Beijing's Pinggu District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewPinggu District of Beijing in the north-east, the seat of government from the Dongzhimen area of 70 km and geographical coordinates for longitude 116 ° 55'-117 ° 24 ', north latitude and 40 ° 02'-40 ° 22'.Beijing's Miyun County and the Northwest, West and the Shunyi district bordering the south and Sanhe City in Hebei Province for the neighbors, Tianjin, North China and southeast, northeast and Xinglong County, Hebei Province, adjacent to.Habitat things domain 35.5 km long, 30.5 km north-south width.The average total area of 1,075 km.Total population of 390,000 people (2002).The town of Pinggu District People's Government in the House Street.Zip code: 101200.Administrative division code: 110117.Code: 010.Pinyin: Pinggu Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionRiverbank streets exempted 13 communities (Jingu East Park community, community-grain, Sunningdale, Jingu park, Cheng Ping Park, North District, built the West, Southern District, riparian communities, Gimhae, South community building , The House, lined home communities).- Valley streets exempted eight communities (Paradise East, Xingu Park, a bright, star, the rural East, the rural West, gardener, Paradise West communities); three village committees (Du Xin Village China and Romania Village, Village on paper).Yu Yang jurisdiction in three communities (Customs West Park, victory, Wo Park Community); 14 village committees (Portland neighborhood built Qucun West Temple, the East Temple Qucun, Yuantian Force Village, Victory Street, and peace Street, and Heping Jie Village, Taiping Jie Village, Yuege Zhuang Village, the Village of Zhao, North Taiwan Village, West Village, antlers, the paper Village, the East Village Antlers).Meiyukou areas exempted 20 village committees (Meiyukou Village, West Yingcun, Fan of the East Village, the Village of West Fan, three white mountain village, Hu Yingcun, Xinglong Village, Kiu Tsuen, Cai Tuo village, South Camp Village, Tuo first Sicun, Hu Daxinzhuang Village, the Village of pear, North Yang Kiu Tsuen, South Yang Kiu Tsuen, Qiaotou Village, the factory's gate Village, Yunfeng Sicun, the Guanzhuang Cun, small Guan Zhuangcun).Ma Fang district exempted 22 village committees (East Diancun, San Tiaojie Village, Street, 102 West Main Street Village, in Chiang Village, Tasi Village, Shifosi Village, Mrs Constance LI Street, as early as legislation Village, Hebei Village, small Zhuncun, the British Village, the Village of fruit, Wali village, pears sheep Village, Wrought Iron Village, Taiping Village, the new team Village, hit the East Village, Chazi Village, Village North Shiqu, River-kui Village).Jinhai Hu areas exempted 28 village committees (Korean Village, Hu Village, Tumen Village, Ma Tuncun, the ancestral village works, Geng Jingcun, Yan Village, on Zhaicun, Waterloo of the village, the village water-soo, water Yucun, Sunningdale Village, Haizi Village, kaoshanji village, Mr Kwok Ka Tuncun, on the East Yingcun, after Maoshan Village, Xiaodong Village, a village chang, Hung Shihmen village, the village centre, General Guan Cun, Heishui Wan Village, Wong Wacun grass, red Shikan village, the village on Baozi, Rohan village, the Village of East Malaysia).East High 22 villages and towns exempted village committee (high-East Village, West Village high, South Shanian Tau Tsuen, Tai Mong Works Village, Tai Zhuanghu Village, home village of Zhao, Zhaozhuang village households, g Tau Tsuen, prospects Village, South Zhang Dai Village , North Zhang Dai village, hit the village of Dai Xin, Yang Zhuncun Green, Cuijia Village, Hou Village home, the