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OverviewHohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the region is the political, economic and cultural center.East Drive at 110 ° 46'-112 ° 10 ', north latitude and 39 ° 35'-40 ° 51'.Total area of 17,224 square kilometres.In 2001 the city's total population of 2.118 million people.The urban population of 1.084 million, non-agricultural population of 959,000 people, minority population 264,000 people.Mongolia has (about 11 per cent), Han, Hui, Manchu, Oroqen, Ewenki, and other 34 people.Municipal People's Government in the Hui district, Zip code: 010020.Administrative division code: 150100.Code: 0471.Pinyin: Huhehaote Shi.Hohhot topography of the northeast, southwest low, with an average elevation of about 1,000 meters.Spring and Autumn season short, the temperature difference between day and night.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted four Hohhot City area, four counties, and a flag.That is, Yuquan District, the new City, Hui, Saihan District, Tu Mote Right Banner, Tuoketuo County, the Qingshui River County, and Lingle Wuchuan County and the county.Hohhot area of 17,271 square kilometres, population 2.14 million (2004).Hui area of 175 square kilometres, population 220,000.ZIP code 010030.District People's Government in the Channel Street South.New City area of 700 square kilometres, population 320,000.ZIP code 010010.District People's Government in the Metro West Street.Yuquan area of 213 square kilometres, population 190,000.ZIP code 010031.Saihan area of 1013 square kilometres, population 360,000.ZIP code 010020.Qiao District People's Government in the town reported.Tuoketuo County area of 1313 square kilometres, population 200,000.ZIP code 010200.County People's Government in the shuanghezhen.Wuchuan County area of 4,885 square kilometres, population 170,000.ZIP code 011700.People's Government in the county can be more of the town.Helinger County area and 3,401 square kilometres, population 190,000.ZIP code 011500.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Qingshui River County area of 2859 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 011600.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Tu Mote Zuoqi area of 2712 square kilometres, population 350,000.ZIP code 010100.Qi Qi People's Government in the review of the town.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population At the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History"Hohhot" in Mongolian, which means green city, there was a "Qingcheng," said.Because of the history of the temple more response, it is also called "Zhao City."In 306 BC, King Wuling of Zhao Great Wall built in the Yinshan Mountain, and a cloud of gun, Junzhiguzhi Hohhot Xi Nantuo Hector in this county seat of the ancient city Corporation.Western Han Dynasty Emperor Wu, in the Loop area for a number of military City.Hohhot this village on the eastern outskirts of Ta Butuo left Tuchengzi during the Western Han Dynasty ruins.Tucheng to double within and outside, around three kilometers outside the city, is built on small rectangular soil, as was the location of residential areas and barracks; within the City of Guanshu resident.Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties period, the Department of the Xianbei ethnic Tuoba rise in the north, it's early capital, "Sheng music" that is, in this 60 km south of Hohhot Helinger County.Sui and Tang Dynasties period, Hohhot is the Turkic people around the scope of activities.Tang Taizong Zhenguan years, the generals responsible for Shuaibing to Li-yun,大败Turks in the White Road (now the dam of the centipede in Hohhot North).TANG Zhong-in 2002-King (708) and Tang dynasties in this area around Hohhot established the East, in the West three "Shouxiang City."Year 10 in the early 1900s Khitan people of the Liao Dynasty established, in this day for the German military and Fengzhou.Fengzhou Guzhi this Hohhot about 20 km southeast of the Baita village near.Ming Long-2006 (572), Mongolia Tu Mote of the feudal lords Eletanhan to Fengzhou Zhumu area, near the reunification of the country and Monan Mongolia region.Wanli 2009 (1581), Aletanhan and his wife here in three Snake Lady, the official Zhucheng, walls piled with green, a green Yuanwang, "Qingcheng" the name of the resulting.Ming Dynasty Ciming "naturalization."According to "Guisui Shiki" record: In the "Tuesday, to build brick, high-San Zhang, and one each in North and South Gate." Built into the city soon after Eletanhan died, his wife, three Snake Lady become the masters of the city .3 Snake Lady argue with the Ming Dynasty live in harmony, so that the two communities do not have to Bingge Menghan up to 30 years.People along the Great Wall to mark the grassland Nvjie, this city known as the "three Snake Lady City."Qing dynasty, the Qing Jun 3 Snake Lady, the city was destroyed.Kangxi 33 years (1694), the Qing Dynasty for the complete defeat of the territory of Mongolia, Xinjiang, Junggar Department, in the original three Snake Lady, outside the city by building one of the city (about 100 m wide), the siege of the original Chengdong, South, West 3 Face.Has been made in the Junggar complete victory of the war after the withdrawal from the front line for the resettlement of the armed forces and further control the northwest region, also decided to build a garrison town that is Metro.Metro cities election in the Northeast 2.5 km away from the old city, a square, "around nine in 13-step, high Erzhangjiuchi Wucun, the top wide Erzhangwuchi, at the end of wide Sizhang. Gatehouse four, double doors. East Mun said Xu Ying, said the south gate for smoked, Simon said Fu An, North Gate Zhenning said. "(" Guisui Shiki ") Qing Dynasty named this city as" Suiyuan City. "Suiyuan City when completed, will shift the Qing Dynasty Shanxi Youwei of Granville General in this building, Meng Han people living near the massive influx of the city, the city population surge.As the population increased trade and the development of the northwest, beyond the Great Wall here will soon become the economic center.At that time, Metro (Suiyuan City) the city is mainly barracks; Old City (Guihua Cheng) are inhabited by the residents, most shops and places of entertainment in here.The end of the Qing Dynasty, naturalization and Suiyuan merger, said Guisui.1913, Metro has opened up between the old city and the Main Road.1922, Pingsui the opening of the railway station near gradually built many warehouses, such as residential housing, therefore formed the Old City, Metro station near the tripartite confrontation trend.1928, Suiyuan Province built, the county set up to Guisui Guisui City, as the provincial capital.Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese aggressors will Guisui City with "thick and special city."After the Japanese surrender, said Guisui City Complex.January 20, 1950, the establishment of Guisui Municipal People's Government.1954, removed Suiyuan Province formed, the formation of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.At the same time, abolished the feudal rulers adopted the not conducive to national unity "Guisui" the name of "Hohhot" and become the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.(The above information source)Hohhot is the 400 years of history at the city beyond the Great Wall, the original into a new, two old city.Old City Jianyu Ming Wanli 2009 (Year 1581), more than 400 years ago, Tu Mote Legend has it that the Mongolian head of the Department of Anda Khan and his wife, three constructed by the Snake Lady, at the beginning of the library and that the Tuen, Mingting named as the "return Of. "Metro Jianyu Qing Emperor Yongzheng 13 years (Year 1735), 250 years have passed, the Ching court named Guisui County, in 17 (1928 AD) built Suiyuan Province, located Guisui City.1954, Suiyuan Province formed withdrawn, the city changed its name to Guisui Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to become.1960 origin of the Tu Mote Wulanchabu League flag (in the review of Qi) was placed under the leadership Hohhot.1963 will Tu Mote flag was placed under Wulanchabu League.1970 Wulanchabu League owned Tu Mote Right Banner (in the review of Qi), Tuoketuo County was placed under Hohhot.November 21, 1995, the State Council approved the Wulanchabu League and Lingle County, the Qingshui River County was placed under the jurisdiction Hohhot.May 18, 1996, the State Council approved the Wulanchabu League Wuchuan County was placed under the jurisdiction Hohhot.May 14, 2000, the State Council (the letter [2000] No. 42) approved: (1) adjusting the Hohhot City area administrative divisions, changed its name to the outskirts of Saihan District.(2) adjusted municipal area of the region are as follows: ① new City: exempted Xilin Gol Road, Metro East, Metro West Street, Hailar East Road, four neighborhood offices, Zhongshan Road neighborhood offices located in the north of health Street, the Hulun Buir South west part of Dongfeng Road neighborhood offices and neighborhood offices in New Road, north part of Dongfeng Road, and from the suburbs assigned to the battalion cents Qin, baoheshao, small well three townships, Bayan of the town of Tully's, Health covered camp, seek thought-ho, Elm ditch, the Chichiawan Yao, the ancient road boards, jialanban, Mustang Figure 8 village committee, Qiao Xing House at the rural camp, Serratula board, Metro, Sanhecun 4 The village committee.District People's Government in the Metro West Street.② Hui District: exempted Channel Street, Zhongshan Road West, Central Pei Ho Street, Xinhua Road, Guangming Road, West Road Hailar six neighborhood offices, and from the suburbs included in the Bibi-rural, rural gardens of the West Jinlong Neighborhood committees and Castle Peak, factory-board, Without waves, Xi-long Temple, Sihetun-hing, Shila more doors, small government, Tabou boards, home-business nine village committee.District People's Government in the Channel Street South.③ Yuquan District: exempted small response, Tai Nan Street, the alley is booming, and a long gallery, Danyang Qiao Donglu five neighborhood offices, and from the suburbs included in the original peach, Heihe two small rural, rural West gardens of the West Xia Park, the Ukrainian-Bayan, Lo So Shing Garden, Luo Yan, Xinxing five neighborhood committees and the Fan family business, West Wayao, Wuliying, South Bali Zhuang, West gardens, South Chafang, alkali Beach, the siege, South camp of the West Shuimo, Cincinnati board, small Heihe, ditch-board 13 village committees.District People's Government in the Park Road West.④ Saihan District: exempted TaipingZhuang the outskirts of the West of the gate, three chapters cover the rural camps and Yulin, the river, Huang Shao three of the town, Qiao on the rural East Wayao, after Qiao reported that Shuangshu, Taiwan even small, family business Shuai, dataishi, on the bridge, the former Qiao reported eight village committee, the town's commercial Bayan Street neighborhood and black Au, after Luo camp, Qiaojia camp, Mr Kwok Ka-camp, Weir dam, knee-camp, Luo camp seven village committee and the people assigned to the new City Road, University Road West, two neighborhood offices, Zhongshan Road neighborhood offices in the health Street, Wulanchabu Road South part of Dongfeng Road neighborhood offices and neighborhood offices in New Road, south of part of Dongfeng Road.Qiao District People's Government in the township reported.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Hohhot total population of 2392895 people.Of which: 409,629 people in New City, Hui District 284,676 people, Yuquan District 266,888 people, 445,762 people Saihan District, Tu Mote Zuoqi 340,606 people, 185,582 people Tuoketuo County, and Lingle County, 176,474 people, 125,748 in Qingshuihe County , Wuchuan County, 157,530 people.», The whole nine Shixia Qixian, 20 neighborhood offices, 96 townships and 412 neighborhood committees and 1,095 village committees.Currently, Hohhot City area exempted four, four counties, and a flag, 25 streets and 18 towns and 59 townships.

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