, 405,070 and 591,560 (according to administrative division that year; units:)August 2001, the city's total of four streets, 80 towns and 46 townships, and 2,091 village committees, 130 neighborhood committees, covering 9,423 square kilometres.The end of 2004, a total of five city streets, 74 towns and 27 townships.Juchao District for five neighborhoods, 15 towns and two townships; Han Shanxian for nine town a rural; Lujiang County, located 17 rural town 11; Wuwei County set up 22 rural towns 9; and the county set up 11 rural towns 4.March 16, 2006, the Chaohu City People's Government "on the Juchao District agreed with Han Shanxian part of the administrative regions of the approved adjustments" (secret nest G [2006] 15): The provincial government agreed to ask the provincial Civil Affairs Department has approved (Man to the word [2006] No. 42), the notice is as follows: agree to the Han Shanxian-town-Bian mountain village committee and village committee of the Samsung Zhaozhuang, stone-Fort two groups of villagers, the village committee of the King Lam San Tsuen Lin Chong, Fangzhuang, King Au Zheng four villagers Group was placed under a half-street Juchao District Office jurisdiction.And Zhaozhuang, stone-Fort, San Tsuen, Lin Chong, Fangzhuang, King Cheng Au group of villagers into the six-Bian mountain village committee.After adjusting the half-street offices exempted hot springs, Ju嶂, the Western Hills neighborhood and three half-soup, before the war, Tangshan, of Temple, Gushan, six-Bian mountain village committee, the area of 56 square kilometres Population 30,500.Office of the streets still in semi-Tang.After adjusting the Han Shanxian-town exempted the stream, giant-two neighborhood committees and the emerging, Wang Long, Wang Qing, Cangnan, Wan Shan, white, Fohui, Zhou Gang, the Cheonggyecheon, is booming, Dong City, King Lin, semi-Lake, Samsung, Yao ridge, the earth dragon, Taiping, giant-hing, Mr Tong, Ma, 40 Bridge, the White Horse, Qiao clock 23 village committees, area of 144 square kilometres, population 48,700.The town government is still in the stream.

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