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OverviewTianshui City, Gansu Province in the southeast, the upper reaches of the Weihe River.Baoji in Shaanxi Province in the east, West, North, South and the West respectively, Pingliang and Longnan phase grounding.Total area of 14,392 square kilometres.Total population of 3.5 million people.Municipal People's Government in Qinzhou district, Zip code: 741000.Administrative division code: 620500.Code: 0938.Pinyin: Tianshui Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Tianshui City area, four counties and one county.Tianshui City area of 14,392 square kilometres, population 3.5 million (2004).Qinzhou area of 2,442 square kilometres, population 650,000.ZIP code 741000.Mr plot area of 3452 square kilometres, population 580,000.ZIP code 741020.County water area of 2003 square kilometres, population 310,000.ZIP code 741400.Yongqing County People's Government in the town.Qin'an County area of 1601 square kilometres, population 600,000.ZIP code 741600.County People's Government in rejuvenating the town.Gangu County area of 1572 square kilometres, population 600,000.ZIP code 741200.County People's Government in the large as the Town.Wushan County area of 2011 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 741300.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Zhang Hui Autonomous County of Sichuan area of 1311 square kilometres population of 320,000.ZIP code 741500.County People's Government in the Chang Chuan Zhen.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryTianshui in the Xia, Shang period of Yongzhou.Zhou Xiaowang 12 years (9th century BC) won Feizi pool in the Qin (this Zhangjiachuan county along the South) to the royal family was active equine closure Yuqin, won, Qin.Qin Qin Ting that the future generations, is today the city water area is seen at the earliest historical records of the names.Qinwu of 10 years (before 688), Qinmie Gui-jung, Jirong, home Gui (today Water City), Hebei (now Gangu Prefecture) of the county, this is the history of China set up the first two county-level Building.Qin Zhaowang 28 years (279), located in Longxi County.Western Han Dynasty Emperor Wu Yuan Ding 2003 (previous 114), from the Longxi, North and Erjun Analysis of Tianshui County home.From then on the "Tianshui" name.Huang Wei Wendi beginning of the first year of the three countries (220), was located Qinzhou.Qin Yi named because, from a "Qinzhou" name.Emperor Wu Jin Taishi five years (269) Qinzhou formally established, this exempted from most of Qinzhou Tianshui County jurisdiction.Sui and Tang dynasties, the implementation of State and County two-tier system, Qinzhou geographical reduced, and this geographical area is roughly.Yuan, Qinzhou exempted into JI, Qinan, the water three counties.Ming Dynasty, Qinzhou exempted Qinan, water, 3 Lixian County.Qing Emperor Yongzheng 2007 (1729), was promoted to Zhili, Qinzhou, Zhili Gansu Province, exempted Qinan, water, Liangdang, Huixian, 5 Lixian County.In 2002 (1913) in February, called Longnan Road.Dismantling Qinzhou located in Tianshui County.In January 2003, renamed Wu Ningyuan Xian County.June, Longnan Road renamed Wei-Chuan Road, with 14 counties.In 16 years (1927) in July, Wei Wei Chuan-chuan, renamed the SAR.Soon, removed Administrative Region, implemented a purely provincial and county two-tier system.In 18 years (1929), Fu Qiang County renamed Gangu County.In 23 years (1934), in Tianshui, Gansu provincial government set up the district inspectors.The following year, Gansu Province, the fourth renamed the inspectors, exempted 10 counties.(Excerpt from "Tianshui City Site")August 3, 1949, liberation of Tianshui County.August 15, Division Chief Inspector of the District of Tianshui established jurisdiction in Tianshui, Gangu, Wu Shan, Huixian, Liangdang, Tongwei, Qinan, Shimizu 8 counties.In December, Tianshui district called Tianshui area.February 1950, Analysis of Tianshui city of Tianshui County, home to the city of Tianshui City for the region.May 25, Pingliang area precipitation Zhuanglang County was placed under Tianshui area; revocation Minxian area, which Longxi, Zhang Xian classified Tianshui area.Tianshui area exempted Tianshui City and Tianshui, Qinan, Huixian, Liangdang, Wu Shan, Zhang Xian, Gangu, water, Zhuanglang, Longxi, Tongwei County, 11, 81 Qu Gongsuo, 614 townships.1952, Tianshui area exempted 91 Qu Gongsuo, 635 townships.July 6, 1953, Shimizu, Qinan, Zhuanglang, Longxian 38 townships to set up a joint-Chang Hui Autonomous Region (October 1955 renamed the county), an area in Tianshui.With the end of Tianshui City, an area exempted 887 rural 12 counties.January 1956, the area of the Longxi County, Tianshui, Dingxi area was placed under Tong Weixian, Wudu area of Lixian County, the