Guiyang City, Guizhou Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewGuiyang City in central Guizhou Province.Geographical coordinates of longitude 106 ° 07'-107 ° 17 ', north latitude and 26 ° 11'-27 ° 22'.East, South and Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of the Weng'an, Lung, water-, four counties bordering Changshun, Xikao Anshun in Pingba County, Bijie Prefecture and the Zhijin County, north of the Qianxi in Bijie Prefecture, Sands of Zunyi City and County of Zunyi County.Total area of 8,034 square kilometres.The end of 2003 the total population of 3.487 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.599 million people.A larger minority Miao, Buyi, Tujia, Dong, Ge Lo, and other communities.Municipal People's Government in Wudang District Lin Cheng Donglu 1, Zip code: 550001.Administrative division code: 520100.Code: 0851.Pinyin: Guiyang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, six Shixia Guiyang City area, three counties, hosted a county-level city.Guiyang City area of 8034 square kilometres, population 3.48 million (2004).Wudang area of 962 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 550018.Xintian District People's Government in the streets.Nanming area of 89 square kilometres, population 520,000.ZIP code 550002.District People's Government in the Arrow Dao.Yunyan area of 68 square kilometres, population 590,000.ZIP code 550001.District People's Government in the way of your Ukraine.Huaxi area of 963 square kilometres, population 330,000.ZIP code 550025.Baiyun area of 260 square kilometres, population 180,000.ZIP code 550014.District People's Government in the Yan-Town.The River area of 61 square kilometres, population 120,000.ZIP code 550009.District People's Government in the Yellow River Road.Qingzhen City area of 1492 square kilometres, population 500,000.ZIP code 551400.Municipal People's Government in Tsing Lung street.Kai Yangxian area of 2026 square kilometres, population 420,000.ZIP code 550300.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Xiuwen County area of 1076 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 550200.Long County People's Government in the town.Xifeng County area of 1037 square kilometres, population 250,000.ZIP code 551100.Yongjing County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History"Guiyang" because in your city in the south of Shan named.Guiyang-rich ancient bamboo, bamboo named to many places, the "Bamboo" and "build" homonym, the Guiyang referred to as "the building."Spring and Autumn Period, this is a Keguo jurisdiction in Guiyang.Warring States at a range of Yelang.Ko-gun attached to the Han Dynasty.Wujiang River in the south of the Tang Dynasty established Jimi state, is a moment in Guiyang.Song said that Guiyang, Guizhou, and declared the first year (1119), more moments of Guizhou.Yuan Yuan 17 years (1280) home-Lu Xuan Fusi, the following year to Xuanwei Si.20 years (1283) home Guizhou, Director of the case, Shun Lu, belong to Sichuan Executive Secretariat, after Li Huguang Executive Secretariat.29 years (1292), Shun yuan, 8.30 savages merger of the two Xuanwei Si, located eight savages are Xuanwei Si-yuan-yuan Marshal House in the city (now the Guiyang).Ming Wing-lok 1922 (1413), Guizhou, etc. Home Secretary Chengxuan Buzheng Shi Ming Long-2003 (1569) in March, Cheng Fan moved to the new House of Guiyang House.Wanli 14 years (1586) upstart County home, rule of Guiyang.19 years (1601) or House of Guiyang Guiyang military and civilian government.36 years (1618) Analysis of upstart County, the home state of your barbarian County.Chongzhen four years (1631) Waste Guizhou Xuanwei Si, Xuanwei Si Analysis of open water in the East and home.End of the Ming Dynasty, and Guiyang, exempted military and civilian House upstart County, your Dingxian, open state (this Kaiyang Xian), Guangshun, (this Changshun County), will be savages, (now the Hui County) and four long lawsuit.