Xinjiang Regional Wujiaqu (Administrative division) Satellite maps

Overview Zip code: 831300 code: 659004 code: 0994 Pinyin: Wujiaqu ShiWujiaqu City is the division of the Xinjiang Corps six divisional headquarters location, in the northern suburbs of Urumqi City, and Changji City, Miquan City, Urumqi City Qianmo phase grounding, adjacent to each other.Total area of 742 square kilometres.Total population of 90,000 people (2004).Municipal People's Government in Wujiaqu long march on the 1st Road, 32 km away from Urumqi, Changji City, 28 km, Miquan City, 18 km.Wujiaqu regional administrative boundaries to: Since Huang Mr Leung Tsz cul-de-sac with the old Garonne Interchange, south along the old Garonne, the home north of Haizi drains, Lao Dong Channel to 102 Mission cemetery, 102 Mission cemetery and along the Indus Wozai village land boundaries, to Gummoe highway east longitude 87 ° 40'55 ", north latitude and 44 ° 13'46", along Gummoe August 1 Reservoir Road to flood drainage, flood drainage along the August 1 Reservoir southwest to south Gates, the presentation of the north along the south side of the reservoir on August 1, to the west side of South drainage, and then the old Garonne, and then south to the north side of the reservoir in business, the south (Miquan City, north of the existing arable land) to market sector ditch along Market sector ditch south to east longitude 87 ° 30'49 ", north latitude and 44 ° 00'00", to the west of peace pipes, drains northward along the Peace River as the first Tuen, the Zaytun bitter ditch, the public security Channel, the Deng family Gully to the east longitude 87 ° 22'33 ", north latitude and 44 ° 33'09", along Dagangou 12 north to 103 corporations and even with 13 boundaries drains, drains along the east by 103 corporations even 12, even 10 north ( Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture and agricultural land is the right to six division line) to the starting point.Is a typical continental climate, sunshine long time, with an average annual sunshine for the 2743 to 3226 hours.Big temperature difference between day and night, with an average of 11.3 ℃.Sunny weather, fewer clouds.Administrative divisionWujiaqu Shixia: Indus town, Cai Family Town, six agricultural division 101 corporations, farmers six division 102 corporations, farmers six division 103 corporations.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistorySeptember 17, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] 83): the establishment of county-level Wujiaqu, City People's Government in Wujiaqu.January 19, 2004 the establishment of a formal listing.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------6 agricultural divisionXinjiang Corps is a six division with a glorious history and fine traditions of the old forces, is the predecessor of the PLA Field Army First Corps Army of a six-Jun 17 divisions, took part in the Agrarian Revolution, the War of Resistance Against Japan, the liberation war.October 1949 stationed in Xinjiang, the garrison city and capital of Dihua northern region.June 5, 1953 collective change jobs, the establishment of the Xinjiang Military District Army Sixth Division construction industry.October 1954 adaptation of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps for the construction of the sixth division of agriculture.Permanent population of 300,000 people.

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