gatehouse Village, Bao Jia Village, Gao Village, Cao Village, Samantabhadra Tuncun, South Zhaicun, South House Zhuanghu Village).Shandong Town exempted 12 village committees (Bridge Yingcun, Lek-West Village, Tai Hom Village, East Wacun, North Sicun, Li Daxinzhuang village, Bei Tun Village, Taibeiguancun, small North Guan Cun, Shandong Village, Yuzi Village, peach shed Village).South independence Lok town exempted 13 village committees (South independence Lok Kawamura, North independence Lok Kawamura, Liu Kawamura, Emei Shan Village, Village North, the Secretary grave village, the village-Taiwan, Zhang Daxinzhuang Village, Ma Wang-Taiwan Village , Gan Yingcun, Nanshan Village, the new countryside, new legislation Village).Dahuashan Township exempted 20 village committees (the former Beigong village after village Beigong, Victory Village, Chen Chuang-tzu Village, Suzi Yucun, Shanmen Village, Mazaiyucun, Guajiayucun, Dahuashan Village, brick and tile Yaocun, springs Yucun, the West Yucun, the West long Yucun, the West cattle Yucun, tile official Tau Tsuen, ladder Yucun, Li Yucun, Dongxin hit the village, the village of Tai Yu, the small valley of the village) .Summer Town jurisdiction of the 15 village committee (of the Village, the Village Yang, Ma of the Village, Long home village, Yin Wang Village, Village-all, she works Village, Tai Chi for the village, Wei is for the village, South Pacific for the village, the Village of summer, Angulinao Village, Dao De Village, Yangzhuang households Village, Tai Ling after the village).Machan营镇exempted 17 village committees (Ge tower Tau Tsuen, Wang Guantun Village, Maoguanyingcun, the Village Wang, Machan Yingcun, Wei Xin Village, the East Village Chan, Chen of the West Village, East Two-Yingcun, double Yingcun West, South Dingfu Zhuang Village, North Dingfu Zhuang Village, the Village of thin, the village courtyard, the former Rui Yingcun, after Rui Yingcun, Haizi Village West).Wang Daxinzhuang town exempted 23 village committees (the Queen Mother village north Yingcun, in the home village of Hu, Xiong'er Yingcun, East Middle Kingdom, West Middle Kingdom, Taiping Village, the Xinzhai Cun, small Xinzhai Cun, the Village Jia, Village-all, Wang Daxinzhuang Village, after the Romanian Village, Xu home village, Lotus Tancun, Brightness Village, Yang will Village, Wells infants Yucun, North Daxinzhuang Village, the Village Zhai, Xingyuan West Village, East Xingyuan Village, Lok Chief Village).Daxing Town exempted 18 village committees (Tai Hing Village, the Village of Lu, the White Village, Village North Chengzihe, Parkinson Diancun East, North Shanian Tau Tsuen, Zhuang Zi Tang Village, Xibodiancun, Zhou Zhuang Zi Village, Han Tuncun , Kyrgyzstan lying villages and village-Zhuangzi, San Fu Village, Chen Liang Zhuncun, Dan Qiaocun West, East Dan Qiaocun, Village Manager, Zhoucun).Liu Dianzhen with 14 village committees (Fung-Village, North Diancun, Kyrgyzstan Village North, the former Kyrgyz village, the village-shelf, Liu Diancun, Hole City Yucun, 10000 Village, Hu Diancun, yin Tung Village, XINZHUANGZI Village, glutinous rice Tung Village, the palace Village, Dongshan Village).Luo Yingzhen town exempted 20 village committees (Zhencun, Damiaoyucun, quarter-Village, Village North 4, four East Village, under Yingcun, on Yingcun, Taoyuan Village, see son Village, the East horns Yucun, Wuli Miaocun, West Temple Yucun, the East Temple Yucun, walnut Wacun, close the village, North Water Yucun, Shimizu Village, Yang Taiwan Village, Chang Taiwan Village, glass-Taiwan Village) .Huang Song Yuxiang exempted seven village committees (Pinus ponderosa Yucun, black bean Yucun, Baiyun Si Village, Dadong Village, pear Village, Tajikistan Wacun, Diao Waterloo Village).Xiong eight children Zhai Xiang jurisdiction of Village Committees (Bear infants Village, Village North Tumen, Nancha Village, Wei Jia Wan Village, the East Village, the East-Yucun, spent Yucun, the old-chuen, I Village).