- Shunzhi 16 years (1659) set up in Guiyang, Guizhou Xunfu military and civilian government.Kangxi five years (1666) shift the Yunnan-Guizhou Governor in Guiyang.26 years (1687), Wei, Guizhou Province, Guizhou avant-garde, build your home county and the upstart County city, to soldiers and civilians House Guiyang Guiyang House.34 years (1695) in the county upstart built into your county.Qianlong 14 years (1749), Guiyang County House exempted expensive to build, your County, Long County, Xiuwen County, a state, the barbarian state, Guangshun, and long Walled Office (now the Changshun County).Guangxu 2007 (1881) exempted by the Office of Luo Hu (this Luodian Xian).In three years (1914) Waste House in Guiyang County of Guiyang, Guizhou is divided into three, Guiyang, Guizhou Xianshu, the Road governance; shift your Zhazuo built in the county, rotating shift Xifeng, renamed Xifeng County.2009 (1920) Waste Guizhou Road, Guiyang County in Guizhou Zhili governor Corruption.25 (1936) for the province to eight inspectors, Guiyang, Xian Zhu Chief Inspector of the first district.The following year, Guiyang, the provincial government is Xianzhi 30 (1941) on July 1, the dismantling of Guiyang County, located in Guiyang City, you build another home county in Huaxi.November 15, 1949 liberation of Guiyang, November 23 the establishment of the Guiyang Municipal People's Government..1954, the county was placed under your building Guiyang Shixia.1958, the county built withdraw your build, will be designated as the outskirts of Huaxi, Wudang two districts; approved by the State Council, the origin of the Anshun area Qingzhen, Xiuwen, Kaiyang County, and three of the Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Qiannan origin County Guiyang Shixia classified.1959 established the town of Bai Yun, an area equivalent to the city administrative units.1963, the agency will Kaiyang Xian was placed under Zunyi, Xiuwen, Qingzhen counties classified as AS agency, Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Qiannan County classified.1973 restoration of Baiyun District building.1992, dismantling the county set up Qingzhen City.Approved by the State Council since January 1, 1996, the original jurisdiction of the Anshun area Qingzhen City and Xiuwen, Xifeng, Kaiyang classified Guiyang Shixia.(The above extracted from "The Guiyang City Site")1999, the end of the city's total population of 3.215 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1465200 people.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Guiyang City 3718449 people.Of which: Nanming District 687,804 Yunyan District 698,988 Huaxi District 337,177 Wudang District 319,619 Baiyun District 187,695 River District 142,987 Kai Yangxian County, 221,583 repair 389,252 Xifeng County, 262,039 Qingzhen City 471,305 people, people.As at the end of 2001, all Shixia six, three counties and one county-level cities, 28 towns and 34 streets, 53 townships (19 of them nationality townships), 439 neighborhood committees, 1,171 village committees .The end of the total population 3412900 people.Among them, non-agricultural population of 1565800 people.2002, the entire Shixia six, three counties and one county-level cities, 30 towns and 37 streets, 50 townships (19 of them nationality townships), 427 community neighborhood committees, 1,171 village committees .Total population of 3462700 people, including non-agricultural population of 1584900 people.2003, the entire Shixia six, three counties and one county-level cities, 31 towns and 37 streets, 49 townships (19 of them nationality townships), 15, 419 community's neighborhood committee (the original The source of this, to be checked), 1,171 village committees.The end of the total population 3.487 million people, including non-agricultural population of 1.599 million people.2004, the city's total of 37 streets and 30 towns and 31 townships, 19 nationality townships.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Jinyang New District (Guiyang National Hi-Tech Industrial Zone)In early 2000, initiated the development of Jinyang New District, the original Wudang District Rural duck, Jinhua Town, Baiyun District and the town of Zhu Chang-wheat rural parts, included in the planning of the new district.2006, the provincial government agreed to remove duck townships, and the establishment of the Office of Jinyang streets.The original duck of the total rural population of 45,888 people, exempted 15 administrative villages and five neighborhood, an area of 95 square kilometers area, most of the rural population.July 19, Guiyang City high-tech zones Jinyang street officially was set up.

Guiyang City, Guizhou Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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