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OverviewJiujiang City of Jiangxi Province in the north, middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River south coast.Longitude 113 ° 57'-116 ° 53 ', north latitude and 28 ° 47'-30 ° 06'.North of Hubei, Anhui Province, east sector of Shangrao City, south Nanchang, Yichun City, West TAIWAN BISHAMON Hunan Province.Area of 18,823 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 4.632 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.221 million people.Municipal People's Government in Xunyang Qu.Zip code: 332000.Administrative division code: 360400.Code: 0792.Pinyin: Jiujiang Shi.Topography of things, the central low, slightly higher than the south, the north-dipping, an average elevation of 32 meters (20 meters above sea level urban), Xiushui 9 Ridge Hill 1,794 meters altitude, for the peak of Jiujiang, Xingzi County Ham stone near the end of Poyang Lake, elevation -- 9.37 meters, the lowest for the city.The city's mountain of the total area of 16.4 percent, 44.5 percent of the hills, lakes, accounting for 18 percent.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Jiujiang City area, nine counties, hosted a county-level city, 12 streets and 98 towns and 82 townships.Jiujiang City area of 18,823 square kilometres.4560000 (2002).Xunyang Qu area of 50 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 332000.Yuliang District People's Government in the North.7 exempted streets.Lushan Mountain area of 548 square kilometres, population 260,000.ZIP code 332005.District People's Government in the Shili Avenue.3 exempted a rural town streets 7.Ruichang City area of 1423 square kilometres, population 430,000.ZIP code 332200.Municipal People's Government in the construction of roads.2 Street 8 exempted rural town 8.Jiujiang county area of 911 square kilometres, population 340,000.ZIP code 332100.County People's Government in Shahe Jiezhen.5 rural town of jurisdiction 7.Wuning county area of 3507 square kilometres, population 350,000.ZIP code 332300.Nanjing County People's Government in the new town.8 exempted rural town 11.Xiushui county area of 4,504 square kilometres, population 760,000.ZIP code 332400.Yi-ling County People's Government in the town.18 exempted rural town 18.Yongxiu County area of 2035 square kilometres, population 360,000.ZIP code 330300.County People's Government in the Tu Buzhen.11 exempted rural town 4.Dean Xian area of 927 square kilometres, population 220,000.ZIP code 330400.Putin County People's Government in the town.5 exempted rural town 10.Xingzi county area of 719 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 332800.County People's Government in the Nankang town.3 rural town of jurisdiction 7.IN DUCHANG COUNTY area of 1988 square kilometres, population 720,000.ZIP code 332600.County People's Government in all Changzhen.12 exempted rural town 12.Hukou Xian area of 669 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 332500.County People's Government in the double-bell town.7 rural town jurisdiction 5.Pengze county area of 1542 square kilometres, population 340,000.ZIP code 332700.Long County People's Government in the town.3 rural town 10 exemptions.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2004)", the population at the end of 2002.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJiujiang only found in the name of "Yugong": Jingzhou, "Jiujiang Kong Yin," "big tortoise-Jiujiang satisfied."Spring and Autumn when Wu Chu land.Chu of the Warring States Period.Qin is a Jiujiang County.Han Yu Zhang for the county Chaisang, Pengze, Ai, sea fainted, Ling Li, Qiao County to.Jin Yongxing first year (304) Analysis of Lujiang County, Wuchang County home search-gun, the primary search County, Xiankang shift in governance Chaisang County, the Jiangzhou.Analysis of the Southern Dynasties at the end of Liang Yu Zhang Yu-ling home county of other counties, the Gaozhou, look-gun to the Xijiang state.Chan Ka days spent four years in Gaozhou, in rotation, Xijiang, searching Yang, Yu-ling 2 County is still Jiangzhou.Sui Kaihuang 2009 (589) stop the county home Jiangzhou, 2003 to the great cause of the Jiujiang County Jiangzhou.Tang Takenori four years (621) Fu said Jiangzhou, Zhenguan the beginning of the Jiangnan Road, Kaiyuan 21 years of Jiang's Nancy Road, the first year of Jiangzhou Tianbao renamed Au-gun, Qianyuan rehabilitation for the first year of Jiangzhou.Song of peace and rejuvenating 2007 (982) Analysis of Jiangzhou Xingzi, Chang and Hongzhou 3 Jianchang County, home Nam Hong-jun, Tianxi four years Jiangzhou, Nam Hong-jun belong to Gangnam Road East, the first year of Shaoxing Nancy Jiang Li Jiangzhou Road, Nam Hong Jun Li Jiangnan Road.Yuan for the Jiangzhou Road and Nam Hong Road, the Executive Secretariat of Jiangxi.Jiujiang House for the House and Nam Hong, Chengxuan Buzheng Shi Secretary of Jiangxi.Jiujiang House in 1914 will be Au-Yang Road, a Jiangxi Province, from a total of 20 counties, which Dehua (former House first Jiujiang County) in connection with the Fujian Dehua the same name, in 1914 to Jiujiang County.1926 Waste Road, County belong in the province.1932, led the second and third SAR.1935 Year of the first, fifth SAR.1939, led the second, fifth, ninth SAR.Jiujiang City in 1917 set up.March 1921, established the Office