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Country: Dominica (The Commonwealth of Dominica)(Once translated, "the Commonwealth of Dominica." January 14, 1994 the General Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs发文notice, according to expert opinion, the English "commonwealth" for more than just words, it was decided to translated as "Dominica.")Independence Day: November 3 (1978)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 2:1.For the green flag.Yellow, black and white three-color flag of the Cross through the Central Office for the red cross circle, with a parrot and around the green Wu Jiaoxing 10.Green symbolizes all over the island's banana plantations and lush forests, on behalf of yellow lemons, oranges, cocoa, coconut, such as planting, white symbol of rivers, waterfalls and the purity of the people, representatives of local black mainly black and mixed black and white and fertile Of land.Cruciform representative of the people's religious beliefs - the Catholic Church.Red circle to symbolize the country by implementing the social development plan, Wu Jiaoxing 10 representatives of the country's 10 regions, the parrot is Dominica's national bird.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.Four Reuters shield the surface: the upper left corner of coconut trees, the bottom right corner for Xiangjiao Shu, are symbolic of the country agriculture is a top-right corner Dominique Hackett Some toad, on behalf of local specialty products; floating at sea for the lower-left corner of Qingzhou, the symbol of the Sea island of the fishing industry.Shield is a crown on the lion, shield emblem on both sides have a parrot, on the bottom of the Shoudai with Creole, said "the merciful God, we love the earth."National political figures: President Liverpool; Prime Minister 罗斯福斯凯Ritter, in January 2004 as, in May 2005 re-election.Physical Geography: Located in the East Caribbean small Netherlands Antilles north-east, east Atlantic, west by the Caribbean Sea, is a land area of only 751 square kilometers of the island.Population: 77,000.Island residents mainly black and black and white mixed.English as the official language.The majority of people believe in the Catholic Church.Capital: Grosso (Roseau), a population of about 20,000.A brief history: the island of Dominica for the original Arawak Indian tribes and the Caribbean people live.1493 Columbus came to the island.1763 "Treaty of Paris," the island was placed under provisions of the United Kingdom, France has twice occupied.Britain formally occupied in 1805.March 1967 of "internal autonomy" and become "the Associated State of the United Kingdom."November 3, 1978 declaration of independence, is now a Commonwealth member countries.Political: November 3, 1978 at independence in force the Constitution, the President as Head of State, State control of the executive power.President elected by Parliament, each term of five years, shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms.Is a unicameral parliament is the highest legislative body.Said the House of Representatives, a total of 30 seats, of which 21 returned by universal suffrage, in accordance with the other nine nominated Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition (Prime Minister nominated five people, opposition leader nominated 4), appointed by the president, senators said.Each parliamentary term of five years.Economy: Dominica Tourism is a pillar industry, tourism income of over half of gross domestic product.Multi-rich bananas, coconuts, oranges, etc..The banana export revenue in the national foreign exchange earnings of 50%.More weak industrial base, only small-scale fruit processing, clothing, cigarettes, wine and other light industry.In recent years, more than the Government's efforts to promote the diversification of agricultural production, vigorously develop the flower industry, aquaculture and vegetable production.Dominica no railways, mainly in road transport based.There are two domestic airports, only small aircraft taking off and landing.Grosso is the largest port.Diplomacy: pursue the "maintenance of Dominica and its neighbouring countries the freedom and democratic rights" of foreign policy.That the Caribbean regional integration, the Caribbean Community and Common Market member countries, in 1978 to join the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, 1979 accession to the World Bank and the Organization of American States.Relations with China: in the two countries since March 23, 2004 from the mutual recognition and the establishment of diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level, and signed a joint communique to establish diplomatic relations.September 2005, Dominica Prime Minister Skerrit an official visit to China.March 2006, Dominican President Liverpool visit to China.Reproduced:

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