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The name: the Republic of Poland (The Republic of Poland)The national anthem: "Poland has not perished"National Day: May 3 (1791) and November 11 (1918)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio is about 8:5.From the white flag of the Red Cross the equivalent of two parallel rectangular form.White symbolizes not only the ancient legends of the Bai Ying, but also a symbol of purity, the Polish people are eager to express their freedom, peace, democracy and good wishes of happiness; symbol of blood red, a symbol of revolutionary struggle to victory.National Emblem; shield for the emblem.The red shield with a painted face, wearing golden crowns, stretch wings of the Bai Ying.Red, white and blue is the Polish people love the traditional colors, is also the national flag of color.Bai Ying symbol of the Polish people's indomitable spirit of patriotism.National political figures: President Lai Heka Lucinschi (Lech Kaczynski), 2005年10 he was elected and sworn in December; Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, in July 2006 representation.Physical Geography: an area of over 310,000 square kilometers.China and the EU in the Northeast, North Bin Baltic Sea, west Germany, southern Czech Republic, Slovakia, northeast and southeast connected with Belarus and Ukraine.A coastline of 528 km.Low-lying South North, Central concave.200 meters above sea level below the plain area of about 72 per cent of the country.The Carpathian Mountains are mainly mountains and Sudeten Mountains.Vistula river are larger (1,047 km long) and the Oder River (Poland in the 742 km long).希尼亚尔德维's largest lake is Lake area of 109.7 square kilometers.Throughout the territory belongs to the mainland by the aptitude of marine temperate climate transitional broad-leaved forest climate.Krakow, Poland City Plaza and the famous churchPopulation: 38.632 million (the end of 2001), is mainly ethnic Poles (98 percent) and the rest of Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Germany and the Jewish and other ethnic minorities.About 90 percent of the country's Roman Catholic residents.The official language is Polish.Capital: Warsaw (Warsaw), population 1615000 (2001), the annual average temperature 9.6 ℃.Administrative Division: July 1998, the Polish House of Representatives passed a resolution to the 49 provinces to 16 provinces, while the re-establishment of the county system from the present provinces, to two rural provinces, counties and townships 3, Established a total of 16 provinces and 308 counties, 2,489 townships.October, the country held a three-tier local government elections.New mechanisms to January 1, 1999 launch.Currency: zloty>>>A brief history: the Polish national origin in the West Slavs in Poland, Wei Siwa, Silesia, the East Baume Caledonia, Mazuoweiya Union, and other tribes, Year 9, 10 century feudal dynasty, 14, 15 entered the heyday Period, the second half of the 18th century began the decline.Three times by tsarist Russia, Prussia and Austro-Hungarian empire carved up.19th century Polish people held several of the armed uprising for independence.November 11, 1918 restoration of independence, the establishment of the Republic of the bourgeoisie.September 1939, France and Germany invaded Poland, the outbreak of World War II, German Nazi troops occupied the entire territory of Poland.Warsaw's Jewish Heroes Monument.Warsaw Jewish area of separation is in Germany and France1940 established, the region most Jews had reached 450,000 people, they lived a Anwutianri life.April 19, 1943, can no longer tolerate the Jewish uprising in the region, after the brutal suppression of the Nazis, a large number of Jews killed in the area of separation Hitler's army was also destroyed.July 1944-Soviet Union and the formation of the wave into the Polish army land, 22, Poland, the Polish National Liberation Committee declared the birth of new countries.More than 40 years after the war by the Polish reunification Workers Party (CPC) ruling.1952 promulgation of the Constitution of the Republic to abolish the presidential system, the establishment of the Council of State.1980 in Solidarity strike, from December 1981 to July 1983 the wartime state.April 1989 the Polish parliament passed constitutional amendment, confirmed the legalization of Solidarity trade union, decided to implement the presidential system and parliamentary democracy.December 29, 1989 will be renamed the People's Republic of Poland Republic of Poland.Politics: May 1997, a new constitution through referendum, on October 17, the new Constitution came into effect, it replaces the 1952 constitution.The new Constitution established the separation of powers of the political system and to a social market economy-oriented economic system, provides that: the House of Representatives and the Senate has the power to legislate, president and the government has the right to law