Binzhou City, Shandong Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewBinzhou City, a total area of 9,447 square kilometres.Total population of 3.64 million people (2003)Municipal People's Government in the Yellow River Rd 385 foreshore City, Zip code: 256619.Administrative division code: 371600.Code: 0543.Pinyin: Binzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionIn 2005, Binzhou City Shixia one area, six counties.Binzhou City area of 9,447 square kilometres, population 000 (2003).Foreshore area of 1041 square kilometres City, population 610,000.ZIP code 256601.District People's Government in the Yellow River Road 6.Huimin Xian area of 1364 square kilometres, population 620,000.ZIP code 251700.Sun Wu County People's Government in the town.Yangxin county area of 798 square kilometres, population 430,000.ZIP code 251800.Yangxin County People's Government in the town.Wudi County area of 1979 square kilometres, population 430,000.ZIP code 251900.Wudi County People's Government in the town.Zhan Huaxian area of 2114 square kilometres, population 380,000.ZIP code 256800.County People's Government in the rich town.Boxing Xian area of 901 square kilometres, population 470,000.ZIP code 256500.County People's Government in the Bo Xingzhen.Zouping County area of 1250 square kilometres, population 700,000.ZIP code 256200.Huangshan County People's Government in the streets.* Here Quhuadiming information as at March 2006; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryBinzhou City in the Shang Dynasty built Pucheng States.Qin began to build the county, from the Western Han Dynasty has built a county or country, the Sui Dynasty started home state, the Qing dynasty or the state House, once home in the early Road, the National Government has the fifth and 10th home inspectors agency and the Lubei Administrative Office .Anti-Japanese War and the liberation war period, the famous revolutionary base areas of the Bohai Sea party, government, military leading organs of the resident.Benefiting the area, the Zibo area, Huimin, Binzhou region (Source 1) (Source 2)May 1950, the revocation of the Bohai Sea SAR, the original jurisdiction to adjust zones, the establishment of zones Huimin, the party and government organs in Huimin Xian City, exempted Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, foreshore County, Po Toi, Boxing , Qidong, Gao Qing, Guangrao, Lijin, Kenli County, a total of 12, 108, 973 townships and 6,967 villages.July, the Yellow River north of the Po Toi County, including the Po Toi City and North town 30 village was placed under the Foreshore County.1953, Zouping, Chang-shan, Huantai County, three from Zibo area was placed under Huimin area.Benefiting the TSA exempted Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, foreshore County, Po Toi, Boxing, Zouping, Chang-shan, Qidong, Gao Qing, Huantai, Guangrao, Lijin, Kenli County, a total of 15 .1955, the carbon-Zhangqiu county, Nha Trang, and other eight villages included in Zouping County, Zichuan District 6 County Jiaoji Railway north of the 35 villages included in Changshan County.In 1956, long Zouping County into the county; Qingxian high into the Qidong County, the original high Qingxian district of the northern shore of the Yellow River-Ji Ji Yangxian classified as rural; revocation Po Toi County, into the Boxing Xian, Qidong County, from Texas area included Yue Ling, Linyi, to the river, Jiyang County, 40.Benefiting the TSA exempted Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, foreshore County, Boxing, Zouping, Qidong, Huantai, Guangrao, Lijin (Kenli County has been out of Guangrao, Lijin), Yue Ling, to River, Linyi, a total of 15 Jiyang County.September 1958, all counties to rural areas for the people's commune, the region 15 counties to build a people's commune 211.October 1958, Benefiting the area leading to the foreshore County authorities moved to the town of North New City.November 1958, and the Zibo City area Huimin into Zibo area, leading authorities moved to the area Zhangdian.At the same time, revocation of Qidong County, Qidong County, the original jurisdiction of the bridge, 9, piers, and in the stockade, Qingcheng, Huagou six people's communes classified Zouping County, Tian Zhen, high City, Tang Square, Old Town 4 The people's communes classified Boxing Xian; Huantai County into the Boxing Xian, Boxing Xian Qiao Zhuang, Lung Habitat, the history of mouth, purification four people's communes classified in Guangrao County; Zouping County, the South Yan, Zhang Fang, MA Still, the town was placed under the people's commune in Zibo City, 4; foreshore into the Hui Minxian County, and Yan Jia-Bin County a total of 66 village was placed under the people's commune Zhanhua Xian; Li Jinxian into Zhanhua Xian; Yangxin County into Wudi County; Kenli County, the