Tibet's Shannan area district (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewShannan area in the Gangdise Mountains and the mountains south of念青唐古拉, middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, the geographical coordinates of longitude 90 ° 14'-94 ° 22 ', north latitude and 27 ° 08'-29 ° 47'.The whole thing wide area 418 km, 317 km long north-south vertical.South and India, Bhutan and the southwest border, north of Lhasa, Nyingchi the east, west Xigaze.Total area of 79,699 square kilometres (including the Indian zone of 28,700 square meters).Total population of 320,000 people (2002).Area Civil Administration in Nedong County, Zip code: 856000.Code: 542200.Code: 0893.Pinyin: Shannan Diqu.Songzhi southern and western mountains, lakes, numerous rivers, the terrain of South High Low North, West high-low in the east, is the Gangdise Mountains and the Himalayas between the river valley area.The whole area around an average elevation of 3,700 meters.Is temperate and semi-arid plateau of the monsoon climate, the Four Seasons not clear.In sunshine hours for the 2,600 to 3,300 hours between the average temperature in the minus 0.6 ℃ -8.8 ℃, the highest temperature in 18 ℃ -32 ℃ between the minimum temperature at minus 37 ℃ - between minus 16 ℃.Annual rainfall from 200 to 500 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionShannan region exempted 12 counties and 82 townships (eight townships, and 24 towns), 595 village (residents) the Board (543 village committees, neighborhood committees 52).Shannan area of 79,699 square kilometres, population 330,000 (2003).Nedong County area of 2211 square kilometres, population 60,000 people.Zip code 856100.County People's Government in Zedang Township.Zhanang County area of 2157 square kilometres, population 40,000 people.Zip code 850800.County People's Government stationed Town.Gonggar County area of 2283 square kilometres, population 50,000 people.Zip code 850700.Jixiong County People's Government in the town.Sangri county area of 2634 square kilometres, population 20,000 people.Zip code 856200.County People's Government in the sauna on the town.Qiongjie county area of 1030 square kilometres, population 20,000 people.Zip code 856800.Qiongjie County People's Government in the town.Qusum County area of 1936 square kilometres, population 20,000 people.Zip code 856300.Qusong County People's Government in the town.US-county area measures 4,530 square kilometres, population 10,000 people.Zip code 856900.County People's Government in the town of measures the United States.Luozha county area of 5570 square kilometres, population 20,000 people.Zip code 851200.Luozha County People's Government in the town.Canadian search area of 4,493 square kilometres County, population 20,000 people.Zip code 856400.County People's Government in an around the town.Lhunze County area of 9,809 square kilometres, population 30,000 people.Zip code 856600.Lhunze County People's Government in the town.That the wrong area of 34,937 square kilometres County, population 10,000 people.Zip code 856700.County People's Government in the wrong town.Nagarze County area of 8,109 square kilometres, population 30,000 people.Zip code 851100.Nagarze County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryLuo Kaji Qiao, Shannan area, Shannan Prefecture in 1951 After the peaceful liberation of Tibet, located Luo Kaji Qiao, Shannan Explorer, the Office is in the East.Jurisdiction is in the East, Gongga in reactor River, Zarqawi in the capsule, Zarqawi period of the river, Sangye in Qiongjie in Wenzong, sauna, in Woka in La Jiali in Rafah Sui River, and check in , Long cases, the ancient wood-such as the Long River, Lhunze cases that were wrong, philosophy ancient river, Ed Damazin River, the river Lacan, Sengge cases, 22 cases, and so the river.1954 will pull Sui River, and investigations in cases of Lang, the ancient wood-such as the Long River Explorer was placed under the jurisdiction of Tajikistan.Luoka Explorer jurisdiction Wenzong, sauna, in Woka in Lajia Li in the East is in Zedang, rather chapter River, Qiongjie in Accor reactor in the river of Zarqawi, Zarqawi capsule River, philosophy ancient river, Dama river, the river Lacan, Sengge in many cases, Lhunze cases, Jia Yuxi, widening the river McGREGOR, Sangye in Gonggar in reactor River, that were wrong, the doors of Mong, Nagarze cases, Ling River, land in, Charolais, Xia-jiang, a show-the river, such as 30 River.Shannan area established in 1960, the agency in Nedong County Zedang.The original tower in charge of the Rafah district Sui River, and investigations in cases of Lang, the ancient wood-such as the Long River, the Dong Xi included Shannan area.To the East is located in Nedong County and Zedang; Sang, in Woka in Wenzong, such as a Sangri county; La Jiali La Jiali located in the county (in Qusong); Lhunze in Latin America and feel the river, Jia Yuxi merger based Lhunze County; mistakes that were wrong for the county; Zhe-Xi Ed Damazin and the ancient river-chul set up a joint ancient county (in when Xu); Qiongjie located in poorer County; number of monks and Georgia in a merger Luozha Lacan River County (in Gabo); Gongga in the reactor and the river, the river Zarqawi, Long Ba River, the Chang River Valley, the river-in show, such as a merger of Gonggar County (in La Mak ); Zarqawi in the capsule and Sangye cases, Zarqawi established the merger of the river Zarqawi capsule County; investigation in Canada and Latin America Sui River and set up a joint investigation County (SIN the dam); Lang and in the Dongxi, such as the ancient Long Wood-based merger of Long River County (in Long Village).Shannan area is exempted East, sauna, and the investigation, Long County, La Jiali, Lhunze, it wrong, philosophy ancient and the poor guitar, Luozha, Gongga, Zarqawi capsule, and other 12 counties.Section 1964 of Gyangze owned Nagarze, daglung two counties included in Shannan area.Revocation of a Long County, into the Nagarze County.13 county jurisdiction.1965 La Jiali County changed its name to Qusum County;-chul ancient county measures the United States changed its name to the county.1970 Shannan area to Shannan, regional Zedang in Nedong County.Jurisdiction is the East, plus the investigation, Qusum, it wrong, poor guitar, Gongga, Nagarze, sauna, Long County, Lhunze, measures the United States (in when Xu), Luozha, Zarqawi capsule, and other 13 counties.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Shannan in the total population 318,106; one: 58,808 people in Nedong County, 35,278 people Zhanang County, Gonggar County, 44,624 people, Sangri county 16,033 people, 17,031 people Qiongjie County , Qusum County 16,037 people, 13,529 people in the U.S. measures, Luozha County, 18,407, 18,263 and the county investigation, Lhunze County, 32,184 people, 15,277 people in the wrong, Nagarze County, 32,635 people.

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