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Country: Grenada (Grenada)Independence Day: February 7 (1974)National Day: February 7 (1974)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 5 to 3, around the flag of the same width as the red Broadside, from top to bottom in each of three yellow Broadside Wu Jiaoxing; Broadside red flag in the face for the equivalent of 4 February 2 A isosceles triangle, from top to bottom in yellow, green around.For the red flag of the small round, with a yellow Wu Jiaoxing; left of the green triangle logo in a nutmeg.Red symbolizes the spirit of friendliness of the people throughout the country, green symbol of the island's agriculture and rich plant resources, yellow symbol of the state with the sun.7 Wu Jiaoxing on behalf of the seven parishes, the majority of residents believe in the Catholic Church; nutmeg logo that the country's specialty.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.A yellow Cross will face shield divided into four parts, Mr Cross on behalf of the majority Catholic population; Cross Centre, a one-sailing, is to commemorate Columbus discovered Grenada; the upper left corner and red on the bottom right corner for the yellow lion, that the country And the United Kingdom; bottom left corner of the upper-right corner and a pictorial nutmeg and bananas, for the country's major agricultural crops.Shield logo for the top of the helmet decorated with garland and wreaths; gray armadillo to the left and cocoa trees, for the right-eye blue pigeons and coconut trees, on behalf of the unique animal and plant resources.Ups and downs as the base of the mountain ring holding the blue volcanic lake at the bottom of the white Shidai read "obedience God's will, we engaged in construction, as a forward."State leaders: Prime Minister Keith Mitchell (Keith Mitchell), 1995年6, since as prime minister.Physical Geography: 344 square kilometers.Eastern Caribbean in the southernmost tip of the Windward Islands, from the main island of Grenada and the island of Forecariah, Martinique, and other small components.Population: about 102,000, of which about 85 percent black, mixed race accounting for 11 percent, whites and other races accounted for 4 percent.English as the official language.Most residents believe in Catholicism and other Christian and other religious.Capital: St. George (St. George's), a population of about 10,000.Administrative Division: country is divided into six districts and Kaliyake Island, the small island of Martinique.For the six districts of St. Mark, St. Patrick, St. John, St. Andrew, St. George's, St. David.History: Grenada original place of residence for the Indians, 1498 by Christopher Columbus found that in 1650 become a French colony, occupied by Britain in 1762.1763 under the "Treaty of Paris," France will be transferred to the British grid, in 1779 accounted for by the French heavy.1783 under the "Treaty of Versailles," all of Grenada to the United Kingdom, from becoming a British colony, in 1833 to become part of the Windward Islands, appointed by the Queen of England Governor of the Windward Islands jurisdiction.Grenada in 1958 to participate in the West Indies Federation, to the 1962 collapse of the Federation.Grenada in 1967 to internal self-government, the State in association with the British, February 7, 1974 declaration of independence.Politics: Grenada in 1974 in accordance with the entry into force of the Constitution, the British Queen as head of state, the Governor appointed by the Queen of England.Georgia is the supreme legislative body composed of both houses of parliament, the cabinet is the executive body, the Prime Minister is the head of the direct leadership of the cabinet.Economy: Grenada economy relies mainly on agriculture, crops to nutmeg, bananas, cocoa, coconuts, sugar cane, cotton and tropical fruit-based, is the world's second-largest nutmeg producer, accounted for a quarter of global demand, "Flavor of the country," said.Grid industrial underdevelopment, only some of the processing of agricultural products, wine and clothing industry, and so on.In recent years, a greater development of the tourism industry.Foreign Affairs: for the world all friendly countries develop trade and cultural relations; advocated strengthening and North America, the European Community, Central and South America, especially with Venezuela, Brazil and Mexico relations.Relations with China: China and Grenada on October 1, 1985 establishment of diplomatic relations.Due July 19, 1989 the Government of Grenada and the Taiwan authorities announced the establishment of "diplomatic relations", August 7, China announced severed diplomatic relations with Georgia.January 20, 2005, Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse with visiting Foreign Minister of Grenada Irvine Nimrod behalf of their respective governments signed the restoration of diplomatic relations between the joint communiques, decided in January 2005 20, the two countries restored diplomatic relations.July 2005, Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell an official visit to China.Reproduced:

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