people's communes into isolated islands and in Guangrao County Yihong River north of the people's communes classified as isolated islands; Yueling, to the river, Linyi, Jiyang County, was placed under four Liaocheng area.Is the end of Zibo city of Zibo area jurisdiction and Huimin, Wu Di, James, Boxing, Zouping, Guangrao County and the six zones under the island people's commune.September 1959, to the river (Lok Lingxian into), Linyi (Ji Yangxian into) counties classified as Zibo area.1960, changed its name to Le Lingxian Shanghe Xian, home to the island people's commune in Kenli County, Boxing Xian CHEN Zhuang people's commune (this is a Huantai County) Daxinzhuang, Ma Feng, Hu Ma, Ma Qi, Fangzai five villages Zouping County was placed under the bridge the people's commune Coke.January 1961, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Zibo area, restore Huimin area, leading authorities to return the foreshore area north county town.County began to build, to the Corporation for small clubs.October, Analysis and Zouping County in the stockade, Qingcheng, Huagou and Boxing Xian Tian Zhen, high City, Tang Square, Old Town, a total of seven home-district high Qingxian; Guangrao County-Habitat, Qiaozhuang, purification 3 District reverted Boxing Xian, at the same time, recovery in 1958 merge the foreshore County, Yangxin County, Huantai County, Li Jinxian, reverted to the people's commune Yan Jia-Bin Zhan Huaxian County; Yueling, to the river, Linyi, JACKIE Yang copied back to Texas after the designated zones.Benefiting the TSA exempted Huimin, foreshore County, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, Boxing, Zouping, Gao Qing, Huantai, Guangrao, Lijin, a total of 12 Kenli County.Of these, 15 Zouping County home, exempted 86 people's communes; Qingxian high seven home district, exempted 53 people's communes; foreshore County home nine, exempted 57 people's communes; Hui Minxian home 13 District , Exempted 85 people's communes; Boxing Xian home 11, exempted 60 people's communes; Yangxin County, Wudi County, Zhan Huaxian at the commune.March 1962, carbon-Zouping County, Nha Trang, and other eight villages in the county reverted to Zhangqiu, Daxinzhuang, Fangzi reverted to the five villages Huantai County.1964, Yangxin County, to 9, exempted 46 people's communes; Wudi County into 10 districts, exempted 55 people's communes; Zhan Huaxian into nine areas, exempted 58 people's communes.So far, all counties to complete all construction groups.October 1964, four women Temple by the River (now the New River Zhangweinan) left Xinji Wudi County District Xinji, good families, Song Wang, Zhu Wang, Fu Chao, after the six-yard mouth area and the people's commune Yang forecourt Hebei Province, was placed under the people's commune.1966, all counties to begin dismantling area clubs.Is, the foreshore County to 11 the people's commune, 1968, Hui Minxian to 13 the people's commune, Wudi County to 17 the people's commune, Zhan Huaxian to 19 the people's commune, Bo Xingxian to 14 people's commune, Zouping County to 18 the people's commune, 1970, the high Green to seven people's commune, Yangxin County, to 13 people's communes, thus, all counties to withdraw the District's complete, in eight County home a total of 112 people's communes.February 27, 1967, the CPC Huimin Huimin Prefectural Party Committee and the Revolutionary Committee of the agency was in lieu.June 5, 1971, Binzhou prefectural reconstruction of the CPC.July 10, 1978, in Huimin Huimin region to the Revolutionary Committee of Civil Administration.1980, the North County town of foreshore people's communes into the town.December 1981, the dismantling of all the county's resident people's commune built the town.1982, Analysis of the North County town of Bin, Boxing Xian small business people's communes and the people's commune Zhu CaiZHAI management of the town to establish Binzhou City, a town of three rural home three offices.Benefiting the region exempted County, Binzhou City, and foreshore, Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, Boxing, Zouping, Gao Qing, Huantai, Guangrao, Lijin, a total of 1 in 12 in Kenli County.November 10, 1982, approved by the State Council, An Analysis of Lijin, Kenli County and six in Guangrao County, Niuzhuang, Xinji, oil Guo four people's commune, justice and Zhanhua Xian, four clasps, Taiping, the new households four people's communes , Boxing Xian-Habitat Corporation and the old in Qiaozhuang Corporation, Liu, Wang set up three production unit in Dongying City.October 1983 formally established in Dongying City.October 1983, was placed under Guangrao County of Dongying City, was placed under Huantai County in Zibo City.Benefiting the region exempted County, Binzhou City, and foreshore, Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, Boxing, Zouping, a