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Jiangxi List administrative divisions above the county level (most recently updated: January 3, 2006)Provincial jurisdiction: 11 prefecture-level city; 19 City area, 10 county-level cities, 70 counties.Nanchang City area exempted five, four Xihu District Prefecture Lakes District Wan Li Qingyun Pu (Jobs town) Castle Peak Lakes region, the new county (long Leng town), Nanchang County (Liantang Township) Jinxian Xian (public and the town) - Yixian Formation (Longjin town)Shixia two Jingdezhen City area, a county, hosted a county-level city-mountain areas  Changjiang Leping City (Ji-street)Fuliang County (Fuliang town)Shixia two Pingxiang City area, the three county area Xiangdong Qu Yuan (eastern Hunan town)Lianhua County (Qin Tingzhen) Shang Lixian (LI town) Luxi County (Luxi town)Shixia two Jiujiang City area, nine counties, hosted a county-level city Xunyang Qu Lushan District Ruichang City (Pen River City neighborhood)Jiujiang County (Shahe Jiezhen) Xingzi County (Nam Hong town) Wuning County (new-town) Pengze County (Long town) Yongxiu County (Tu Buzhen)Xiushui county (Yi-ling town) Hukou Xian (even 10-minute town) Dean Xian (Putin town) IN DUCHANG COUNTY (all Changzhen)Xinyu Shixia a city area, a county Yu Shuiqu Fenyi County (Fenyi town)Shixia a Yingtan City area, a county, hosted a county-level city on the Great Lakes region Guixi City Yujiang County (Deng Buzhen)Ganzhou City, a jurisdiction area, 15 counties and two county-level cities hosting Zhang Gongqu Ruijin City (like Town) Nankang Shi (Rong Jiang streets)Dan Chengxian (Qin Town) from the county (Yan Town) Jiangxi County (Merlin town)-County (MEI Town) Xunwu County (200052 town)Xingguo County (Lian Town) Dingnan County (calendar towns) Shangyou Xian (Dongshan Zhen) Yudu Xian (Gong Town) Long County (Long Nanzhen)Chongyi County (Wang Township) Xinfeng Xian (Jiading town) the entire County (Chengxiang Zhen) more than the county (Nanan town) Huichang County (the Man Mo坝镇)Shixia a Ji'an City area, 10 counties and county-level city hosted an original Jizhou Qu Qing (Hedong street)Jinggangshan City (Ha坪镇)Ji'an county (Dunhou town) Yongfeng Xian (TU Town) Yongxin County (Wo Chuanzhen) new dry county (the Chuanzhen) Taihe County (Chengjiang Zhen)Xiajiang Xian (waterside town) Suichuan County (Quan Town) Anfu County (all-town) Jishui County (wenfengzhen) Wanan Xian (Furong Zhen)Shixia a Yichun City area, six counties and county-level city hosted three cities Zhangshu City Yuanzhou Qu Feng Gao Anshi (Jun-street)Tonggu County (Yongning town) Jing'an County (two-town) to County (New Changzhen) Fengxin County (Pingchuan town) 000 County (Leisure streets)High on the county (Aoyang streets)Fuzhou Shixia a city area, 10 counties Lin Chuanqu South County (Qin towns) Lok County (Ao Town) Jinxi County (Sau Valley town) Nancheng Xian (Jianchang town) Dongxiang County (Xiao Gang Zhen)Zixi County (Hok towns) Yihuang County (Fenggang town) Guangchang Xian (Xu Town) Lichuan County (day-town) Chongren County (Palestinian Town)Shixia a Shangrao City area, 10 counties and county-level city hosted a letter in Dexing City District (silver town)Shangrao Xian (Rising Sun town) Guangfeng Xian (the company town) Poyang County (Poyang town) Wuyuan County (Ziyang town) Qianshan County (estuary town)Yugan County (Yu-Ting Zhen) Hengfeng County (Cenyang town) Yiyang County (Yijiang town) Yushan County (Ice Town) Wannian County (Chen Yingzhen)OverviewReferred to Jiangxi, the provincial capital Nanchang.Location area:Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, with neighboring Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan provinces adjacent.Province's total area of 166,947 square km and municipalities Area: 7,402 square km in Nanchang, Jingdezhen City, 5,248 square kilometres; Pingxiang City, 3,827 square kilometres, 18,823 square kilometers in Jiujiang City, Xinyu City, 3164 square km; Yingtan City, 3554 Square kilometres, 39,380 square kilometres of Ganzhou City; Ji'an City, 25,271 square km; Yichun City 18,670 square km; Fuzhou City 18,817 square km; Shangrao City, 22,791 square kilometres.