Keelung of Taiwan Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

Updated: February 10, 2005[Profile] in the northeast corner of Taiwan Island.Area of 123.8 square kilometres.Population 391,000.Keelung past have been referred to as "cages", it is because the earliest living here for the Ketagalan people, the homophonic Grand Taiwanese similar to the "cages", and here the shape of a mountain cages, which gets its name .After the admission "base Changlong" means, and changed its name to Keelung.[Division] jurisdiction seven districts Chiang Kai-shek area of 10.21 square kilometres, population 59,000.Qidu area of 56.26 square kilometres, population 56,000.The warm area of 22.82 square kilometres, population 38,000.Caring area of 4.23 square kilometres, population 50,000.In the mountain area of 10.52 square kilometres, population 54,000.On Lok area of 18.02 square kilometres, population 81,000.Lutheran area of 10.67 square kilometres, population 51,000.

Keelung of Taiwan Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/11/1 12:15:00)
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