city of high-Green County 8.1984, all counties to the township people's commune, all designated as 27 rural town 93, and another eight foreshore County Rural District 28 (including seven administrative zones) and the Binzhou City, three urban offices.1984, in order to reunification with the names of Binzhou City, Huimin resident in the party and government organs to the town of North Binzhou.1985, the foreshore County, Wu Di, James, Boxing, and other township and county to be adjusted, the region built the end of the rural work, in Huimin County, Binzhou City, and foreshore, Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, Zhanhua, Bo Hing, Zouping, a city of high-Green eight counties, 148 townships (including 33 towns), 6,135 villages and 6,093 administrative villages.February 1987, removed the foreshore County, Binzhou City.December 1989, was placed under high Qingxian Zibo City.January 1, 1990, high Qingxian the old town was placed under the jurisdiction of Binzhou City.(Former high Qingxian the old town and its jurisdiction Tin House, Kiln depression, the old town of the three administrative areas, 65 villages, 74 administrative villages classified as Binzhou City.)1992, changed its name to Huimin region Binzhou region.In 1994, Binzhou jurisdiction in Binzhou City, and Huimin, Yangxin, Wu Di, James, Boxing, Zouping six counties, 113 townships (including 44 towns and four streets, a Zhanhua Office of Coastal Defence), 5365 A village committee, 3517800 people.Binzhou City, June 10, 2000, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2000] 59), the revocation of Binzhou region and the Binzhou City County, Binzhou City, the establishment level.Municipal People's Government in the establishment of the new foreshore City.Binzhou City, the establishment of foreshore City, Binzhou City, to the original county-level administrative region for the foreshore of the city administrative region.District People's Government in the Yellow River Road 6.Binzhou Shixia the Binzhou region Zouping County, Zhan Huaxian, Hui Minxian, Boxing Xian, Yangxin County, Wudi County, and the newly established foreshore City.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Binzhou City, the total population 3563921; foreshore City 604,751-600,883 Hui Minxian County 419,591 Wudi County, 423,113 Zhan Huaxian 366,178 Boxing Xian 462,815 Zouping County, 686,590 (in the past Division; units:)2001 Township adjusted the name and number: the city's total 86 (56 towns and 22 townships, and 8 offices), 107 less than the original 21.Foreshore City: 15 (6 town, township 3, 6 Office) North Zhenban, City West Office, the City Office, the Office of City East, Li Peng Office, the Office of Pucheng, in the town of Fort Town,营镇small, old The town, Mrs Dianzhen, Binbei town, Liang was the rural, rural-Temple, Shang Jixiang.Huimin Xian: 14 (10 towns and townships 4) Benefiting the town, ginger Louzhen, Shek Miaozhen, Qinghezhen, Wei Jizhen, Zi Kok town, Ma Dianzhen, sangluoshu town, Li Town, Hu Jizhen , Da Chen Township, soap rural households Lee, Dr Fang Xiang, Xindian Township.Yangxin County: 9 (6 town, township 3)-letter town, shops town, river town, Zhai Wang Chen Wen Dianzhen, slope-town dock, the Dianxiang, Hu Xiang Yang, Shuiluopoxiang.Wudi County: 11 (6 town, 5 Township) Wudi town, water Town, the small town of Botou, the Town, the courtyard Town, the town of Masan, car Zhenxiang, Xinyang Township, Liu Baoxiang, SHE Jiaxiang Rural, West Wang Township.Zhan Huaxian: 11 (5 town, township 5, 1 run) rich town, the town of depression, the town of Botou, ancient towns, Fung Ka town, yellow or rural, rural Liguo, under he Xiang, a high Township, Coastal townships, and the Office of Coastal Defence.Boxing Xian: 10 (9 town, a rural) Xingzhen Bo, Wang Cao Zhen, Yan Fang Zhen, Jin-fu, Dianzi Zhen, Chen households town, Chunhuazhen, Pang home town, lakeside town, Joe Township.Zouping County: 15 (13 towns and one rural, one office) Zouping town, the Office of Huangshan, West Dong town, Jiao Qiaozhen, nine towns, the Town, Hao Sheng Town, South Korea Dianzhen, Sun Zhen, Qingyangzhen, table town, the provisional pool town, Wei Qiaozhen, long Town, the terminal Township.Development Zone: Mrs DianzhenAs at December 31, 2002, a total of nine city streets, 57 towns and 19 townships.», Binzhou City, a total area of 9,445 square km and the total population of 3688980 people.Exempted a city area, six counties, and Binzhou Economic Development Zone, a total of 12 streets and 54 towns, 18 townships, and an office, 20, 121 neighborhood committees, 5,297 village committees, 5224 Villages.(According to "Binzhou City names net" data compilation. Estimate for 2004 statistics)

Binzhou City, Shandong Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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