West and, as the county was placed under Tianshui area, Tianshui area was placed under the Zhuanglang County in Pingliang area.With the end of Tianshui city of Tianshui area jurisdiction and Tianshui, Qinan, Li County, and the West, into the county, Huixian, Liangdang, Wu Shan, Zhang Xian, Gangu, water, Zhangjiachuan 12 counties, 67, 531 Rural, nine towns, nine neighborhood offices.April 4, 1958, removed Liangdang into Huixian.April 8, removed Wudu area, district Dangchang, County, Wudu, Kangxian, Minxian County, was placed under 5 Tianshui area.September 5, and the revocation of the West County, Lixian, a joint establishment of the West Lixian; revocation Huixian, a county, and the establishment of a joint logo into the county.December 16, Tin Shui Wai area of Minxian County was placed under the West Zone.December 20, revocation of Tianshui County was placed under Tianshui City; Gangu, Zhang Xian, the establishment of a joint force of Wushan County; revoke the Chang-ken County, and water, the establishment of a joint water Hui Autonomous County.In realization of People's Commune, it is the system's unity.Tianshui area exempted Tianshui City and Qinan, water, Wu Shan, West ceremony, a logo, Wudu, County, eight counties, 129 people's commune, four neighborhood offices.November 5, 1961, the restoration of Wudu area.Tianshui the area was placed under the Wudu, Dangchang, Kangxian, County, County, is still classified as Wudu area.December 15, the resumption of Tianshui, Gangu, Zhang Xian, Liangdang, and the West, Lixian County, the county water and the Chang-Hui Autonomous County.Zhang Xian classified Lintao area.To the end of Tianshui city of Tianshui area jurisdiction and Tianshui, and the West, Lixian, Huixian, Liangdang, Wu Shan, Gangu, Qinan, water, the Chang-chuan, and other 10 counties, 60, 440 people's communes, 4 A neighborhood offices.October 23, 1963, removed Lintao area, will be assigned their own Zhangxian Tianshui area.Tianshui, a city 11 TSA exempted County, 482 people's communes, the three towns, four neighborhood offices.October 1, 1969, Tianshui area called Tianshui area.Jurisdiction in Tianshui City, Tianshui County, Gangu County, Wushan County, Qingshui County, Chuan County, Qin'an County, Huixian, the two County, Lixian, Zhang Xian, such as a city 11 counties, 223 people's communes, five towns, Four neighborhood offices.(Excerpt from "Tianshui City Site")1980, in Tianshui City, 11 county jurisdiction 1, 232 communes, five towns and eight neighborhood offices.1983, is divided into political groups, to the rural community.July 8, 1985, the State Council for approval, the revocation of Tianshui, Tianshui City, was promoted to level cities.Revocation of Tianshui County, will be incorporated into its administrative region of Tianshui City.Qincheng the establishment of Tianshui City, North Road, the two districts.Tianshui to 17 rural counties southwest and the Tianshui City (county) area located Qin City, Tianshui County to the southeast, northwest and the remaining 22 rural town located North Road, North District.Tianshui City People's Government in the Qin Dynasty City.Tianshui area of the original Huixian, Liangdang, and the West, Lixian County was placed under the newly established Longnan area; Zhangxian classified Dingxi.Tianshui Shixia two areas of the county, namely Qincheng, North Road, two districts, Qinan, water, the Chang-chuan, Gangu, Wu Shan five counties, 138 townships and 11 towns and 11 neighborhood offices.May 30, 1992, Wu Yuan Yuanyang County township to Yuanyangzhen.November 16, 1998, the North Road area Ganquan Township to the town of Oasis.(Excerpt from "Tianshui City Site")In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: total population of 3219323 people.Of which: Qin City 604,070 people, 542,916 North District, Qingshui County 279,207 people, 545,273 Qin'an County, Gangu County, 553,377 people, 399,911 of Wushan County, Sichuan Chang Hui Autonomous County of 294,569 people.To the end of 2002, Tianshui Shixia Qincheng, North Road, Qinan, water, Gangu, Wu Shan, Zhang Hui Autonomous County of Sichuan five counties, 40 towns, 109 townships, and 11 neighborhood offices.2003, the city's total merge township 36, a neighborhood offices, after adjustment, Tianshui Shixia 113 townships and 10 neighborhood offices.September 30, 2004, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the letter [2004] No. 244) in Tianshui City, Qin agreed to rename the Qinzhou City, North District changed its name to Mr plot; (Gansu Provincial People's Government on November 2, 2004 approved Ganzheng letter [2004] 99).January 1, 2005 officially changed its name.

Tianshui City, Gansu Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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