Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Provinces) Satellite maps

Updated: January 30, 2005] [Overview of 1100 square kilometres, population 6.73 million.Zip code 00852.July 1, 1997, the Chinese government resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, the establishment of the HKSAR.Hong Kong Special Administrative Region established 18 districts, according to "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Basic Law," which only 18 districts set up regional organizations of political power:WesternEasternKowloon CityKwun Tong DistrictSouthern DistrictSham Shui Po DistrictWong Tai Sin DistrictWan Chai DistrictYau Tsim Mong DistrictIslands DistrictKwai Tsing DistrictNorthSai Kung DistrictSha Tin DistrictTuen Mun DistrictTai Po DistrictTsuen Wan DistrictYuen Long District[Information] 2001 District area and population: the population of the territory 2754.07 square kilometres 6708389 Hong Kong Island 78.33 square kilometres 1335469 Kowloon 46.83 square kilometres 2023979 New Territories 746.45 square kilometres 3256379 Lantau 144.23 square kilometres of all 86,667 islands 82.24 square km land 1098.08 square kilometres 6702494 waters 1655.99 square kilometres 5,895 Islands District information 174.84 square kilometres 86,667 Tai Po 148.05 square kilometres 310,879 Yuen Long 138.59 square kilometres 449,070 North 136.74 square kilometres 298,657 square Sai Kung 136.03 1000 84.27 metres 327,689 square kilometres 488,831 Tuen Mun, Sha Tin 69.21 square kilometres 628,634 Tsuen Wan 61.01 square kilometres 275,527 Southern District 39.39 square kilometres 290,240 square kilometres 477,092 Kwai Tsing 22.11 Eastern 18.70 square kilometres 616,199 in the Western concept of 12.39 square kilometres 261,884 Tong 11.26 square kilometres 562,427 Kowloon City 10.02 square kilometres 381,352 Wan Chai 9.92 square kilometres 167,146 Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin 9.35 square kilometres 353,550 Yau Tsim Mong 9.30 square kilometres 444,630 km 282,020 square 6.90Data Source: Census and Statistics Department website

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