Shanwei City in Guangdong Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewShanwei City in Guangdong Province, the southeast coast, east Jieyang, Huizhou City, west, north Heyuan City, South Bin South China Sea.Things are separated by 132 km, 90 km from the north and south, a total area of 5,271 square kilometres.Total population of 3.07 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the City, Zip code: 516601.Administrative division code: 441500.Code: 0660.Pinyin: Shanwei Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Shanwei City Shixia one area, two counties, hosted a county-level city, 10 streets and 42 towns.Shanwei City area of 4,838 square kilometres, population 3.07 million (2003).City area of 421 square kilometres, population 460,000.ZIP code 516601.District People's Government in Hong Shing Road.Lufeng City area of 1681 square kilometres, population 1.57 million.ZIP code 516500.Municipal People's Government in the East China Sea streets.Haifeng Xian area of 1750 square kilometres, population 760,000.ZIP code 516400.County People's Government in the town.County inland area of 986 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 516700.Tianzhen County People's Government in the river.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistorySpring and Autumn of South Vietnam, Chu said Baiyue to the Warring States, Qin and early Han Dynasty, Shanwei throughout the county Boluo Xian is the South China Sea area.Han Yuan Ding six years (before 111)--South Vietnam before the home Haifeng Xian, the official attached to the East County, the jurisdiction to cover all of Shanwei City and Huilai, Puning, a part of Jiexi.Wong Sui Wendi opened 11 years (591), and Liang Dong-gun official of the county, and so on, and for the home, Haifeng Xian to be on the state; Tang Gaozu Takenori five years (622), Haifeng and Analysis of the eastern part of home Anlu County, the county government Anlu in Taean Tuen (now the Lufeng and the Changan exempted), this jurisdiction of Lufeng City, inland counties and benefits, Puning, one of Jiexi, the first year of Zhenguan to Tang Taizong ( 627), and Waste Anlu County, Fu Haifeng Xian and still attached through the state.Five Dynasties and Ten States period, read on state-Chen states, with a Zhen, Shanwei.Song Kai-2004 (971), located in Quang Nam Road Zhen, Tianxi five years (1021), due to bullet Prince Zhao Zhen (after Emperor Renzong) of Hui, to the state-Chen Huizhou, when Haifeng, Boluo , Heyuan, in the good (today Huidong) four are Guangnan County Road Huizhou.Haifeng Xian exempted Xingxian, Kim, YANG An, Shitang, Shifan, Jikang, Square profile, such as 8 are Longxi.Yuan, Shanwei in the Executive Secretariat of Jiangxi Road, Canton Road Huizhou, Guangdong Buzheng Shi Ming is the Secretary for Huizhou House, a Qing Dynasty government in Huizhou in Guangdong Province; Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2009 (1731), Analysis of the eastern part of the Haifeng Xian Shifan , Fair profile, three are home Jikang Lufeng County.County governance in the East China Sea (East Sea Lufeng this town), Haifeng and Lufeng County belong to Huizhou government.Republic, under the influx of Guangdong Province through, in 19 (1930), under the Guangdong Provincial Chief Inspector of District 4.After the founding of People's Republic of China, Haifeng and Lufeng's Office of the eastern Guangdong are governed in 1953 to an East Civil Administration, 1957 attached to the Office of Huiyang; December 1958 was placed under the Office of the Shantou area; September 1983, Huiyang vested in the agency jurisdiction.January 1988, approved by the State Council, in the original Haifeng and Lufeng county administrative regions set up on the level Shanwei City and Haifeng Xian On the southern coast of Shanwei, red grass, Ma Temple, Tung Chung, Tin dry, Jiesheng, 7 waves cover the town built City; Lufeng County, located in northern mountainous areas of Hetian Township, estuaries, San Tin, Luo Xi, a water gap, the security guards, South 000, Dongkeng town settings, such as eight inland counties.1995, approved by the State Council, the dismantling Lufeng County, built the city (county-level cities), from directly under the provincial government, commissioned by the Shanwei City People's Government hosted.By the end of 1992, the city set up a field dry town, the waves cover the town, the new Red Gulf economic development experimental zone.1995, the Lufeng district established for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese farm management areas.Quzhu city government sent more than two institutions.(The above source)In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Shanwei City, the total population 2453479; 409,677 Haifeng Xian City 649,412 inland city 1164767 Lufeng County, 229,633 (based on past administrative division; units:)2002, Shanwei City Shixia one area, two counties, hosted a county-level cities; six streets, 47 towns and two townships, and 133 neighborhood committees and 711 village committees.», Shixia a Shanwei City area, two counties, hosted a county-level cities; six streets, 47 towns and two townships, and 118 neighborhood committees and 758 village committees.2005, Shanwei City Shixia one area, two counties, hosted a county-level city, 10 streets and 42 towns.

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