(Powered Note: Data area here under the Home Office site in Jiangxi Province, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs division for data on the booklet is not exactly the same.)[National] populationEnd of 2003, the total population of 42.542 million people, including non-agricultural population of 10.614 million people.The end of 2004 the province a total population of 42835700, of which the urban population 15240900 people.A Han, Hui, yu, Miao, Yao, Manchu, Mongolian, Dong, North Korea, Tujia, Buyi and other nationalities.[Terrain] climate[Resident Zip code:Provincial People's Government in Beijing Nanchang Road No. 69.Zip code: 330046.Administrative division code: 360000.HistoryJiangxi to the western Jiangnan name.Jiang Tang is Nancy Road, located in Jiangxi Province after the observation that, in Jiangxi Province named for the beginning home Gangnam-West Road, referred to Jiangxi Road; yuan located in Jiangxi Province and Jiangxi Xingsheng East Lake Road; prescribed home Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Province after the change Buzheng Shi Division;-to Jiangxi, a province so far has not changed.Chu of the Warring States Period.Qin is a Jiujiang County, home Fan Yang, Lu-ling two counties.Han is in Yangzhou, Analysis of Jiujiang County home Yuzhang County, Nanchang governance.Mang new to Jiujiang County.Complex is the Eastern Han Dynasty.Analysis of the three countries Wu Yuzhang County home Lu-ling, the Poyang, Linchuan, AN Cheng Lu-ling and four counties in southern Du Wei, is still in Yangzhou.AN Cheng Jin out of Jingzhou County, south of Du Wei to Lu-ling for the Nankang County, found by home-gun and sub-Yang, Jing 2, the home of Jiangzhou, Yu Zhang Zhi-gun.Chen spent Suiping county, Chi Hung, Jiang, Rao, honestly, Kyrgyzstan, and Qian Yuan, 7, to the great cause of the early Yuzhang, Jiujiang and Poyang, Linchuan, Lu-ling, Nam Hong, Yichun 7 County.Tang stop gun-state, the beginning of the Zhenguan Jiangnan Road.Kaiyuan 21 years (733)-Gangnam Road East and West 2, a master's Nancy Road, Jiangxi, the name of this margin.Song for the Jiangnan Road West, governance Hongzhou, from Hung, Jiang, honestly, Kyrgyzstan, and Qian Yuan, Jun 7, and Riverside, Nanan, Jianchang, rejuvenating Fourth Army; Rao, 2 letter, and Nam Hong-Jun Li Jiangnan East Road.Jiangxi home yuan Executive Secretariat, the rule Lung Hing Road, Nam Hong assigned to the military, from Longxing, Switzerland, and Yuan Zhou, Riverside, Ji'an and Fuzhou, Jianchang, Nam Hong, Jiangzhou, Nanan, Ganzhou, etc. 11 Road and Nam Fung states.Jiangxi Province were Zhaoxing here.Jiangxi Chengxuan Buzheng Shi Ming for the Secretary exempted Nanchang, Switzerland, and Jiujiang, Nam Hong, Raozhou, widely believed to Fuzhou, Jianchang, Riverside, Yuanzhou, Ji'an, Ganzhou, 13 Nanan House.- Traffic on the system, created in Nanjing are Zhili, a total of 1, 4 of the Office of the 75 counties.In the early repeal the state House Office of the county under the province.1914 home Yuzhang, Au-Yang, Lu-ling, southern Jiangxi 4, a total of 81 counties.1926 dismantling Road, Nanchang, the provincial home Territory.1932 designated the province for 12 SAR.1934 Wuyuan County in Anhui Province, Fujian Province WINNER to be.1935 adjusted to 8 Administrative Region of the province.1939 increased to 11 SAR.1942 to 9 SAR.1947 Wuyuan, shiny 2 in the county also belong.Once again included in Wuyuan County in 1949.Agrarian Revolutionary War period, the Communist Party of China first established in the Hunan-Jiangxi border Jinggangshan revolutionary base, then Soviet region will be extended to the vast region of Jiangxi Province: South, the Central Soviet Area for the central region, has set up Jiangxi, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangxi Province, southern Jiangxi , And other provinces, Switzerland Beijing (Ruijin) for the Chinese Soviet Republic of the capital; Northeast, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi is a province northwest of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi Province; west, the Hunan-Jiangxi Province.June 1949, the Jiangxi Provincial People's Government to set up, the provincial capital, Nanchang.Jurisdiction