enforcement, courts and tribunals exercising judicial power, wave the basis for the economic system Economic liberalization, such as the principle of private ownership; wave of armed forces in the country's political affairs and remain neutral.The new Constitution guarantees the right to civil rights and economic freedom, strengthen the central bank's independence, undermine the president's powers, the lower house of parliament by 3 / 5 of the votes will be able to overturn the President's veto, the Constitutional Court gives strong powers, the Council no longer have the right to The Constitutional Court rejected the ruling.President of the electoral law provides that if a certain candidate in the first round of elections of the votes in more than 50 percent of valid votes can be elected if no one reached 50 percent, the largest number of votes from the top to the second round To the election, more votes are elected.Presidential term five years, renewable term.Presidential Office - Belvedere.The ancient city of Krakow, Poland, the folklore groups performedEconomy: Main mineral coal, sulfur, copper, zinc, lead, aluminum, silver, and so on.2000 hard coal reserves of 45.362 billion tons, lignite 13.984 billion tons, 504 million tons of sulfur, copper 2.485 billion tons.Rich amber reserves, worth about nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars, the world's largest producer of amber, amber exploitation of a few hundred years of history.To coal mining industry, machine building, shipbuilding, automobiles and steel-based.2001 is 18.39 million hectares of agricultural land.In 2001 the rural population accounted for 38.3 percent of the population.Employment in agriculture accounted for 28.3% of total employment.Poland is one of the world's top ten tourism.Pleasant climate in the Baltic Harbour, the scenery R Carpathian mountains, the Wieliczka Salt Mine talent every year to attract numerous tourists Muming.The people here know the forest is the protagonist of protecting the ecological environment, they love life as Lin.Poland's forest area of more than 8.89 million hectares, the forest coverage rate nearly 30 percent.Poland's early, often poetic as this will be the green world intoxicated.Tourism has become Poland's main source of foreign exchange earnings.Culture: against Poland, people will naturally think of Chopin and Julifuren.Chopin is the Poles with pride that the great composer and pianist.Warsaw was held five years of Chopin International Piano Competition to attract the world's masters contest as an international music industry's top event.Born in Warsaw Julifuren is the world's first two Nobel Prize-winning women scientists, she opened for mankind the mysteries of atomic made tremendous contributions.World Heritage - Moose Mr. ParkTour of the ancient city of Krakow, Poland carriage.Krakow in southern Poland Weisiwahe the upper reaches of the Left Bank, about 250 km from Warsaw.It is the ancient capital of the Middle Ages, Poland's third largest city, an important railway hub, a historic city and cultural center famous for.Press and Publications: Poland since the privatization of newspapers and periodicals, newspapers and periodicals issued volatile situation.The end of 2001 the country published 5,837 kinds of newspapers and magazines, major newspapers: "Election", is Poland's largest daily newspaper, "the Republic reported."In addition, the "Forum" and "political" magazine and "respect" magazine, "NEWSWEEK", and so on.A major national news agency PAP, the Polish INS.State radio and television is the main Polish Radio and Polish Television.October 1990, the Polish House of Representatives passed on the offer to allow private radio and television law.Poland currently there are nearly 180 private radio stations and 26 private television.Diplomacy: The primary foreign policy goal is to achieve integration with Europe, to join the European Union and NATO.March 12, 1999, Poland formally joined NATO.May 1, 2004, Poland formally become EU member states.Relations with China: October 7, 1949, China and Poland established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.The two countries have traditional friendly relations, as early as 1950 the two countries on the signing of the first intergovernmental trade agreements.In recent years, the Polish relations of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit and noninterference in each other's internal affairs on the basis of the principle of steady development, economic and trade relations between Poland has also made considerable progress, in 2003 bilateral trade volume reached 1.98 billion U.S. dollars.November 1997, President Kwasniewski on a state visit to China, which is nearly 40 years to the Polish head of state's first state visit to China.June 2004, President Hu Jintao on a state visit to Poland, the two sides signed a joint statement.Reproduced:

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