of Jiujiang, a city government changed the following year.February 1932, the establishment of SAR system.1936 also changed to Jiujiang County.May 7, 1949 liberation of Jiujiang, on July 19 for the Office of Jiujiang.The same year, out of Jiujiang county home county area of Jiujiang City; Poyang area Pengze, Hukou and Duchang County and the Yuanzhou area 3 Xiushui county to be.April 1968, the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Jiujiang area.February 1971, to the Revolutionary Committee of Jiujiang area.Jiujiang in 1979 to Civil Administration.Analysis of Jiujiang City in 1978 established the town of Lushan Lushan (county-level administrative institution).Formed in 1980 Lushan into the Jiujiang City; Jiujiang City, was promoted to level cities, the establishment of Lushan Mountain area, Xunyang Qu and rural areas, the provincial Crown.July 27, 1983 revocation of Jiujiang, in its jurisdiction vested in Jiujiang City.1987 revocation of Jiujiang City suburbs.1989 Ruichang County to the city.Xian Xia Jiujiang County, Wuning County, Xiushui County, Yongxiu County, Dean Xian, Xingzi County, IN DUCHANG COUNTY, Hukou Xian, Pengze County, and other nine counties, and Ruichang City and Jiujiang Yang, Lushan in the two districts and Lushan scenic area Authority.End of 2003, the total population of 4.601 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.085 million people.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------OtherA total of Qingcheng (of Qingcheng open development zones)[History: Overview of Jiangxi Province Qingcheng open development zones in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, Lushan look North, east Panyang Lake.The geographic coordinates of latitude 29 ° 19 ', longitude 115 ° 58'.Area of 200 square kilometres, population 100,000.Zip code 332020.Qingcheng is the predecessor of the Shanghai youth volunteers in 1955 to create the Gongqing clubs.1992, the Jiangxi Provincial Government to speed up the nine-chang industrial corridor building, approved the establishment of Jiangxi Province Gongqing open development zones, and to give the provincial power to approve foreign investment.1994 also approved the establishment of the provincial government of Jiangxi Province Gongqing Taiwanese investment zones.October 2002, a total of Qingcheng were identified as Jiujiang City People's Government sent bodies.In flat terrain, the Yangtze River Basin is humid subtropical monsoon climate, the average temperature of 16.7 ℃, in 1366 mm rainfall, in bright sunshine duration of 1885 hours.[Administrative districts - District 3 jurisdiction of a town (in Jiangxi Province in 2004 under the administrative divisions of finishing the code, which brackets for Quzhen County).City (Dean Xian) jurisdiction: East Lake District neighborhood, Nanhu District neighborhood, the residents committee of West Lake District, North Peak District neighborhood, Fu-wah District neighborhood.Mannan Town (Dean Xian) exemptions: Mannan neighborhood committees and village Mannan, the former Village, Forest Farm, double village, garden market, Bridging the village.The Town (Dean Xian) exemptions: Huang Qiaocun, Peace Village, Jiang Liu village, the village, Jinhu fish market, solid Village, Phoenix Village, a village 5.Jiang Yi-jin (Yongxiu County) jurisdiction: Jiang Yi Street neighborhood, Jiangyi village, Hung Lam Tsuen, Li Sakamura, Yuejin Village, Hawthorn Village, patriotic Village, Krasnaya Zvezda, by Long Village, South Lake Village.Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development ZoneOverview: [Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in July 12, 1992.May 2003, Jiujiang city party committee and government in accordance with the "multi-district park, a multi-park system, enlarge and strengthen" the planning and development ideas to broaden the development of space development zones, development zones of control from the original area of 30.04 square 1,000 m now expanded to 120 square kilometres.CMC address the development of the Yangtze River Avenue building.External links: Map[Administrative divisions - exempted three streets.(Jiangxi Province in 2004 under the code division finishing in brackets in the streets of the district)Sunningdale streets (Xunyang Qu) exemptions: Sunningdale neighborhood committees and neighborhood committees in the lake, West 2 Road neighborhood, gardening neighborhood committees, the Great Wall neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees Maofang Chang, the banks of ridge-neighborhood, Liu Jia Tang neighborhood committees and village-Kowloon village, Pai Village, Xilin Village, Village Twin Towers.Bin-street (Xunyang Qu) jurisdiction: three road neighborhood, a neighborhood road, the road neighborhood, the Yangtze Lane neighborhood, the neighborhood committees Moon Bay, Pali Lake neighborhood, Chun-an, Juwei , Ma Field neighborhood, Pa Wai in the neighborhood, the official licensing folder neighborhood committees, building materials neighborhood committees and 214 neighborhood committees, neighborhood committees triangular line.Hu Qili streets (Lushan District): exempted Pali Lake, along the Jiujiang, Jiujiang West three neighborhood committees;赛Lake, Ng Fung Hong, Yang Hua, Qingfeng, Kau Beach, Quantang six villages.

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