and Nanchang in Nanchang, Yuanzhou, Jiujiang and Fuzhou, Shangrao, Leping 6 zones and the District Administrative Office, Gan Xinan (jurisdiction of Ji'an, Ganzhou, Ruijin Section 3), the District Administrative Office, a total of 1 to 9-class city 82 county-level city Area 3 County.June 1950, the revocation of Ganzhou area; November, the establishment of county-level and Shangrao City of Ji'an City; Leping area changed its name to Fuliang area; Ruijin zones have changed its name to Nanjing area.August 1951, removed Gan Xinan District Administrative Office, the restoration of Ganzhou area, Ji'an, Ganzhou, three zones-are directly under the provincial set up a Lushan Authority (county level), directly under the provincial; December, the revocation of Lushan Authority, the establishment of Lushan Special District (county level).October 1952, the Yuanzhou area into the Nanchang area; Fuliang, Shangrao merger of two zones set up Yingtan area, in Yingtan Guixi County town; revoke all-zones, which Guangchang, Shicheng, all three counties classified as Nanjing Fuzhou Area; Yu are, Huichang, Ruijin, and rejuvenating the country, Wu found five counties classified as Ganzhou area; Nanchang area of the Xingan County, was placed under Ji'an area; Fuzhou area changed its name to Nancheng area; December, the Fuzhou area of the fortress, Ningdu 2 County was placed under Ganzhou area; Nancheng area renamed the Fuzhou area; Yingtan TSA changed its name to Shangrao area, in Shangrao City.July 1953, the Shangrao City, was promoted to the rank of Jingdezhen City, the provincial Crown.May 1954, Ganzhou area changed its name to South Jiangxi Administrative Region; June, the Fuzhou area Guangchang Xian classified Gannan SAR; December, the establishment of county-level Fuzhou City.April 1955, the revocation of Lushan Mountain in particular, restoration of Lushan Authority set up in Nanchang East Lake, West Lake, victory, Fuhe four areas.February 1957, the county changed its name to the new Yu Xinyu County, Poyang changed its name to Bo Yangxian County, Xingan County, changed its name to the new stem County, changed its name to Yu Yu Duxian County, the county changed its name to find Wu Xunwu County, South Qian County changed its name to the entire County, the county changed its name to the Yu Yu County.November 1958, the Nanchang area of Nanchang, the new county was placed under Nanchang 2; Shangrao zones Fuliang County was placed under Jingdezhen City; December to revoke Ninggang County, was placed under Yongxin County; Nanchang's Jinxian Xian area is zoned In the area of Fuzhou, Nanchang, Yichun area renamed the area; additional Qingyun Pu District of Nanchang City.January 1960, rehabilitation home Ninggang County; September, the revocation of Fuliang County, into the Jingdezhen City; revocation Xinyu County, Xinyu City, the establishment of level; revocation Pingxiang county, and the establishment of county-level Pingxiang City; revocation of Jiujiang County, into the Jiujiang City; revocation Shangrao Xian, into the Shangrao City; Fuzhou area of the Jinxian Xian was placed under Yichun area.September 1961, the establishment of the Jinggangshan Authority (county), set up in Nanchang City suburbs of Nanchang, Nanchang, Yichun new area was placed under two counties.October 1962, the restoration of Jiujiang County.September 1963, the revocation of Xinyu City, the restoration of Xinyu County.June 1964, southern Jiangxi Administrative Region changed its name to Ganzhou area; October, the revocation of Fuzhou City into Linchuan County; resume Shangrao Xian.November 1965, Lushan Authority into the revocation of Jiujiang City; revocation Jinggangshan Authority into Ninggang County.February 1968, changed its name to the Jinggang Mountains area Ji'an region; Shangrao area of Dongxiang County, Yichun Jinxian Xian area was placed under the Fuzhou area.October 1969, rehabilitation home county of Fuzhou City.March 1970, Pingxiang City upgraded to a prefecture-level city; Jiujiang, Shangrao, Fuzhou, Ganzhou, Yichun 5 zones were renamed the region.May 1971, in Nanchang, Yichun, the new county was placed under 2 Nanchang.February 1976, the