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The name: the Republic of Benin (The Republic of Benin, La République du Bénin)Independence Day: August 1 (1960)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide a ratio of about 3:2.Flag of the left is a vertical rectangle of green, yellow on the right side for the under-the equivalent of two parallel horizontal rectangle.Green symbolizes prosperity, the land on behalf of yellow, red on behalf of the sun.Green, yellow and red color is also the Pan-African colours.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.Four Reuters shield the surface: the upper left corner of the ancient castle, the top-right corner for the Cross of the Order, the bottom left corner for the palm trees, sailing for the lower right corner of the fleet.Shield emblem on both sides have a Jinbao; for the top two croissants, containing particles full of corn, symbol of abundance; Shoudai on the bottom of the French said "fraternity, justice, hard-working."National political figures: President Yayi Tuomaboni (Thomas Boni Yayi), 2006年4月sworn into office.Physical Geography: area over 112,000 square kilometers.Located in central and southern West Africa, Nigeria, east, northwest, northeast and Burkina Faso, Niger border, the border with Togo West, South Bin Atlantic.A coastline of 125 km.Throughout the north-south strip, narrow North-South.For the southern coastal plain 100 kilometers wide.Central to an altitude of 200-400 UHF-ups and downs of the plateau.Atacora mountains northwest of 641 meters above sea level, the highest point.Ouémé River is the country's largest river.The coastal plain to a tropical rain forest climate, for the central and northern savannah climate, high temperature wetter than usual.Population: 6.6 million (2002).A total of more than 60 tribes.Fong is, Yoruba, Agu, Bali Ba, Pall and Zomba, and other communities.The official language is French.The broader use of the language Youfang language, Yoruba and Bali Ba language.65% of the population believe in traditional religions, 15 percent Muslim, about 20 percent Christian.Capital: Porto-Novo (Porto-Novo), the National Assembly seat, population 300,000.Cotonou (Cotonou), the seat of government, population 700,000.A brief history: in 1580 the Portuguese colonists began in the coastal areas the slave trade.Southern formed the early 17th century, such as the Kingdom of Abomey.1670 French invasion.1894 become a French colony.August 1, 1960 independence, the establishment of the Republic of Dahomey.Post-independence political instability, occurred five times a military coup, the replacement of 12 heads of state.October 26, 1972 to the Army deputy chief of staff Major Kerekou of young officers led by a coup, overthrowing Aao Made Bei to the chairmanship of the three presidential council, set up military government.Kerekou Ziren President and Chairman of the National Revolutionary Council.November 30, 1975 changed the name of the People's Republic of Benin, March 1, 1990 and to the Republic of Benin.Benin bronze culture: the wonderful work of African ArtPolitics: December 2, 1990 referendum passed by the history of Benin on the seventh of the Constitution.The Constitution provides that "the establishment of a rule of law and democratic pluralism of the country," and implementation of executive, legislative and judicial separation and the principle of presidential cabinet system.President Heads of State and Government and armed forces commander, by direct universal suffrage for a term of five years, may be re-elected once.Parliament said the National Assembly, the supreme legislative body, the implementation of a unicameral, the exercise of legislative power and supervise government work.Members of direct universal suffrage for a term of four years, may be re-elected, but not other public concurrently.Economy: by the United Nations among the least developed countries.Economic backwardness, weak industrial base, agriculture and re-exports to the two major pillars of the national economy.Resource-poor.There are major deposits of oil, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, marble, and gold.Natural gas reserves of 91 billion cubic meters.Iron ore reserves of about 506 million tons.Rich fishery resources, there are about 257 kinds of marine fish.3 million hectares of forest area, accounting for 26.6 percent of the land area.Weak industrial base, obsolete equipment, low production capacity.Mainly food processing, textiles and building materials industry.There are 8.3 million hectares of arable land, the actual cultivation area of less than 17 percent.The rural population accounting for 80 percent of the population.Basically self-sufficient in food.Major food crops are cassava, yam, maize, millet, etc.; economic crops are cotton, cashew nuts, palm, coffee, and so on.Benin is emerging tourism industry, the Government has continuously increased investment in the tourism industry.Gang Weiai tourist attractions are the main water village, the ancient city of Ouidah, Vinda Museum, the ancient capital of Abomey, wildlife zoo, Ai Weiai tourist parks, beaches and so on.Press and Publications: The state has the highest audio-visual management committee, as information and communications regulatory body, responsible for Information, Communications legal consultation to ensure that the press and freedom of communication.Major newspapers have "national" and "Forum", "Mercury News", "drums of war" and "Observer" and "African Echo newspaper.""Nationalism" is the official newspaper.Other newspapers are private newspapers, are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, not circulation.Benin News Agency is the state news agency, established in 1961, mainly to the national newspapers, radio, television announced.More international news from Agence France-Presse.1997 Pui News Agency and Xinhua News Agency signed a cooperation agreement to exchange news, since 1998, can receive information.Benin Radio and Television Bureau owned television and radio all one.Benin national television built in 1972, December 31, 1978 formal launch, an average of nearly daily air-time six hours, national programmes produced about 45 percent.Benin is the predecessor of the national radio station Voice of the revolution, built in 1953, the radio about 18 hours a day, in French, English and national language broadcasting.Since 1992, the FM broadcast by Radio France Internationale programmes.Diplomacy: pursue the "practical, flexible and non-exclusive" foreign policy, advocating the basis of the principles of peaceful coexistence with all countries on the development of cooperative relations.1996 President Kerekou to power, continue to "diplomacy in the service of development" as the starting point, actively seeking foreign aid, focusing on the development of relations with the Western countries, in particular relied heavily on France attaches importance to good-neighborly friendship and South-South cooperation, active participation in regional affairs to promote Regional economic integration.Strengthening and developing relations with Asian countries, expand channels for foreign aid.Relations with China: November 12, 1964, Benin establish diplomatic relations with China.January 1966, Benin with a unilateral declaration of termination of the relationship between the People's Republic of China, in April the same year with Taiwan's "restored diplomatic relations."December 29, 1972, Benin resumed diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.2004, Tony bilateral trade between the two countries amounted to 690 million U.S. dollars.At present, China has become Benin's largest importer and second largest exporting country, Benin in West Africa following the China after Nigeria's second largest trading partner.August 2006, President Yayi of a state visit to China, the two countries issued a joint communique.Reproduced:

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