Quzhou City in Zhejiang Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewQuzhou City in Zhejiang Province in the west, the upper reaches of Qiantang River.Geographical coordinates of longitude 118 ° 01'-119 ° 20 ', north latitude and 28 ° 14'-29 ° 30'.The south Fujian, Jiangxi, even the West, north Anhui, the province and Hangzhou, Jinhua, Lishui City Xiangxian 3.Total area of 8836.52 square kilometres.Total population of 2.46 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in Kecheng Qu could be three-way on the 28th, Zip code: 324002.Administrative division code: 330800.Code: 0570.Pinyin: Quzhou Shi.Quzhou City, the general features of the terrain to the south, north, central low, the western, eastern low, the central basin, the western half of the Qu, from west to east gradually broadening.In the plains, 15 per cent (1325.48 square kilometers), accounting for 36 percent hilly (3181.15 square kilometers), accounting for 49 percent of the mountains (4329.89 square kilometers).Trinidad Kong for the northern mountains, west of Huaiyu mountains, south of the city's largest mountain range Xianxia Ling Mountains, the city's highest point to the large Jiangshan City Longgang, elevation 1,500 meters.Is a subtropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature in the 16.3-17.3 ℃, the average annual rainfall for the years 1843 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------* List of township administrative divisions streets information as at December 31, 2005; area, the population according to "Jane List (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.Quzhou City area of 8,837 square kilometres, population 2.46 million people.Exempted two City area, three counties, hosted a county-level city.Kecheng Qu area of 609 square kilometres, population 410,000 people.Zip code 324000.District People's Government in Xi'an Road on the 24th.Qujiang area of 1748 square kilometres, population 400,000 people.Zip code 324022.District People's Government in the Tan Zhen Zhang Shen Bridge Road on the 16th.Jiangshan City area of 2018 square kilometres, population 580,000 people.Zip code 324100.Municipal People's Government in the Zhongshan Road 118.Changshan county area of 1099 square kilometres, population 320,000 people.Zip code 324200.County People's Government in the ending of the town of victory on the 29th Street.Kaihua County area of 2224 square kilometres, population 340,000 people.Zip code 324300.County People's Government in the liberation of the Chengguan Town, Street 54.Longyou County area of 1139 square kilometres, population 410,000 people.Zip code 324400.County People's Government in the Long Island street Taiping Road No. 2.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistorySpring and Autumn, is the country's Mie and Kou.When Chu and the Warring States Period, when the Qin Hui Ji County, the county is located too late, is the beginning of Longyou County building.Han Xiandi early-2003 (AD 192) is at the end of Lixin County, for the beginning of Quxian county building.The first year of Tai Hong Jin (AD 280) are due to Hongnong Xin'an, changed its name to the letter.Tang Takenori four years (AD 621) home Quzhou.Legend has it that Yuchi King Tak rate of displacement camps in Tai'an City of Metro construction.City will be completed, the local people into an altar wine.Yuchi King Tak just drink 1, Dunjue-alcohol test, rich flavor, so that is where the springs asked Brewing, Three Mountain Dayue is brewing on the water.Hearing this, General Daxi, immediately ordered the drafting of the Chinese army Zouzhang, will be named in Quzhou City.Qu Mastery is the meaning of that connected the road.Some people think that, "Quzhou", "Sanqu", and when all its Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi provinces traffic要冲the special geographical location and its name.The first year of yuan to the "home built Quzhou Road Explorer House Beiji" and "Ming-unification" is this point of view.Quzhou Road to the Yuan Dynasty.Ming and Qing said Quzhou House.In the first year (1912) Waste House Quzhou, Jinhua Road is.1927 Waste Road, a two-tier system implemented in the county, cities directly under the Zhejiang Province.Quzhou in 1935 to the Fifth District Chief Inspector of the agency, the jurisdiction of Quxian, Yongyu, Jiangshan, Changshan, Kaihua, Suchang, Suichang, Chun'an County, 8.Quzhou in 1946 established the Office appeasement.1948 also changed to the Office of the third, and eight exemptions Jinhua County.Analysis of Quxian 1949 Chengguan to Quzhou City, and established the Office of Quzhou, Jinhua and Quzhou jurisdiction, Lung, and often, open, Jiang, six Suichang County and Quzhou City.Dismantling Quzhou City in 1951.1952 Song Yang, Xuanping into the Quzhou County Office of jurisdiction.Early March 1955 revocation of Quzhou area, Qu, Lung and Chang Jiang Jinhua, and other areas of the county to the Office.Restoration of Quzhou City in 1979, 1981 revocation of Quxian, into the Quzhou City.1985 cattle in June Quzhou City was promoted to provincial cities.4 County, a jurisdiction in one district.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Quzhou City, the total population 2128856 people.Of which: Kecheng Qu 286,271 people, 464,128 people Quxian, Changshan County, 265,467, 271,611 people Kaihua County, Longyou County, 368,157, 473,222 people in Jiangshan City.In 2002, the administrative division tables (based on "Practical Handbook of Zhejiang Province Quhuadiming" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002)Total area of square kilometresBuilt-up areas square kilometresTotal population of 000Non-agricultural population of 000Street -Town -Rural -Community -A residential areaThe village ofResidentZipKecheng Qu3.981FiveTwoNovemberXi'an Road on the 24thQujiang DistrictDecemberTan Zhen Zhang Shen Bridge Road on the 16thJiangshan CityTwoTo be in Town Hill Road, No. 118Changshan CountyJulyNovemberTianma town of victory on the 29th StreetKaihua CountyNovemberThe liberation of the Chengguan Town, Street 54Longyou CountySeptemberDecemberYongyu the town of Taiping Road on the 2nd(Total)FiveKecheng Qu could be three-way on the 28thAccording to this table, "Zhejiang Quhuadiming practical manual" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002.From July 2005, according to Quzhou municipal party committee and government of the unified arrangements of Quzhou City to conduct a new round of the township (neighborhood) administrative division adjustment.After the adjustment, Quzhou City township (neighborhood) from the total number of 139 adjusted to 106, a decrease of 33.Of which: a few streets from 5 to 13, the town reduced the number from 55 to 47, township reduce the number from 79 to 46.To reduce the rate to 23.7 percent.January 5, 2006, Quzhou municipal government issued "on the Qujiang some adjustment of the township administrative divisions approved", after adjustment exempted Qujiang District 10 towns and nine townships, two streets.At this point, Quzhou City township (neighborhood) administrative division adjustment complete.

Quzhou City in Zhejiang Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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