establishment of the Chengguan Pingxiang City, eastern Hunan, on the chestnut, Luxi four areas.July 1978, the establishment of Jinggangshan and Lushan (county-level administrative institution).March 1979, the establishment of Jingdezhen City Changjiang, mountain-establishment of county-level Yingtan City; July, the Jinggang Mountains region changed its name to Ji'an region in October, the establishment of county-level Yichun City.March 1980, removed the Lushan formed into Jiujiang City; Jiujiang City upgraded to the level City; April, the establishment of Jingdezhen City Kau Tam, Ehu; revocation victory in Nanchang, Fuhe; May, the establishment of Jiujiang City Lushan, Au-Yang, suburbs.March 1981, the establishment of Wanli district of Nanchang City; Jinggangshan the revocation of the establishment, the establishment of the Jinggangshan County.July 1983, removed Xinyu County, Xinyu City restore level; Fuzhou region of the Jinxian Xian and Yichun in the Yixian Formation classified Nanchang; Leping in Shangrao County, was placed under Jingdezhen City; Ganzhou in Guangchang Xian Fuzhou region was placed under; Yingtan City upgraded to the level the city, Shangrao in Guixi, Yu Jiang 2 County was placed under Yingtan City; Yichun in Fenyi County, Xinyu City, was placed under; withdrawn into the Jiujiang area of Jiujiang City; October , The establishment of Xinyu City, Yu Shuiqu; establishment of Yingtan City, the Great Lakes region.December 1984, removed the Jinggangshan County, the establishment of county-level Jinggangshan City.March 1985, the revocation of Yichun County into the Yichun City.August 1987, the revocation of Fuzhou City and County of Linchuan, the establishment of county-level Linchuan city; revocation of Jiujiang City suburbs.October 1988, the revocation of Jingdezhen City Jiaotan areas and Ehu, restore Fuliang County; revocation Fengcheng County, the establishment of county-level cities abundance; revocation Qingjiang County, the establishment of county-level Zhangshu City.December 1989, the revocation of Ruichang County, the establishment of county-level Ruichang City.December 1990, removed Dexing County, the establishment of county-level Dexing City.June 1992, Ji'an County, was placed under a lotus in Pingxiang City; September, the revocation of Leping County, the establishment of county-level Leping City.May 1993, the Chengguan District of Pingxiang City, changed its name to Anyuan; December to remove high-County, the establishment of county-level Gao Anshi.May 1994, the revocation of Ruijin County, the establishment of county-level Ruijin City.March 1995, removed Nankang County, the establishment of county-level Nankang Shi.May 1996, removed Guixi County and Guixi City, the establishment of county-level.November 1997, revocation of Pingxiang City Li, the establishment of Shang Lixian; revocation of Pingxiang City, Luxi, the establishment of Luxi County.December 1998, the revocation of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi region and the county level, the establishment of level of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province Zhang Gongqu City establishment.May 2000, the region and the revocation of Ji'an county Ji'an City, the establishment of Ji'an City, the prefectural level, the establishment of Ji'an City Jizhou Qu and Green the same district; Ninggang County into the Jinggangshan City; revocation Yichun region and the county Yichun City, the establishment of level Yichun City, Yichun City, the establishment of Yuanzhou Qu; June, the Fuzhou region and the withdrawal of Linchuan county-level cities, the establishment of prefecture-level city of Fuzhou, Lin Chuanqu the establishment of Fuzhou City; region and the revocation of Shangrao County in Shangrao City, the establishment of level Shangrao City, the letter states the establishment of Shangrao City area.June 2002, changed its name to the suburbs of Nanchang City of Castle Peak Lakes region.December 2003, Bo Yangxian County, a resumption of Poyang.September 7, 2004, the State Council approved the adjustment of Nanchang City area of the administrative division.

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