(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryCounty, built in 195 BC.August 1949, the Hebei Tongzhou agency.March 1958, the Datong area revoked, Pinggu Xian to an agency of Tangshan in Hebei Province.In October, assigned to Beijing.>> More details2000, the town of Pinggu Xian exempted 12, five townships, and the total population of 396,701 people, the township (neighborhood) Population: 90,457 Pinggu town of 31,741 villages in Shandong East High Town Meiyukou town of 18,598 independent music 29,584 Southern town town of 23,678 Dahuashan 20,481 of the summer Town MA 25327 Fangzhen 18,920 Machan营镇16,058 Korea 17,336 Town Daxinzhuang town of 40,695-18,812 Daxing Town patron Jixiang 14,284 Huang Song Xiong Yuxiang 5,899 infants Zhai Xiang 4308 shop in the town of Luoying Xiang Liu 11007 Rural 9516 (according to the fifth census data; units:)», With 14 towns and three townships: Pinggu town, the East High villages and towns, Daxing Town, Korea Town, Machan营镇, Ma Fang Zhen, South Lok town alone, Shandong Town, the Summer Town, Meiyukou town, Wang Daxinzhuang town, Dahuashan Township, Liu Dianzhen, backing market towns, Xiong children Zhai Xiang, the town Luo Yingxiang, Huang Song Yuxiang.December 30, 2001, the State Council approved the revocation of Pinggu Xian, the establishment of Pinggu District of Beijing.February 7, 2002, the Beijing Municipal People's Government (Beijing governance of the [2002] 7) approved: (1) approved by the State Council, the revocation of Pinggu Xian, the establishment of Pinggu District.Pinggu Xian to the region for the Pinggu District administrative region.Pinggu District People's Government in the town of Pinggu Fuqian Jie.(2) the establishment of riparian town in Pinggu, two-Valley neighborhood offices, and the remaining township formed and administrative divisions remain unchanged.April 18, 2002, Pinggu District was set up.2002, Pinggu District exempted two streets, 15 towns and two townships: Riverbank Street, Hing Valley streets; Pinggu town, the East High villages and towns, Shandong Town, Meiyukou Town, South Lok town alone, Dahuashan Township , The Summer Town, Ma Fang Zhen, Machan营镇, Korea Town, Wang Daxinzhuang town, Daxing Town, Liu Dianzhen, backing market towns, the town Luo Yingzhen; Huang Song Yuxiang, bears children Zhai Xiang .», The town of Pinggu District with 14, two townships, two streets, 272 administrative villages: Riverbank Street, Hing Valley streets; Pinggu town, the town Meiyukou, Machan营镇, the East High villages and towns, Liu Dianzhen, MA Fang Zhen, the Summer Town, Wang Daxinzhuang town, Daxing Town, Dahuashan Township, Shandong Town, Jinhai Hu Town, South independence music town, the town Luo Yingzhen; Xiong children Zhai Xiang, Huang Song Yuxiang.2005, Pinggu District exempted two streets (riparian street, the street-Valley), the four regions (Yu Yang, Meiyukou, Ma Fang, Jin Haihu region), 14 towns (the town of Pinggu, Daxing Town , Machan营镇, Meiyukou town, Ma Fang Zhen, the East High villages and towns, the Summer Town, South Lok town alone, Jinhai Hu town, the town Luo Yingzhen, Dahuashan Township, Liu Dianzhen, Wang Daxinzhuang Town, Shandong Town), two township (Pinus ponderosa Yuxiang, bears children Zhai Xiang).

Beijing's Pinggu District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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